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100 thoughts on “A frustrated father confronts Elizabeth Warren over her student loan plan

  1. 0:13 That is exactly what I did and drove and old car the entire time and save money in a Pennsylvania 529 account when she was 10 years old going forward. She now has a paid for Masters Degree and there is still a little left over. The problem is these Universities are selling worthless degrees for big money. Ex: a 4 year degree in Psychology. I wish I would have heard her answer.

  2. How did he get screwed? 1. He pays the same as the next guy who did not safe "Nothing". 2. Now he has all the money he saved and the next guy has nothing. How did he get screwed?

  3. We sold all our quarter horses , we raised for 20 years then sold all the farm equipment, took $100,000 out of my 401k then mortgaged our home for $100,000 . We did that to keep her At Yale . Best part was she got a scholarship that Doubled or contribution every single year over a 4 year time frame ! Because my wife and I work every bite of overtime we could ,the more we made , the more they said we had to pay against the scholarship she was promised? We didn’t want her to worry so we just kept paying . Come to find out all we would have had to of done was tell admissions nope we won’t pay more we’ll send her to a state college in our state ! Don’t be taken advantage of , if you have a gifted child don’t be afraid to pull the $$$ of the table ! The funniest thing is they ask for money every year ? And our Daughter work for administration the whole 4 years ? ? We are proud of her .

  4. In the US doing the right thing will screw you, look at the people who have waited years to come to America by doing the right thing, when illegals just cross into the us and are protected in sanctuary cities

  5. Logic wins again. I wonder why a normal person was in the audience, a point brought up, and the point sank her. Enough said, she will never be President.

  6. This guy doesn’t get it, it’s not about just one poor that guy saves all his shekels. It’s about rich corporate bastards getting sweet tax forgiveness so they can afford to send their kids to college on the interest. This is about changing a higher education system that’s rigged to favor those who have WAY too much money, and instead create a future where any student can study anywhere based on academic achievement and NOT how wealthy the student’s parents are or how many shekels Daddy Bootstraps was able to save. Most working-class families will face so many financial hurdles and pitfalls of day to day paycheck to paycheck survival, they will be LUCKY to have a college fund. So many of our lawmakers are getting millions in campaign money from private scam-colleges that prey on veteran w/ GI bills, or massive portfolios with fat stock options from student loan profits they will NEVER vote to change that. Warren couldn’t change this if she becomes president , but at least she wants to.

  7. Strange, unless something was left out, if the father who saved his money, would still have the money saved. So where is his loss? As for the Lou Dobbs and Panel they just take the opportunity to divert from the issue in question and go on a rant against college education, making the crazy assumption that everybody in college is a left-winger.

    And I guess all America need now for the future is blue-collar workers. Doctors, engineers, and scientists don't need a college education. The rest is "wish your goat died" logic: we all had to it rough back then, so let's not improve things. I'm jealous.

  8. Here are the details that Dobbs and panel left out during their diversion into a rant against against college education:
    The man “saved all my money” so his daughter wouldn’t have student loans. Warren responded, and pointed the foolishness of this during an interview on CBS: By that man's logic "what would we have done, not started Social Security because we didn’t start it last week for you, or last month for you?”

  9. So don't improve things now because I won't be able to benefit from future improvement? I think people Dobbs and his defenders on this thread are letting so-called "conservative" ideological allegiance cloud their common sense. But Conservatism does not mean a lack of common sense. So it's not really conservatism, it's a bogus tribal identification created by the right wing media.

  10. This dad is so right. My children don't qualify for any penny in financial aid for college because according to some formula, I make too much. I put all my savings into their education and am left with so little. It is the middle class who can't seem to get a helping hand. We are not poor enough to get help, yet we don't make enough to not have nightmares about spending our life's savings for our children. This is why I support Andrew Yang. I can't see why anyone who truly wants to uplift the normal people would support any other candidate but Andrew.

