A Day in the Life: Monash Medical School Student
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A Day in the Life: Monash Medical School Student

My name is Matani, and I’m a second year
medical student at Monash university I’m currently studying the doctor of medicine
course at Monash And I chose to study at Monash firstly because
Melbourne is my home And secondly because Melbourne is the place
to be It’s a vibrant city, with a limitless number
of things to do – we have amazing cafes, amazing food, the culture here is impeccable, its
unparalleled anywhere in the world We have incredible music coming from Melbourne
these days I don’t know if you’ve heard of Kit Fayga,
he’s great It’s even been voted the most livable city
in the world for six years straight now So if that wasn’t enough to draw me here
to Monash, I don’t know what else would be All right, let’s go! This is Mr. Brightside Cafe, I worked here
during year 11 and 12 It’s a great cafe, right around the corner
from my house, which makes it super accessible on the way to Uni – right for a coffee in
the morning Every morning I wake up at around seven o’
clock and I go do some exercise whether it be at the gym or a run in the park, or at
the beach, then I get home and get ready for Uni I get to Uni around nine o clock every day,
besides Tuesday And I do some work, go to some lectures and
tutes, then I get home around seven, or five to seven, and either see my friends, hang
out, after such a long day at Uni, studying is not really my priority, so usually I try
to find something, easy, fun, productive to do, whether it be volunteering, or last night
I was at a telethon, and just, I guess, enjoying myself outside as much as possible. Welcome to Monash University! This is Sir John Monash himself, one of the
founding fathers of Monash University. This is our pharmacology building, its a really
important part of what it means to be a doctor, to have a really good understanding of pharmacology,
and the aspects that it includes, so that’s actually going through and understanding the
drugs and medications that we administer to our patients but also the way the patients
may react to those drugs These are old human skulls, used for anatomy,
and as you can see we have quite the extensive collection, and they’re invaluable resources. Here we have our newest office, which stands
for Monash University Medical Student Society, and they run a bunch of programs for us, give
us free food occassionally, and they are essentially our student body who represent us to the university. One of the best parts of Monash university
and what they offer for their actual doctor of medicine degree, is the fact that its undergraduate. Yes, you do have the option of doing postgraduate,
but they do offer that undergraduate degree – that means that after 5 years at University,
you graduate as a doctor. Another great thing about Monash is the fact
that its so culturally diverse – where there are people from all around the world studying
here, there are endless opportunities to meet people and get involved in different activities
that are unique to Monash. So over here Monash is hosting a summer festival,
so there’s just music running out throughout the whole week, so it can soak up this amazing
Melbourne weather. Check this out – I just got my vegan blend
– go get Jays yogurt – I’m pretty excited, it’s got a pretty amazing blend of a bunch
of different things including mango, which really excites me. And I’m just gonna get into it. Right now we’re in the center of the campus
center, this is where we come for lunch, and as you can see there are massive numbers of
students from all around the world congregating to celebrate food. I just had an amazing rice paper roll from
Rolled, and it was absolutely beautiful. We’re standing just outside the boob lawn. The reason why it got its name is because
of the boob in the middle. I should probably call it a breast, because
I’m a medical student, I should be using the correct terminology. However, it’s not the breast lawn, it’s
the boob lawn. I’m at Uni 4 days a week, and during those
4 days, I have 8 lectures, each of them going for 1 hour, I also have 2 anatomy tutorials,
which go for 2 hours each, 1 PBL, which is 3 and a half hours, where we’re actually
given a case, and we have to work through the case, and present different parts of the
case to each other. Then I also have clinical skills once a week,
which is 2 hours long, where we learn the actual hands on practical stuff behind what
it means to be a doctor. Lastly, we have a 2 hour tutorial, based around
what we’re learning in health knowledge and society, or another aspect of what it
means to be a doctor. Melbourne’s an awesome place to live, and
its a lot of fun. There is just absolutely so much to do. San Kilter is one of the cultural icons of
Melbourne. Here lies Luna Park, with its big open grinning
mouth entrance, and it also hosts Acland Street, an awesome street to spend time, with beautiful
cafes, lush restaurants, and simply fun bars. Another amazing street which I always have
fun at is Chapel street. On Chapel Street some of the main places I
like to go, which are iconic of the actual place Boston Sub and Lucky – always good for
a night out. And there are also some really great restaurants
there, like Fonda, if you like Mexican, and Tokyo Tina, if you like Japanese food. It’s great fun and a massive part of what
it means to live in Melbourne. All in all, Monash is an awesome university,
it’s fit for everybody, it’s culturally diverse, and it’s just an absolutely pleasure
to be a student here. Medicine itself is always interesting, always
begging you to search more and to find more meaning and find more knowledge, and to keep
on educating yourself so if you’re a person who likes a challenge, who likes helping people
in a very hands on sense, and also likes also the sciency and interesting things that come
with being a doctor, come on down! If you’re interested in hearing more about
the world’s top universities, don’t forget to subscribe.

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33 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Monash Medical School Student

  1. I live in Melbourne, its not as good as he makes it seem. And the amazing 'Melbourne weather' is the biggest load of bullshit, the weather here is inconsistent and pretty crap, every local knows that.
    Withall that said though, Monash is still a pretty good uni.

  2. he said that he is studying the Doctor of medicine (MD) program but the Billboard at 00:16 says that it's an MBBS ( Bachelor of medicine And Bachelor of surgery) curriculum. wierd

  3. How the heck is that guy so relaxed? Engineering (which is supposedly slightly easier) is tensing!! (Extra note: Monash pharmacy is the world's SECOND best pharmacy university as of QS 2017-2018)

  4. Hey guys,
    Can someone help me with the qualifications needed if Im doing A Levels cause the website only has qualifications for IB and the Australian System?

  5. Do you have at least a 90 ATAR? Great. But that's not all you need to get into Monash Med!
    Grab a copy of our FREE eBook to learn EXACTLY how to get into your dream medical school! Don't wait, your future is on the line! https://hubs.ly/H09gYTp0

  6. Ohh whats that? Your looking to get in to a uni here in the us? Okay show us your bank account! Ohh and grades…yh i guess they are kinda important too

  7. Are sure that he is going to be a doctor. here in Israel learning medcine means you are half a man half a superman. very though and intense study. No time to chill. you working very hard.

  8. hi… I just watched your video while I was applying for biomedical science course but you said that without doing biomedical science batchelor, you can apply for doctor of medicine course (undergraduate). could you please help me to know where is the application of this course in monash uni website?

    here is my email address:

    [email protected]

    thanks for your helpful video🙏

  9. Guys I'm thinking of going to Monash for Med – can you give some advice about the quality/ which course to choose? Which is the best school for medicine (good course, high employment chance) in Melbourne? Thanks!!

  10. "I chose to study at Monash because… MELBOURNE is my home …and *MELBOURNE* is the place to be"
    Nah mate you just didnt get into Melbourne Uni.

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