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88 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: UChicago Student

  1. Quality of this video is way beyond high. Do you guys get some help from Hollywood or something in filming and editing?!
    Kudos to you !

  2. His tips about the college application process were very thoughtful and intuitive! I absolutely loved this video and I loved the way he described the university. You can tell that there's something magical and transformative about UChicago! ❤

  3. Make a video on Purdue University !
    That school is dream of every STEM student and ranks very high in the national rankings.

  4. Hey thanks for all the nice comments guys, it really means a lot. A point of clarification, Ex Libris Cafe is just called "ex", it's never called "the ex"; I probably shouldn't have graduated.
    If you'd like to find me on Instagram my tag is @sir_on_ski, and if you have any more questions about UChicago feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]!

  5. I really love this but I think we want to see more of non-seniors' perspectives and maybe more shots in the school (dorms, dining halls, etc.)

  6. I spend a lot of my time in chicago and on a few occasions I have visited the campus. Even as just a visitor you can feel how wonderful of a place UChicago is. The vibes from the people and the beautiful environment are so surreal. It really feels like an ideal place to grow not only intellectually but also to grow into yourself.

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  8. This video is so magical and inspiring. UChicago is one of my top choices for graduate school. I am also an anthropology major like Luke! I love how he said "just be yourself." That is exactly what I am looking for in a school. I do not want to go to a school where I have to become a person I'm not in order to be accepted by them. I am looking for a school that will accept me as a person for who I am. The University of Chicago is one of the only universities I have come across that promotes everyone to be themselves, hence why I am so interested in it. You can tell that most of the other "elite" universities attract a certain type of student, but everyone I have met from UChicago has had such drastically different personalities, and that is another reason I am interested in it. I believe that there are several other people there who are drastically differently from me and will make me think about things I've never thought about before, as I will do for them in return as well. I really hope I go to UChicago.

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  10. Wait, UChicago is known for its research tradition in sciences and economics etc. And you chose an anthropology student to represent the school?
    Next time choose a theater major from MIT or a Spanish major from Caltech to aptly describe the majority of student body!

  11. Interesting, however, I think it'd be beneficial for everyone if these "A Day in the Life" videos focused more on the idiosyncrasies of each institution, rather than the student to whom we are being introduced. Personally, I don't care about how Luke came across photography or anthropology; I care about what makes the University of Chicago unique and worthwhile.

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