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100 thoughts on “A Teacher Grades A Teen’s Instagram

  1. Don't Let This Distract You From The Fact Pewdiepie and Marzia Just got MARRIED!!

    Like if You Are Happy for Them :)))

  2. WOW!!! We have relatable things!! Okay, does a nyone else feel like literally this is AmAzInG 🔥Let the utilization be appreciated! BOOOOM❥

  3. How does the Gourmet Grandad have so many comment likes 😆🙌🏼 I do satisfying videos with kinetic sand!

  4. Dear teacher if I sit next to my best friend . I'll whisper to her
    If you move me away. I will shout to her . It's your choice

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  6. What was the point of this? This is just a video scrolling through some guy’s Instagram account. I’m not sure why we need to see his prom pictures. And he’s not a student and she’s not a current teacher, there was no “grading”… did they just run out of ideas and throw this together?

  7. last time a checked a “ teen “ is a person who is 15-17 years old. he is in college who comes up with these titles? he is not a teen. but he does look like the teacher.

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