A school without classrooms, subjects, or grades
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A school without classrooms, subjects, or grades

I think for us every time we go to traditional
schools, somehow things feel kinda frozen in time. NuVu is a very off the grid type school. We really do teach creativity and we let all the other skills fall in line behind it. The minute people come in the door, it becomes
really clear to them how different an environment like this than their traditional environment. Every two weeks we are giving the
students a prompt of some sort to address, and then at the end of those two weeks, they actually have to produce something. When students are actually applying and experiencing
and learning by doing, that has a greater impact in terms of how the students are learning
and processing that information, and we see it day in and day out. We’ve had many teachers from all around
the world who’ve come and visited NuVu and the first question they have once they’ve
seen what the place is about is: how can we bring this type of work back to our schools? We decided to structure our professional development
in a more organic way, a more experiential way, in which the teachers basically go through
it just like the students do. The teachers get to develop an idea, the coaches here at NuVu will critique
their ideas, and help them evolve it. And then they build a project. The teachers become so engaged
and they want to do good work. Once they start being creative in an unhampered
way, that enthusiasm just comes out. At the end of the day, they
become like students. And once that happens, it’s almost like
you’ve opened up somebody else’s soul. They really start having a much
better appreciation for it. We don’t need to sell them on the idea anymore. They can see the impact of what something
like this can be on them and subsequently on the kids. And they leave feeling very
empowered to be able to bring more of this type of creative work into their schools. When I think of the vision of what education
is gonna look like, I really hope and I want to see more creative
learning embedded into the school. If anything it’s just to motivate students
to let them see that they can have an impact. That everything that they learn, they can use to
improve themselves and the world around them. I think learning by doing is a really important motto. I know MIT’s motto is ingrained in that
philosophy and I think a lot of my pivotal educational moments have been focused around
experiences where I got to actually do things and create things and make things
and I learned a lot from that process. What makes it worthwhile for us at the end of the day is just really to see the impact of
something like this on the students.

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  1. that's a cool school, but learning biology is important so you won't going all creationist, learning theoretical physics and cosmology will be a important wall between you being normal and you being flat-earth believer, learning geology is essential to avoid you entering young-earth society or start denying climate crisis… and learning history id the most important of these all, so you will recognize someone truly intellectual, and someone as manipulative as Hitler!

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