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57 thoughts on “A Striking Number of College Students Are Hungry and Homeless

  1. Mary Baxter I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers since I seen your first video. I'm so happy that you have your son back with you. Keep your head up lady! You are one incredible person!
    Love and Respect from Ontario Canada

  2. Gush gal you shore told the bold truth and that is exactly like it is i pray god blesses you and your son forever love you..

  3. Mary's strength, talent and determination are truly inspiring. However,why should it take an almost superhuman effort on the part of so many to have enough to eat and a place to live in the richest country in the history of the world? The statistics in this are alarming.

  4. I have been a student for 5 years now… working on my masters now… they literally pay you to attend school with financial aid… I got back roughly 8k per semester from federal loan refund…at a 4 yr university no less… so this is bs… and yes everyone, especially ones in her situation, will qualify… no credit check…

  5. i see you have a strength for just learning but doing so is not feeding you, all these degrees and no high power job any job paying enough for a home and food for you and your child will do. work and save save save is all can say. the system is setup to go to school get financial aid which is how they trick you then you are left with a huge bill and nothing more unless they see more within you. nothing but the best energy your way carry on

  6. Proud of you girl going to college and raising a son! Keep up the hard work it will pay off soon god bless you and your son!

  7. Been there and done that my friend! Yes it is like walking on eggshells. I hope u and your son find a better place to stay!! Take care!

  8. I remember Mary B !!!! Have thought about her from time to time. Glad to see she's persevering through all of her adversities! !!!!

  9. I see everyone here being so nice and supportive, and yet Americans keep voting for politicians that don't care about people like her or anyone poor for that matter. I don't understand Americans.

  10. Please, please people don't have children unless you are financially stable. (This may come as heartless or mean but I just don't want to see families crying and suffering.)

  11. Please get a trade! You can change your life with a trade.  Stay away from social service ot government job degrees.  They don't pay well and your student debt will haunt you.

  12. this is soo sad.. instead of cutting the tax of the rich…give some of that tax to people like her. it will NEVER "trickle down".

  13. Wow. Good luck. Amazing story, hope it works out!

    I major in chemistry, but the maths dep. nearby has this professor who stays there almost 24/7- he also usually sleeps there. It's quite possible to stay there the whole night, and with a decent blanket it's pretty good. Those 2 AM coversations about some proof or another are really interesting, too.

    I fortunately have a place to live, but I've taken many naps at uni.

    And there happen to be many couches and padded chairs around in all the depts nearby (chem, math, physics, biology, radiochem, ICT, engineering)- you can see sleeping students everywhere.

  14. but i believe, there's nothing impossible with God…yeah, poeple alway say sttufs like that…i know know but it sounds me very weird..

  15. Hi , I am a huge supporter of this programme, but Mary Baxter just stands out by far . She has a DEGREE, I admire her will power. I myself struggled with poverty and was terribly sexually abuse by all male members I loved. But I was not letting that ruin my future, and Mary I wish you see my comments .Please don't give up sweetie. I wanted to be a Social Welfare Officer just to help people like I was. But a lot of people let poverty and abuse destroy them . You have to be strong and try to focus on moving toward. I am now married with my own home , 2 kids and I run a successful business, cause I love cooking and baking too. And it allows me to have more time for my kids. This movement is great interviewing the homeless. The Tiny house programme is the Answer . These rent are too damn high , it's ridiculous. I love all people , all. I also liked Steen . Please keep faith in God . I am praying hard for all you guys. These interviews makes me cry each time. I want to join a programme to make an impact on the abused and homeless……..LOVE U ALL……BETTER DAYS ARE COMING SOON.

  16. May GOD bless you and deliverance out of your current living situation. I admire your strong will, drive, focus, and determination to succeed. Succeed you will continue to strive for the best and let Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour handle the rest. To GOD Be The Glory, it's already done.
    You will concur and regain stability. In Jesus Holy name I pray. AMEN🙋

  17. Someone, quick, get hold of these kids and tell them to pick their majors carefully so they can get a good job and lead a prosperous life and not waste their time and money on a worthless degree.

  18. The father of your son where is he goes if you have a son and you say im a man take your responsabilty and take care for your son and the mother of the son

  19. Mary, keep going. You are setting a fine example to your son, of what it means to persevere. God Bless you guys.

  20. Shes trying really hard and i think the people she lives with see that shes raising her son and learning for a better future.

  21. Dude Im homeless and if someone would offer me a couch from 11pm to 7am I would be grateful as sit. The problem is She has a child at the end of the day that has to be the line. Kids shouldn't have to be homeless jesus.

  22. You are the real wonder women in my eyes god bless you your amazing thank you for the insperation im 29 and i want to go back to college and provide for my lil one single dad of a lil 8 year old girl once again we need more people like you who are not selfish i grew up tough thats all i can say and i know its no excuse but somethings you cant control but your amazing women. Thank uuuuuuuuuu so much my black wonder women.

  23. The majority of homeless college students are students that attend 2year colleges…community colleges don't offer housing and part-timers don't get the option either😶something should be changed about this…..its impossible to attend college living in a homeless shelter mixed in with all types of people with mental illness,etc……you shouldn't have to, grants and financial aid should cover housing–😔if only they would build more housing……and allow (part time) students financial aid as well…….😔there are plenty of jails, prisons and mental institutes being built though😒

  24. well at least she is trying to correct her mistakes from the past, like drolpping out of school and having child she could not afford and let the government pay for it. stop complaining mary baxter and you will get there.

  25. Rent for student housing is stupidly expensive. At the college where I live the cheapest rent is $850.00 for student apartments, not cool at all

  26. School is a business like she said. I’ve seen so many people get college degrees and don’t even work in their intended field, unless they’re lucky. It makes me wonder if everything she’s doing is even worth it. Picking up a trade, in my opinion, would be a better option until she gets on her feet. Pick a field that’s in high demand. She could do medical assisting, be a CNA, or maybe even an EMT. She’ll at least be able to stay afloat. The military would also be a good option. With her credentials she could be an officer. I hope things get better for her.

  27. This is what I wish dont happen to her she get her degree and still can't find a job…what is the use of having a degree and still can't find work..and your still going to have to pay back those student loans…I wish you the best

  28. Damn. I wish she hadn't been slapped with a felony. With a US passport and a degree she could have gone to so many countries to teach English and get off her feet and live a very good life.

  29. Mary deserves a lot of credit for her hard work and determination but she is on her second degree – common sense tells me to get a job with my first degree – if she wanted that bad to get out of poverty – she should have gotten a job after she graduated with her first associates degree – get stabilized and then like I lot of us – work full time and go to school part- time. I have a hard time understanding her decisions. And getting an arts degree – why not something more stable like a trade or degree in nursing – something that you know you can get a job in that field.

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