A Day in Brampton: Amritsari Kulcha & Sheridan College | Ft. The Indian Savage
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A Day in Brampton: Amritsari Kulcha & Sheridan College | Ft. The Indian Savage

I had an amazing luck even though it was a 6 shared dorm, a had an incredible stay and sleep so far. 4th roommate was a girl she came and I didn’t notice that any one else was sleeping. Problem: No shampoo or soap so I had to borrow from a random person but I managed Now my plan is to go to Brampton with a special person. You already know from the title and thumbnail My both umbrellas turn out to be useless. One became useless during Diwali. Now second one broke too. New one froze in Toronto’s weather and broke I ran and came to the Subway station. I have updated Rishabh and he will pick me directly from here Finally rain has stopped. Rishabh is very punctual he came without washing his face almost to pick me up Is it insult of compliment. Obviously compliment. You came on time Plan to see Brampton. I have already seen Surrey. It was fun. I faced little bit insult as a guy there asked my friends to beat me and show the real Punjab of Surrey Are you PR here in Canada? Not yet. Tell me about US. I just finished my Diploma. It is not that fast here. It takes 20 yrs get US green card. But with 1 year of work experience one can get Canadian PR easily within few months. backup plan. I am sorry I am unable to speak Hindi for some reason. Could only speak Punjabi Petrol price is $1.16 per liter. In US it is round $2.5 for 4 liters (1 gallon) so double the expenses here. Also he told me that accidents are common in Brampton so car insurance can go up to $500 to $600 per month. ($100 in Atlanta) We are here in King Tandoori. I went to Tandoori flames in Surrey. So a different experince In USD i will pay less as value is more. we have ordered the Lemon soda “Banta drink” that we used to drink in Punjab costing Rs. 10. Drinking after 4 years How long you’ve been in US? 3.5 years Last video people commented. When Punjabi goes to Canada for the first time. Never comes back. It is true. a lot of students don’t actually What about you? I went home only once that also after finishing up my Diploma. Big thing for me Rishabh didn’t prefer staying in Brampton just because of accidents. we just saw one. That’s why even policemen have a sports car so that they can chase the hit and run cases that happen very often We are going to see shops here. Just picked a friend. Rent is here close to $1200 to $1600 in Brampton. In US it is cheaper less taxes i saw close to $1000 too. Range is similar actually but the difference is higher taxes and CAD has less value than USD Food is expensive but I didn’t feel cuz in USD I pay less after conversion due to higher value than CAD I never found GUR in US. $2.5 per kg. So 4 times as expensive that in Amritsar. as it was Rs. 50 per kg there We explored 2 markets but we didn’t find Sugar cane juice. I really wanted to have some but the stall are closed due to weather. but i will put the Diwali footage here I never saw this culture anywhere. These are the students who must be working over 20 hours. they need 8 days in a week to afford this car As soon as you enter Sheridan. Loud music + Top model cars. Too much fun We came out from REAL juice. you don’t get this in Atlanta. this is made with fresh fruits Cultural difference. We fight here on who’s gonna pay. but in US we divide and pay our own bills We came to drop him now and I got to know that you can’t find home less than $750k in Brampton, Toronto. But in Atlanta you can get even at $200k in suburbs. so very shocking for me I can’t find under 1million dollars near Scarborrough where I live I have never seen Amritsari Kulcha in Surrey or in US. but here it is present and is for $6. I was not in the mood so I am having Veg Thali. Cheapest meal for $10 per person I ever had in Canada. Average is $20 for indian here Last moments in Canada. You might think it is very easy to settle in Canada but you might not know the struggle. I thought 2 year 2diploma would have been as easy as degree to settle but its not true Yes struggle is obviously there. so come out of the world of films and start working hard. No one spoon feeds here. Struggle in US and canada both. Harnoor also does a lot of struggle My father used to say when time comes you are forced to work hard. So all the best work hard and settle well. we are trying to do the same You won’t believe that Rishabh is doing a night duty from 10 pm to 6 am and then after sleeping 2 hours he wakes up for interviews and to find a permanent job. way harder life

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  1. Hi Harnoor. Great video and yeah your friend in the video covered is the sweetest and humble of all who have appeared in your videos so far 🙂
    Great job indeed 🙂

  2. bhai 2 ghante to mai metro se office jane anne me so jata hun. aur lunch me alag 🙂 hard work always pays off. keep working

  3. sir this is one request as your friend and wellwisher that please don't do too many cuts in your video and don't make the video too shakey.

  4. After visiting canda,
    What will you suggest for masters in computer science
    Canada or USA in over all terms please reply I need a guidance because I am really confuse because I am not ready to take risk

  5. Bhi attitude hai , aap me ,,,,,,,Jan bujhh Kar Panjabi bol rhe ,,,sab log thodi smjh pate hai #Hindi.English 😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠

  6. you know only one state in india speaks Punjabi……baaki ke sab kaali baithe he na bhai….ek word bhi samaj nai aaya english me banavo….ab audiance ko importance do naki thumhare language ki

  7. Dear Singh, im Anil from Andhra Pradesh, i like you youtubr channel and been following you for a long time. I need some advice and guidance from you. i want to become a software engineer and want yo travel countries. im a mechanical engineer. how do i start my programming? and how i craft my path?

  8. At 8:42 dude you need to explore USA a bit more. You are comparing Atlanta to Toronto and then generalize the whole of US.If you think in all of US suburbs house prices are less than 1 million than you can’t be more wrong. Bothered to check the house prices in SF Bay Area? People make in 6 figures and still can’t afford a decent home:

  9. bro first, speak in Hindi or English and the background music was not in sync with the energy. just saying I want you to make better videos

  10. Come to Ottawa. There are just 2 universities and 1 college in the entire ottawa and a lot of international students. I’m a post grad student and can share a lot of information too.

  11. Ohh bhra
    Bulekhe che na rahi

    1 year experience plus master da cic calculator te score check karlo

    That's not a cake walk

    Hahaha kide bulekhe che hain bai tu

  12. Hloo brother my name is Nishant I am from India I want to ask that after tenth I want to study in USA high school how I can study.

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