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100 thoughts on “A Day In The Life: USC Student // Millionaire Entrepreneur

  1. Love Love Love this kid. The best advice and most recent lesson I learnt before this video (that I think everyone should know) was what he said at the end "the good things are never rushed, no man who's in a hurry is quite civilized". I hope he gets to his goal of being a billionaire before 30, much deserved.

  2. yes im impressed and admire his feats but honestly im kinda mad he doenst focus on 1-2 things instead of 3 (baksetball, investing, pre-med). 3 hrs of sleep is gunna catch up with him. its not worth it in the end, just to say you have X amount of dollars when you have health complications due to it. for everyone thinking sleep is overrated i suggest u do some research on it first. how it affects learning, body functions (metabolism, hormones etc.).

  3. Gives me a fake feeling when I see the default trading app that comes with Apple, not a single professional trader or investor uses it to view the markets and execute trades.

  4. Wants to be a brain surgeon and a billionaire… something tells me his priorities are slightly skewed

  5. he does know that is against NCAA rules to have any kind of job during your career as a student athlete right.

  6. That's Sam Clark from On Harvard Time! He delivered the Ivy Male Oration at 2015 Harvard Commencement, he's a crazy good speaker. I spent the first 5 minutes of this video trying to figure out where I knew him from.

  7. The secret to this mans success lies within his Sikh heritage and the teachings his parents have instilled into him. Love to see a young punjabi do great work! Keep it up brother

  8. As successful as he is, he needs to start sleeping a bit more. Not to discourage those who hustle, but you're gonna collapse at some point with that amount of sleep. And besides, you're not gonna perform at your highest potential…

  9. People saying that 2-3 hours of sleep is going to catch up to him….well yea that's if he is telling the truth. He is likely exaggerating a bit and gets about 5-6 which is doable 5 days a week and probably gets 7-8 on weekends.

  10. His GPA is 3.67. What shocked me the most is that he is also pre med. With a GPA like that and his EC's, he will definitely get into a good med school. Even though that gpa isn't the highest, it is pretty impressive given that he is running a mobile health clinic that brings together undergrads, med students and doctors, runs a 3 million dollar financial company and also is a D1 basketball player…

  11. Too many of you are bothered about how many hours of sleep he gets. Stop looking for small negative things and just appreciate what he has accomplished.

  12. Evidently comes from an affluent family who've helped guide him quite a bit, i.e., father is an "entrepreneur". I do admire his work-ethic though — being a millionaire in your late teens/early twenties is nothing to scoff at. However, from someone in medical school, I think he should reconsider the idea of being a "brain surgeon". If he is half as smart as he makes himself appear to be, he should know that medical school is 4 years, 60+ hour work weeks (studying), and >$200k debt (which wouldn't be a problem for him). Furthermore, a neurosurgery residency = 7 years with work weeks easily exceeding 80+ hours. Billionaire and neurosurgeon do NOT line up. He'll have to choose one over the other, and I'm guessing when this kid starts studying for the MCAT, he'll drop the pursuit of medicine right there.

  13. See this folks. This comment section. Look at it.
    Are people hating because the guy has dreams to be a billionaire? No.
    Are people saying oh wow my family is poor this guy doesn't give back he is greedy? No
    The reason is education. Education made people click this video with "USC" in the title. Much respect. Let people have their dreams.

  14. Biology being a tough major? I mean fair props for his other achievements, but he's having a joke on this one right?

  15. Having $ in client assets ≠ being a millionaire. His investment advisory firm is similar to private wealth mgmt, if your client is bill gates, you don't get to call yourself a billionaire simply from managing his assets. Regardless, impressive. Not easy to focus on med/bio and basically self teach yourself through the series65.

  16. What a baller!! This guy doesn't need to sleep cause he knows there is plenty of time for that in the graveyard.
    We mere mortals can only try to achieve what he has done at 20 in our entire lifetime.

