a “i’m done with high school” vlog | Hannah Meloche
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a “i’m done with high school” vlog | Hannah Meloche

I’ll turn the lights low while you make your self comfortable Make yourself comfortable Baby Make yourself comfortable Make yourself comfortable Make yourself comfortable Lets go Eggos Oh my gosh this just sounds so good. By the way, we know that plastic cups are bad Coffee cups, but we’re not gonna buy them anymore Right, you know what? You should always use Ones up there I know but we’re just using those ones up. Those are really emergency, but you yeah I’m not using plastic cups after this video. I’m mad at myself using the plastic Okay, I just wanna tell you this really quick this is how busy our family is we have to have a schedule So I’m taking Ella to practice from 3:45 and picking her up at 5:30 another Hannah helps us out and drives who my mom kind of hired and my mom and David are taking Ella to Her lacrosse banquet And then we have a dinner request form on what you want for dinner This is just because we are all over the place and everywhere at different times that I need to help drive and a little crazy so that’s just how we roll off to school now You don’t have to sit in the back Ellas not here sure you went to school what you don’t have to sit in back Ella already went to school So I got this shirt last night thrift shopping and I wash it and she just takes it without me Listen to me. I know I’m vlogging in school. How do you feel? Its vlog day Everyone is smart in their own ways and some people are more emotionally smart or some people are more book smart so you just have to like live your life and Play up your strengths We’re in math class right now outside because everyone’s looking at hey guys We’re outside because it’s like what high 70s supposed to be like 82 today. Go ahead Hey guys, Harrison so I’m gonna eat my lunch right now because I have tests to make up during lunch from Lauren I miss school in February and Coachella so I have like two tests to make up during lunch because it’s the end of the year There’s only two more weeks of school. I’ve had a days at school, right 10 more days excluding exams, including executive Friday So 7 more days I’m on the grind. I’m gonna grind it all my grades up and I know it’s gonna happen So I’m eating my lunch now and then I’m gonna go take some makeup stuff. What are you eating? Peas I don’t really know no they’re like snap heat that way we have those. What are they called? Liv helped me become Vegetarian cuz she’s a vegan I’m wearing your shirt, but I know you were oh you Reina my shirt underneath a shirt – Quinoa with avocado and barbecue sauce that spilled all over and avocado isn’t ripe enough to eat sauce on gras No mom put it in the hole She like put it in the hole to like as a little dipping thing or something because you love her He’s hot but yeah lunch and this and I had veggies first snack Yeah, hopefully scary doesn’t give us so I saw these school buses here just parked out here So we just found these school buses to me when I supposed to pop the doors open either, but it’s filming time There’s no one on this bus though. I just can’t show the school name when I found me No, I can’t show my school. Someone shows up my school. They’re like Going on the bus not I’m not going on the bus. Oh, no, you’re not. I’m going to lunch But bus driver was snoozing on her bus she was taking a nap So What’s up everybody I’m gage. This is I’m Gabe and We go to Hannah’s school. That’s Hannah. If you didn’t know Hannah Melosh was in my math class. So everybody say hi I just want to say that I was Hanna’s first fan and I’ve been watching her since her first video. So All you other fans out there. I was I was following her from the beginning. Oh This is our school. Say hi Hannah Hi the cameras dying to see the red flash. Oh gosh, it’s gonna die you guys I’m in my favorite class of my This is a really fun class so basically how do you describe this class? All right. Luke has wanted to be in a video it’s so like art so this is the Broadcasting class and there’s like I’m the only senior I’m still junior, but like I’ll be the only senior in it They’re sophomores right now good. So oh, this is Luke. This is Ellie. He’s coming – she’s part of our watch So this class what we do basically is be put on his show for the entire school to watch every day We have different sets and we sha make videos and it’s probably the best that it is because you do like oh my gosh No, but it’s so fun. We all have different jobs You can go on air you can produce I don’t really like to go on air like I’m a remember going on Yeah, so basically I’m producer Ellie doesn’t like to be on camera either so she and sound right now or she floor directs Katie, I’m vlogging Remember when you told me you were gonna vlog tomorrow We don’t live in North Carolina, we live in Michigan yeah it’s really sad um let’s come out and have a short meeting. Okay, and wow you got your vlogging. Okay, let’s show them the booth This is our theme song ( I Carly theme song starts playing) Okay so you come over here as producer I have to turn on these two and then I put on my Headset and this way I can talk to the cameras out there who are floor directing, okay So yeah, these are like all the