  11. Good for this man who made Warren “truth about her liberal plans”. Who and HOW WILL ALL THESE FREEBIES BE PAID FOR THAT THE DEMS ARE PROMISING? We paid for my husbands masters education as is proper! These Dems lying to get votes, bottom line truth…..disgusting

  12. It's funny that everyone on this comment section is talking about "rEsPoNsIbLe BeHaViOr" yet the fly over states that voted for trump and vote republican are the ones with more need for government programs because of their childish way of living 😂
    Keep drinking the Kool aid people! "I'm ReSpOnSiBLe" 😂 gtfo

  13. Elizabeth Warren, Just Another Swamp Creature, Enemy of the American People that needs to be tarred & featured and Deported.

  14. Elizabeth Warren, Just Another Swamp Creature, Enemy of the American People that needs to be tarred & featured and Deported.

  15. Senator Warren doesn't believe in the idea of America. She's a complete fraud and a stooge of the liberal education institutions who are brainwashing this great nation.

  16. But lets just keep paying for pointless wars…..its cheaper right?? Lets just keep staying in medical debt, its cheaper right?????

  17. plain and simple warren and the rest of the soros scum left, is they are trying to buy votes, how obvious, screw these criminal anti american sh-t sacks

  18. A massive welfare program for the universities as well as for the professors but as far as the student an their parents are concerned they are the suckers for the big rip off for people like Elizabeth Warren who is going to get paid $300,000 a year for showing up once or twice a month to teach for 30 minutes ! Like our DOJ judges get paid one million dollars to show up if their is enough toilet paper in the men's room an then leave as they are called judges on call !!! A job that any 1st year college law student would be happy to do for free !!!

  19. Warren is a joke, but the student loan system is terribly corrupt and rife with abuses. The whole system needs an overhaul that will provide clear, simple steps to getting out of debt. As someone who is currently paying student loans, I've seen first hand the shady tactics these lenders use to ensure students will be in debt to their lenders for decades.

  20. When a kid turns 18 they should not be stuck under their parents income until they are 25. If mom and dad are in debt, didn't save for college or have multiple children in private school or just don't want to pay for college the 18-24 year old is screwed. Meanwhile a welfare recipients child can get all the funding they need for college and waste it on a stupid thing like liberal arts. The system is set up to punish hard working people.

  21. I have a high school education and I make more money than my buddy who went to school for four years. You are better off going to trade school if anything. If the degree cost more than what you will be making don’t do it.

  22. wow, if it was in affect when it should of been he would of had a different opinion, period. people need to start now so this does not happen any more. Bernie Sanders 2020.

  23. How about these kids not going to private colleges ? If you can get into Harvard etc ,, I’m sure you can get into a state school for free ! Tired of these kids complaining about student loans , you knew what you where getting into , and your parents where idiots to allow it

  24. First off, not everybody can save up for college. I come from a low income household and in order for me to go to college I had to take out loans. And also not everyone wants to go into the tech field. People need help to get ahead. Stop making it seem like getting help is so bad.

  25. Rather than the taxpayers paying off the student debt, why don't the universities provide the education for free. Let's see where their heart really lies.

  26. you can not be a good person or a decent hard working American Patriot , nor a CHRISTIAN and be a democrat and I will repeat that to every slimy democrat I see ,   and I will not stop  calling each and everyone of them COMMUNISTS  to their faces

  27. Was watching my favorite channels and was funneled to fox again… I don't want to watch big corporate media I'd rather be lied to by common people. Independent media is more trustworthy. Now that fox has more people watching than cnn witch is basically the same thing they will slowly start turning up the dumb dial. The "tell you what you want to hear" part is just their lure. Later fish.

  28. This is how the dumbocrats look down on the struggles of hard working citizens. They are clearly more concerned with the struggles of illegal aliens and doing all they can to accommodate them.