  17. 2.5 hours of sleep a day… bullshit. The kid isn't a millionaire, his parents are. who else would trust a college kid with millions of dollars to trade in markets when he concurrently is pursuing an unrelated degree and is playing college basketball. He's living a lie. Also a hospital/investment firm is a horrible idea… makes no sense

  18. As others have said, don't believe that he sleeps 2 or 3 hours every night. Maybe he technically gives his sleep and wake times, but doesn't mention there are naps in between. Or he sleeps almost non-stop on weekends. I've had my fair share of weeks where I only sleep 3 or 4 hours each night and just non-stop work. It's only doable if you've got adrenaline going and you're doing things you MUST do. 1 or 2 hours sleep is like the brink of a full emergency situation for me – I'd have to be VERY stressed. If you're not stressed/focussed trying to do that then your brain will take right of way and just make you doze. Plus you make stupid mistakes. So yeah don't try to do this people. Work out how to be efficient and focussed first. For me, 5 hours is absolute minimum to be effective when I'm busy, but I always prefer at least 6 hours. YMMV – work out the balance for you.

  19. He is very successful but combining hospital and an investment consulting (if i understood it correctly) doesnt makes sense whatsoever, if you can handle both its great and he can manage that but combining them at one building has no sense in it

  20. LOL so two hours a sleep a day. I don't believe it. Doing this for a long period of time, you'll fall asleep at work or in class.

  21. His goal is to be a billionaire wth! He said SOMETIMES you have to enjoy life… that poor guy… his life is money, his goal is money, not happiness…

  22. You don't have to be a genius like Sam to gain admission into USC. Sports can be a great way for you to a score a place at some of the world's most competitive US colleges. But don't wait too long, it can take years of planning! Sign up for a free consulation :http://bit.ly/DITL_USCstudent

  23. "You have to be just as good as the kids on scholarship, sometimes better, but they don't give you a scholarship" Makes sense

  24. Cool story but did I really just hear him say that walk-on's have to be "somewhat better" than scholarship players. Nah bro, you're worse than other players, that's why you are a walk-on who doesn't play.

  25. Hey guys- I sleep less than 2 hours a night, study less than 2 hours a day even though I want to be a brain surgeon, I run a multi-million dollar business on the side, and oh yeah play D1 basketball. Did I mention I don't drink coffee?

    What a load of bullshit.

  26. he;s a big man, which you don;t need much skill, no fucking way he could do this as guard cause you have work on your game constantly..big men dont have to do much, just know the plays, catch picks, etc

  27. guy is obviously prodigy type, just being investment millionaire at 20 and student studying something totally different, but you got to like it the guy is modest

  28. 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night? He has to be bullshiting. Even those with that medical phenomnom where they only need sleep 4 or 5 hours of sleep couldn't do that and he's an enormous D1 athlete that works all day?

  29. I don't get how he survives off 2-3 hours of sleep a night. I get he has great genetics, he is tall and intelligent and really hard working but still I have never heard of any human being able to sleep only 2-3 hours a night.

    I've tried sleeping 5-6 hours a night and have felt like crap the next day and the whole day goes bad, i would need at least 7 hours to function well and prefer to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. i just cannot understand how he consistently sleeps 2-3 hours a night and does not feel like crap the next day and does not just pass out from the lack of sleep. The part i don't get is how he works out and practices for basketball buy only needs 2-3 hours of sleep. that is crazy.

    i mean even science says that we at least need to get 6 hours of sleep a night to function properly but who knows maybe Sam Dhillon is some sort of genetic super human or super hero, i mean he is 6'8", super smart and hard working.

  30. "biology major who hopes to become a brain surgeon, started a nonprofit, helped coordinate a mobile medical clinic for the homeless" now that is the representation of a human that wants to contribute to a cause bigger than himself.

  31. sleep at 2:30 or 3, wake up at 5:30. thats literally impossible to function on less than 3 hours of sleep a day, especially as a D1 athlete. good bullshitter

  32. He's not a millionaire. One does not own the money that their firm manages, otherwise, Ray Dalio would've been a trillionaire.

    Also, I checked his investment firm's website and they just invest in ETFs 😂 – something anyone without any investment knowledge could do to achieve consistent returns in the medium to long term. You'd have to be very stupid or ignorant to pay his firm to do this for you.

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