7 Life Skills Your School Forgot to Teach You
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7 Life Skills Your School Forgot to Teach You

Pay close attention because I want to
see if you agree with me or if you think I’m just absolutely bat-crazy. I believe there are seven things that our
education system completely fails to teach us as we’re growing up. But if we can learn
these seven qualities, our life as human beings
radically transforms. And not only do our life transform but the
lives of everyone around us go through a remarkable beautiful
transformation as well. The first one is teaching
people how to bend reality. What I mean by this is I have become 100%
convinced that the world is an illusion and that our minds can
shift that illusion, that we can generate synchronicities,
coincidences, good luck, if you will, to move us forward. When you learn to do
this, so many myths of the modern world disappear. Number one, the myth of lack,
that there isn’t enough for everyone. That disappears. And the second thing is the myth
of hard work, struggle, strive. The soul was not born and did not
choose the human experience to go through struggle,
hard work and toil. The soul is here to be blissful. When you learn the art of bending
reality, even if you have a job that is super important, you’re working
on incredible projects, everything moves effortlessly. Now, the second skill that schools
need to teach us but do not is the skill of intuition. You learn that knowledge does not just
come from your brain and what you read and the people you have access to,
it can come from within. This is that special skill that geniuses
like Steve Jobs tapped into to create things that nobody else
in the world could see. Intuition becomes a guiding voice to
allow us to make better decisions in life, not just what to invent, what to create,
but who to date, who to move towards, who to move away from. Intuition is something so
important, it’s in all of us. Now, the third skill is related to the
first two, and it is the idea of living from purpose, being connected to your
intuition, so you know why you’re here, and then being able to bend reality
to move towards that purpose whether it is to create a great work of
art or write a book or be the mom or dad to a great group of kids. It’s being so aligned with your purpose
that you’re unshakeable on that purpose. And it’s one of the most attractive
qualities of any man or woman, to see someone so into their purpose. But again, schools
don’t teach that to you. Rather, we become pieces of paper in
a giant, human photocopy machine, photocopying the preset lives of
generations past and other people. Instead, you want to turn
your life into a masterpiece. This brings us to the fourth idea,
stepping beyond the culturescape. In my writing, I coined the word
called brules for bullshit rules. I suggest that much of the world around us
is made up by people no smarter than us. And these ideas, often long outdated,
are injected in our brain from the time we are kids by our governments, by
religion, by our preachers, our fathers, our mothers, our teachers. None of them mean bad. They just don’t know better. The world is changing at a rapid pace and
we can question the rules of the world. We can discard the bullshit rules or
brules and create whole new ways of functioning in the world. In transformational theory, we
call this operating from a sense of autonomy and operating
from a sense of authenticity. If the third ingredient that I spoke about
is turning your life into a masterpiece, that is being authentic to you,
living your life on your terms. Autonomy means that you
no longer seek to fit in. You no longer suppress who you are or
what you do or what you believe to fit in. You’re willing to stand for what you
feel that intuitive calling within is. This brings us to skill number five. It’s unity consciousness. And this is where it kind of gets
puzzling because autonomy is important. You want to be separate from the rules of
the world, but you also want to feel unity with other people and all life. When you feel unity, what
mystics often call the Samadhi experience, this feeling of
oneness that you get when you meditate, when you feel that, what happens is that
you can only move and make decisions towards a greater good. Unity consciousness is so important in
the world today, but so many folks, especially politicians, preach disunity. They get us to fear other people. They talk about building walls. Whenever you hear that,
know that that is a backward progression of consciousness. We are individuals but we,
as human beings, exist almost as a colony species. We need each other. And we got to think multiple generations
ahead in terms of the work we do, and ask ourselves, “Are we
making the world better off? Do we deeply care about each other? Are we operating from
unity consciousness?” This brings us to ability number six,
and this the ability to access altered states of consciousness, to get
into deep states of what people call mojo or flow, where you just move
through the world in maximum creativity. I’ve seen great artists do this. I’ve seen great writers do this. It just comes forth through you. But often, it has to do with being able
to access these altered states of mind. And finally, the seventh skill,
which I think is so important, is how to always ensure that in all
your relationships, it’s win-win. When we talk about conscious parenting,
when we talk about conscious uncoupling, it is so important that
everything is win-win, that you live life with no enemies. There is no one out there that you need
to hate or that you need to carry anger towards, or that
you still need to forgive. You can create a way of existence where
everybody who comes into your life becomes a win-win relationship. And win-win relationships
multiply each other. When you’re dating someone and
you’re part of a win-win relationship, it’s not one plus one equals two,
it’s one plus one equals a thousand. Win-win relationships change the dynamic
of how we exist as human beings. They multiply us. And that’s the seventh skill. When you put all seven of these together,
what you have is a pretty damn good framework for how we
can grow as individuals. Now, of course, there’s so many other
things you want to look at, right, from health to wellness, but
everyone knows about that stuff. I wanted to draw attention to these seven
things because these are new goals. These are new ways of looking
at the human experience. Most people don’t talk about them. To many companies, when they’re
investing in employee development, they don’t even look
at these seven things. But believe me, 10 to 15 years from now,
these seven things are going to be hot. Just like meditation was hardly known 20
years ago, today, 44% of the Fortune 100 have meditation classes
for their employees. So pay attention to these seven skills. And if you learn and you grow these skills
within you, you’re going to live life at a whole different level. If you like this video, check
out my upcoming masterclass on Mindvalley, where I’m going to go
deeper in how to develop these seven unique human abilities.

