9 Amazing LIFE HACKS Every College/School Girls Must Know | Anaysa
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9 Amazing LIFE HACKS Every College/School Girls Must Know | Anaysa

We all want to do the things which save some money and make our life easier and these hacks are much needed for college or office going If you’ll like these hacks get this video to 30,000 LIKES often our pen & pencils spread over here & there I need a pen holder don’t worry I’ll make it own so take an unused bottle and cut it from the middle then smoothen its sharp edges using press now cut Crepe Paper into small pieces paste them to cover the whole bottle using Fevicol decorate it as you want and Pen holder is ready oho why these heels get slip on the tiles its too difficult to walk on the tiles with these heels so to make a grip to the heels rub the bottom of the shoe using a nail filler would you do a task ? would you worship god today? why all of these have got faint!!! oho my shoes….. so to face this situation you need to do put some baking soda in your shoes for overnight this baking soda kills smell causing bacteria thus making your shoes smell free remove the baking soda in the morning and now you are ready to go oho this periods cramp pain don’t worry you only need to do add a pinch of turmeric in jaggery and warm it eat it this will reduce cramp pain during periods have you ever think these old home remedies work so well need to keep lot stuff for college zip lock get broken so a quick fix for this is attach a safety pin or paper pin with the broken zip this will instantly resolve your problem sometimes stapler pin get loosen from documents paper & if you didn’t find a stapler pins so do one thing just fold the paper like this make two marks using a pencil or pen make cut through these marks and them fold I am getting late for office even I am hungry too lets make a sandwich oho its not working its not working too now there’s only a way left take two breads put a cheese slice between them cover it with aluminium foil paper roast the bread from both the sides using a press like this and sandwich is ready to eat glossy lipsticks often leaves stain I think this happened with you too apply some talcum powder over the lipstick then your lipstick doesn’t get transferred on the things to keep body hydrated need to drink a lot of water but often we forget to take care or try to drink lot of water in one go mark your water bottle for the amount you could drink every hour now paste some decorative tapes over the marks this always will reminds you to drink water have you found this video useful? also I help you to save some of your money so do LIKE & SHARE this video also SUBSCRIBE to our channel Anaysa follow us on Instagram at anaysa.in so will see you in my next video till then

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