different camera and it’s kinda complicated. We’re not going to get into it. Okay, so this is set Look, I’m on tv guys Yeah, this is just our studio iCarly theme song NOW She’s probably the most annoying person in the world I feel like Luke secretly wants to be a youtuber no he low-key does We’re out here Hey guys schools out scream shout out I gotta go everyone in the school is watching Shout out to everyone in our school watching. We Love you all so much. I tolerate you all It’s so nice out We got out of class a couple minutes early because I took a test today and we have a sub anyway this up So thank you, sub. Guys, Grace has popsicles and She’s finally giving us. Wait, those are beautiful. Oh my gosh Oh my gosh, my now everything’s matching. Okay. I just wanted to show you guys really quickly these sunglasses no brand name or note so Shout-out to whatever company sent me these I’m just gonna show these to you guys really quick because Ella and I are going to go Get coffee with our dad anyways, oh, wow, these are Probably not my style But you know Maybe I’ll give unto my mom very cool fun little sunglass try on haul and now we’re gonna go have some coffee with our dad dad heyyy dad ahhh is this coffee Yes this is my dad, pitbull yeah my dads pitbull, anyways I was like zooming in. NO DON’T ZOOM IN. don’t do that we’re here to get coffee and talk with our dad and also, HELLO We’re having lemon bars I’m like looking at them. Yo my god, this is really cute we’re having a lemon bar and ice coffee Krispies and coffee Ella’s got lemonade show them your lemonade Cheers. This is my lemonade everyone. cheers summer is finally here. Well, we have we have 10 more wakeups dad Anyways, what do you want to say to people Everyone welcome Eddie. Tell all your dad’s that YouTube channel shows you up and running in the next Ten weeks. Hey, there you go. You already different folks LOD on once in nothing. Have a great day Like yeah, I just don’t I’m like that appealing to the camera right now, but it’s okay again, you’re always appealing to the cave Yeah, I don’t Hey stop, she literally has a barking problem. Stop. No, she has a barking Hey, stop, stop. Why you bark? So I’m going to talk. No. No, I know Okay Thing she loves to walk herself watch when I give her the leash This is what I’ve been trying to explain, but she was rudely interrupting me with her barks She loves to walk herself with the leash. No. Nice. Try. Don’t start barking a gun, please. Okay what I stopped What I wanted to say was I surprised Jacob which is in an upcoming video And I’ve been doing homework and editing for two hours. It’s like eight o’clock now. No, no three hours is presently hours but uh now I’m taking my Dog for a walk and I want to show you guys how she grabs your leash and then I’m probably gonna put my camera back Because it’s kind of heavy to carry on a walk Watch this. She’ll just carry it She just holds her head up high and wags her tail and just drags it along until I take it so Alright Bye Yeah, I’m coming hold on so we’re back I’m tired Roxy’s tired Um, I think get her some water and then I’m going to go take a shower and get ready for bed Hey guys, so I’m out of the shower and I’m just now realizing how long that this video is I’m going to put some face stuff on and like actually get embedded. Okay, we’re back So I am sure oh, by the way, thank you to audible for sponsoring this video and partnering up with me So as you know, I’m still in school This is a school vlog and I have like two more weeks left and normally towards the end of the year I’ll stay up late and like sleep until the very last minute possible, but it’s still really important to get your sleep so it’s 9:30 right now and I’m getting into bed and I’m going to listen to a book because that always gets me super tired or if I’m not in the mood to really like listen to anything really beyond technology then alright, cuz I’m Diary. Okay so anyways If you would like to start a 30-day trial and have your audio book your first audiobook then just go to Audible.com slash Hannam loge or you can text animal OSHA – 500 500 but texting is available just for my US viewers And I don’t know if you can see my eyes look really tired because I am very tired So I don’t even know I’ll probably listen to this Mary ten minutes But by the way, I’m listening to the list basically Every year they come out with this list and it’s like the girl who’s the prettiest in the schools on the top of the list and it’s very High school drama, but yeah, I’m a sucker for high school themed books because obviously I’m in high school But I like the cheesy romantic books so I feel like I would recommend a high school book to you guys since this is like a high school themed video and I Just find them very interesting interests range. So I’m really tired but again If you want a 30-day trial and to have your first audible book then just go to Audible.com/scishow no mush or texting them lows to five hundred five hundred first book free I am so tired and I can’t listen to this and like slurring my words. So yeah, that’s it for this video. Thank you So much for watching. I love you so much, and I will see you very soon Hanging off my back We’re gonna walk around this facing there’s a joke

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