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61 thoughts on “7 Life Skills Your School Forgot to Teach You

  1. What was your favorite life lesson in this video? 🙏 We’d love to read your response below. Go deeper on how to integrate these unique 7 human abilities into your life by checking out Vishen’s free Masterclass today! 👉 https://go.mindvalley.com/-Quests

  2. If only YouTube was around back in my day, I definitely would’ve received a better education that what schools have taught me.


  4. 0/ Leading By Example~Willing to Love & Teach~ Thank-You, MUCH Love & Appreciation!! 💯 mikebonenation.com 💗🙏🏾🙋🏾‍♀️🤙🏾

  5. One thing I have come to realize in this lifetime is that as long as we are doing what we are passionate about and letting go of the people, places and things that no longer serve us, we are constantly reaching for higher frequencies and allowing them into our lives. This skill, when we really get into the flow of it = peace 99% of the time and heaven on earth. LITERALLY your birthright :). Much love 💯…

  6. "Bending reality" -_- No, hard work and limitations exist and you cannot change that, liar. Doesn't mean you can't be great, but it doesn't mean you can just remove reality either

  7. Mindvalley I'm sososososo in love with you ,months ago I was getting so depressed cause I was having an awakening in school as a teenager and just in the moment where I needed the most of ideas to blend my reality you all appear into my life,I'm so grateful and in love with this channel ,we're changing the world by cultivating selfawareness!!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

  8. Impeaching someone is literally teaching others to fear them lol you are such a hypocrite. To bad he wont be impeached because Senate wont vote yes in a million years they see that all of this is just a temper tantrum. If he has that big of a threat in liberal idiots eyes they would have sent the paperwork instantly. "There is nobody out there you need to hate" except literally the reason evil dems are doing this is from hate if you think they care about peoole you are the biggest fucking idiot in the planet…. they fixing rip babys apart from the place that should be the safest, all they care about is getting richer and more powerful

  9. 1) Bend Reality (Myth of lack and hard work)
    2) Intuition
    3) Living from purpose (Be unshakable and turn your life into Masterpiece)
    4) Stepping beyond the culture scape:
    -Brules( bullshit rules)
    -Operating from a sense of autonomy and authenticity
    5) Unity consciousness (Are we making the world better?)
    6) The ability to access altered states of consciousness
    7) Win/Win

  10. This is an ad for an ad. A very clever ad mind you. But this hour long 'Master Class' is nothing more than a clever infomercial. How can you preach kindness and unity within a cleverly designed ad. I might of actually purchased a Mindvalley course if it was advertised to me honestly, not in this veiled 'free course'.

  11. 1. Myth of hard work
    3.living from purpose
    4.stepping beyond the social rules
    5. Unity consciousness
    6. Ability to get into Altered state of consciousness
    7. Win/win

  12. 1. Teaching people how to bend reality (myth of lack & hard work is busted)
    2. Intuition (special skill and guiding voice)
    3. Living from Purpose (know why you're here)
    4. Stepping beyond the Culturescape (be authentic to you)
    5. Unity Consciousness (feeling of oneness moves us to greater good)
    6. The Ability to Access Alternate States of Consciousness
    7. Win/Win (Live life with no enemies) exponential growth through connections

    This is what I got from the video! Mahalo Nui Loa!!

  13. Thanks so much for the awesome video 🔥 This will definitely help me improve my Mindset, Business, and Life!! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

  14. Being a teacher in Australia and studying in the Indian education system I feel schools should focus more on building confidence, resilience, teach mindfulness and focus on the child's interests instead of academics or becoming just doctors and engineers.

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