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39 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: University College London Student

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  2. PLEASE PLEASE do a day in the life for Imperial!! (This is me being really biased make it a chemical engineering student)

  3. Great video! But MAN does that guy speak fast. It’s like he had a few espresso shots before he got interviewed.

  4. Love this video and great to see Gus taking the limelight off Sam (haha!). Shame that London didn't turn on the weather while you were here!

  5. It's great to be student is collage like this collage, I wish everyone good luck.I believe that all will be very successful in life

  6. What a cutie pie. He's Chinese Malaysian lah, I can understand what he's saying. His accent may sound weird to foreigners, but he sounds normal to Malaysians.

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