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100 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: MIT Student

  1. Fukushima, I know unrelated but what your future geniuses can solve!

    And I believe in science

    If reactors leaked in the US do you think we would have it stopped by now? Maybe we wouldn't stock them with more fuel then a workers shift in case there's a meltdown, maybe it should be stored away from the reactors and regularly be feuled to maintain a low stock of feul in or around a reactor. Maybe a safer fuel should be used for energy like ocean kinetic, solar, and hydrogen. An engineer in the US put out the Kuwait oil fields using a blast to put out the fires, and it worked. The fire was so hot water turned to steam, and water on the ground mixed with the oil and spread it.. Maybe a non flal.mable co2 blast would separate the fuel in these reactors from the heat source and stop feeding the fire. Maybe a blast would take the logs in the fire away from each other so it can go out, maybe containing a fire is not the way to put out a fire in a fire pit. I guess the reactors are so hot if you tried to dump sand or sand blast sand in there it'd just melt into glass, if only you could put it out with sand like a regular old fire. People shouldn't really be making stars on earth, and playing with that kind of firepower, we'll be the planet that figured out how to make a sun from elements feeding earth's core and then ruined our own planet with it. If Go.d ever comes here on vacation he's not gonna be happy as to what happened, after all 3rd times a charm and we didn't learn from that, so, whoops and better luck next time

    We better stop before we burn down his whole yard, or the rest of the planet

  2. Fukushima, the works hope rests on caring , smart, people like you

    Maybe we should figure put it out for them instead of waiting 40-100 years and lose the Pacific ocean and contaminate the rest by then, the world needs the ocean for its future drinking water and crops

  3. I do have a question though. So far I have watched 2 videos relating to what's a day like to be a university student. I notice that both use Mac. I wonder if I can use Windows OS computer…

  4. I honestly usually believe all these people who go to these big colleges will change the world then they finish and just vanish into the population like everyone else. Where do these MIT and Havard smart kids go after college honestly.

  5. I am very pleased to acquire high education in your MIT. But you are giving a limitation from the economic side. As you are saying that from any country you are getting high education in your MIT. The bank must have at least 20 to 30 million taka. But poor meritorious students are never possible. Those students would like to come to your MIT. But it is impossible to carry their attack. It's better to change your decision for this.

  6. There should be an arrangement for those meritorious students from all the poorer countries who want to read your MIT. Share your money in a few sessions without having to collect their money once and then collect the money. Then they would be willing to be admitted to your MIT. More grateful student class. They can easily get higher education ….😍😍😍😍😍👌👌👌💘💘💘

  7. These videos motivate when I slack off in school because I just imagine myself not being able to do that at a university that I would love to attend. I know I'm not at the right university but sticking with it just to get a degree. And also because a lot of these universities are a lot bigger and have an aesthetic that would really suit me compared to the one I attend where's it is very bland. This channel is so underrated.

  8. Check here to know about te courses offered by MIT USA https://admitkard.com/blog/2018/11/15/mit-usa-courses-list-revised-2019/

  9. This video and this person really motivated me.
    I hope I will get a chance in less than 2 years to discover world as this young man did, to experience something not so common and to achieve one of my life goals.
    Thank you for sharing this interview with us.

  10. “And i don’t know what’s going on because i went to MIT”
    – Sheldon Cooper in disguise of Howard 😂😂😂😂

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  12. Wow a minute in and he starts his day at 8 am…that's fucking late for me, especially when I was going to school for Mechanical Engineering and I still struggled to get everything done I guess he's brainy…

    I didnt even have friends…I was too busy getting stuff done and the people I came across were always weirdly competitive and inclusive and were constantly estranging others and fucking people over or leeching off them it sucked

  13. Theres a huge market for games with high drop rate / easily obtainable upgrades.

    Make the top end extremely high.

    Add in new game +

    These games will wipe out the current industry.

  14. i would love to be getting into one of this awesome university and be able to learn alot from great professors . wish i was born rich to have the privilege and opportunity to have this kind of education.

  15. God, If I have to single for the whole years of my teen old just let it be, it doesn't matter as long as I could marrying with this guy 🙏

  16. Extraterrestrial Composition 👽 🎶

  17. The difference from him and the people feeling sorry for themselves in the comments is that he doesn’t look at the end goal wanting to be there the next day. He understands the hard work and dedication it takes to put in. If you have an idea don’t think it’s impossible to fulfill just work at it and it will happen. It’s like working out, if you look at your body day to day you won’t notice a difference, but if you look back a year down the line you’ll notice a huge difference . Everyone starts from somewhere

  18. Carl Benz School Germany FHWS Schweinfurt

    I will never give up my dream of MIT for a fucking people who are insecure about what

    The linguistic entropic convergence of the first 1 punkt halb ziehnte of a syllable of linguistic content of the word Austerlitz.

    Fuck you

    I better off hey

    Proud White Cop

  19. A lot of naive people will see this and think their life is only good if they do this exact life. Instead of trying to better their life whever they live or what situation they are currently living under. This only shows the good and no bad parts, it is a fake picture not the full truth of his life.

  20. Others in my home developed a feeling of dissention and antipathic repudiation to accept those graduate from lofty fields .

  21. He almost lost me when he said he eats the same thing for breakfast every day, but he made up for it during the rest of the interview.

  22. We need more schools for kids like this with so many opportunities in not only comperitions but also learning experiences..I come from a country where there is little flow of money towards education sector..at most,in my school there are only competitions held but only for those who have some sort of experience..there is nothing for those who wish to learn except from youtube..the worst part is that everything is influenced by politics..(just wanted to pour my heart out but if you read till here then maybe you could relate to some of the points too)

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