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59 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Northwestern Student

  1. Hey guys, great video, but do you mind telling me the name and artist of the song that starts at 4:37? Would be greatly appreciated

  2. Thought I was going to see a bong or a bowl on his nightstand during the intro.

    These videos are really informative and entertaining! They appeal to such a wide market (high schooler, undergrads, post grads, young adults, etc). Keep it up!

  3. Wildcats! yeah acting is a big deal there, anyone that knows, knows…this is the place to be to be get up and up in the film or t.v. show business, just ask Stephen Colbert!

  4. I want to double major in theatre and computer science, so this was great for showing me that I can do that at northwestern! Thank you!

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