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28 thoughts on “A.P. Bio – Everyone’s Classroom Nightmare (Episode Highlight)

  1. The show’s plot line and writing is really awful, Glenn’s the only thing that makes it worth watching

  2. 0:40

    Clearly NOT a psych major !! :p :p :p :p

    But, seriously, what happened to the girl that used to sit in Grace's seat & the dude just in front of Grace from episode 1 ??

  3. I've been out of high school for years. when I watched this I still knotted up inside and cringed. I like the show for the most part though.

  4. Most underrated show on TV right now!
    Discovered this after binge watching all of Always Sunny. It should just be called “Dennis with a PhD”

  5. Everything about this scene is great, but Dan's little appreciative nod at Victor's choice at 1:02 is the best.

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