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A Program Designed to Teach Tech | JPMorgan Chase

It would not be a software engineer today if it wasn’t for tech connect Tech connect was designed for those who don’t have a background in coding and to bring in those who are both traditionally divers But also cognitively divers when I came here. I was getting people from many different mindsets finance math history world language that really opened my mind to seeing how Diverse groups can work even better together than just people all from the same background We started as a small but mighty program five years ago And we’ve now grown globally and we’ve trained hundreds of software engineers that have now joined global technology at JPMorgan Chase The best way to learn how to code is to actually code our instructors will start the day with lecture and demonstrations Then the participants will spend the majority of their time applying the things that they’ve learned through labs group projects Individual projects and some assessments as well being able to code to be more accessible to people Having a program like this is doing that. You’re not just coding a simple application for school assignment We’re seeing how it could really impact everyday life of people Tech Connect is an important program for the firm because it helps us build a pipeline of strong technology talent Which is key to our future Tech connect is not just about the coding skills and those core technical skills It’s also about the leadership skills and knowing how to develop in your career To take charge of their careers in ways that they never thought possible Tech Connect put me on a path It really gave me a solid foundation to build off of this program truly is one of a kind I can confidently say that I’m a better programmer a better employee and A better technologist because I went through TechNet

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