  29. Because Democrat's Cater too only Illegals Caravans Mexicans and MUSLIMS GROUPS ..These Illegals Forighners come into America and Break all Laws in AMERICA ..And they get Better Medical Care And College and AMERICAN CITIZENS pay Higher Taxes Because Democrat' s Are Liar just too get Votes and Power .. Democrat's are Con Artist Like OBAMA Soro Bloomberg Nancy P Nephew NEWSOM Gov Adam Schiff Biden Maxine Omar and Talib Harris AOC Booker Beto Bernie ..These Democrat's get Richer and Richer off Middle Class American Citizen s Tax Payers Money ..And the Illegals get Better Education ,,Better Jobs More Money than True American Citizens ….WHY??Because Middle Class American Citizen s work there Butts off and Illegals get it all ..Because Of Democrat's who don't care about the AMERICANS CITIZENS at all .. Democrat's Should Be over China FEMA Camps ..China GOV Are Starving the Homeless ,, Elderly Young Children Sick get No Medical Care ..Tired of my Tax Paying Money Supporting these Illegals and there Criminal Democrats Salaries ..God bless our President TRump and AMERICA and AMERICAN CITIZENS from these Enemies who hate our America ..

  30. Dobbs is wrong on this one, dismissing out of hand skipping college.
    To many kids are getting bachelor degrees, that are absolutely useless. Often in subjects like, gender or woman's studies. Or in other Social Justice subjects, like diversity experts.
    Instead they could go to community college and learn an actual skill, that will put food on the table, roof over your head and clothes on your family's backs.

  31. Thank goodness we live in a country where we have fathers like that who know who to vote for. Honestly, sure, maybe students need to be helped with student debt somewhat, but to base your platform on "cancelling student" debt is insane to those who were responsible, got jobs, and came from families who taught them the value of a dollar. I'm not saying all those in debt are irresponsible, but you don't just "cancel student" debt without more thought of how that debt arose in the first place.

  32. Liberal arts are very valuable, if you become a historian, you just have to figure out how to also make money at it. Sadly, the world values the next cell phone more than it does knowledge and awareness of World War II, so you just have to play your cards right with your liberal arts degree to make sure you can find work. Not everyone wants or should be a software designer working for IBM.

  33. Yep, plumber with two trucks making 200k, yet Warren wants that person to pay off the kid who bought lattes in school and didn't even have a part-time job. Totally wrong and unethical, yet someone like Warren supports that idea. Thank goodness she's out of the race.

  34. The Chinese reward their outstanding graduates by giving them an equity position in society. Their Doctors, Engineers, etc. receive bonuses that allow them to invest in society. We reward our kids by making them debt slaves.

  35. I'd be okay with writing off the private student loans as those are not tax payer backed, or at the very least reinstating bankruptcy protections on those loans since they're treated worse than credit card debt. The federal loans however are very tricky because those are tax-payer backed. This whole crisis is a mess and is a prime example of why government should've never gotten into the business of student loans to begin with.

  36. So there are millions of SUCKERS!! who accrued loans due to Marxist Feminist damaged critical thinking skills?… yeah, whatever.

  37. That guy has my TOTAL respect!

    I went to a university because I had no choice, as I wanted to go to medical school. But I told my kids, unless you decide that your future requires a PhD, and MD, or a JD, a university education is both a waste of money, a waste of time, and something I won't help them to finance.

    As far as "loan forgiveness", these kids have used these student loans for everything from school to cars to partying. If they can't pay it back, it's NOT OUR PROBLEM!

  38. Just my 2 cents… My old man served 21 years in the Marine Corps, worked another 15 years in the United States Postal Service, never agreed to Gov't handouts such as welfare etc. He was a proud man, worked multiple 16hr shifts just to send me and 2 other siblings to college. We decided on earning degrees that would guarantee us employment after we graduated (STEM)… and here I am 33yrs old working full time in the medical field, helping to diagnose cancer and diseases, zero student loans, paying taxes fair and square… and these DemocRATs come along and ruin everything for proud Americans like this Father and many more.

  39. She laughs at him, wow, let’s hope that stupid woman will never be in power. That just shows you how twisted their way of thinking is, and they don’t care, cause they are making really good money in politics.

  40. I paid for mine. No university…community collage and tech school is all you need. The most important thing is knowing what you are being educated for. Do you know what you are going to do with that $100K degree? Lots of idiots get degrees in nothing useful because the courses were easy and they knew they would have a sheepskin in 4 years. Sheepskin in what? Years later, still living with mom and dad realizes all of their friends have jobs, homes, cars and families.

  41. Bye bye Pocahonky- your true evil self can’t be contained anymore and everyone is seeing you for who and what you truly are!

  42. Elizabeth Warren campaign slogan should be "F'ck America up again" what a joke of a candidate please don't send her $5 like she keeps asking for either


  44. Why don't we start going after the schools that charge ridiculous tuitions to begin with? There is no reason why they should do that other than they can. The thruth is that whether a student takes a class, say… chemistry 101 at a community college or at a city university or at a fancy school, the content is the same so why the price difference? If you scour college catalogs you will see that pretty much every school will tack a host of unnecessary classes and fees, such as orientation to such and such, such and such appreciation, etc. etc., ridiculous parking fees, insane meal plans, outrageous library fees, lab fees, computer fees etc etc. In the case of a student I know her fees were more than her tuition. Let's scrutinize what schools really do with the money they get and why a class that cost x amount 2 years ago, costs twice as much this year. Let us also investigate why scholarship and grant moneys are hoarded and then rarely given out and when given out they are given out for any reason but merit. Let us also investigate why a college/university top brass get insane salaries while the school uses graduate students and adjuncts to teach classes? Let us also find out why the very same content is packaged as undergraduate, graduate and PhD level classes , and sold to student at vastly different prices, but taught in the same class and by the same professor?

  45. I got hacktivist group Royalblade to help me qualify for a major debt forgiveness program that forgave 80% of my student loan that was at 63k after 1 year of paying back. Contacted them via Royalblade @ Protonmail com

  46. Socialist policies may benefit those down on they're luck and wouldn't be able to get a leg up any other way, but mostly it will benefit lazy people.

  47. If you think the cost of going to a university is high now, wait until the government says they will pay off student loan debt. The sky will be the limit. Everybody will go to enjoy university life including grandma and grandpa!

  48. Miss Warren, do NOT be dismayed by those wild and uncivilized idiots. Most of them have no idea what the US constitution of the US and the Bill of Rights that followed entail. The skeptic, doubting Thomas and downright hate-filled monster will do everything to dissuade you from what your heart is propelling you to do. Even if you do not win the nominee of your party, the following axiom, "if at first you do not succeed, try, and try and try AGAIN is still a lesson worth cherishing! If at the end, you are proven to be unsuccessful, know that it was not God's will and wish for you triumph on that political trajectory. BEST wishes!

  49. Seemed like a well planned ambush. He was way to good. Where is he now? Why wasn't he interviewed directly after he obliterated her?

  50. I came from a big family. I wanted to go to college but the money just wasn't there. Plus I had to support myself, something I'd already been doing for a few years already.
    Instead I got a good job with one of the best companies in the world, MA Bell. I got training and was becoming a technician. They paid more than minimum wage as a starting wage.
    When I was drafted I joined the Navy instead. More good training plus they have a lot of Navy training courses you can take even if they aren't pertinent to your particular trade. Calculus, advanced computer courses, you name it.
    I came back to my employer and it didn't seem to care. But when they laid me off I was able to start a business and not only survived but thrived. There's good money in the trades and it's easier and less expensive in most cases to start a business. Most of the inventory is in your brain.

  51. If all loans are forgiven why not just have the student claim themselves on their taxes, borrow 100% for all education, then have it all forgiven in the end? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to work that system. Colleges would end up bankrupt because they’d eventually not get much of any tuition from anyone.

  52. Why President Trump's values are so important to America:
     Parents truly are the last line of defense against the cultural decline of the west. Trump raised his family with the rules: No alcohol, no drugs, no smoking. He then educated them.

  53. I don't ever think that we will ever have a woman president…you did get the right to vote and God did make you second..but I don't think that any woman will ever be president.. don't get me wrong I love women…but the first time a woman brung a man something to eat we get kicked out of the garden…so stop trying to be a president and do something else….

  54. Why aren't there more videos about this. This is soo about buying votes. Keep government out of the student loan business and watch tuition become more competitive.

  55. This was all trumps doing. are you not keeping up with the congressional hearing on Betsy DeVos still collecting the fraudulent loans????

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