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7 DIY Galaxy School Supplies / School Pranks And Life Hacks

An asteroid pencil sharpener, a rocket glue stick, modeling clay inside a planet
and a UFO pencil stand! Find out how to make school supplies
straight out of space in our new video! Stevie’s feeling paranoid. He’s sure that aliens are very near! They’re spying on him and preparing an invasion! Or maybe aliens are already among us
and they look like teachers! Stevie is terrified for a good reason! The aliens feel the threat coming from Stevie and quickly swap him for an alien clone! Now it’s humanoid S! He will be a good student! And he will introduce new space
school supplies into the school! For example, this little UFO for pencils! We will need two Styrofoam balls of different sizes. Cut them in half. We will use only two halves. Draw a circle on a piece of cardboard using compasses. Cut it out. Make identical holes on the surface
of the smaller half with the hot nozzle of a glue gun. Stick three wooden sticks
into the bigger piece so that it stands still. Attach the cardboard circle on top. And the smaller Styrofoam semi sphere. Color the piece with acrylic paint. Define UFO details. Attach colorful light clay balls
along the perimeter between Styrofoam and cardboard. Coat the Styrofoam with white glue. And sprinkle it with glitter. Stick crayons into the holes. An unidentified flying object
with crayons has landed right on the desk! Christy is amazed by her deskmate! Stevie’s not acting like himself! But the new crayon stand looks
so out of this world! Humanoid S refreshes his supernatural skills. He practices levitation
on a little asteroid without anyone noticing. Christy is surprised by her neighbor’s new hobby! If only she knew what’s inside this asteroid! Cover a pencil sharpener in light clay. Shape it like a ball. Free the hole for a pencil. Attach balls of clay to the surface. And press in each one in the center
using a stick making craters. Color the asteroid with acrylic paint. Paint the surface gold. And the craters darker bronze. Humanoid S is positive
that no one notices him playing! But his neighbor is not the only person
to see the unusual toy! Miss Olivia Cactus disciplines him! The toy has to be on the teacher’s desk!
Here you are! The asteroid flies to the teacher. Except that it’s not a toy! It’s a pencil sharpener! It turns out that aliens
need to sharpen their pencils too. You only have to find the right crater! Something mysterious is flying around the classroom. The radar shows a flying object! Is it Humanoid S’s rocketship? New alien technologies allow a rocket
to turn into anything! Does Christy need a glue stick right now?
Easy peasy! Cover a glue stick in light clay. Shape the cap into the tip of a rocket. Make the glue stick cylindrical. Attach wings to the sides. Add a window with acrylic paints. Color the rocket. Paint sections. Cut a burst of fire out
of a glittering soft foam sheet. Define the outline with acrylic paint. And attach it to the rocket. Humanoid S’s rocket is landing! It shrinks down so much that it’s pocket-sized. And it turns into a glue stick! What a handy invention! Christy attaches all the papers she needs
into her notebook at the speed of light! And Humanoid S quickly hides
his means of transport in his pocket! It will still come in handy! Christy gives notebooks to the teacher. Olivia Cactus finds an amazing
galaxy notebook in the stack. There’s the entire universe is on its cover! With a beautiful cosmic haze
that hides faraway stars! Hot glue gold metallic cardboard
to a hardcover notebook. Rub the cardboard with a wax candle. Apply a layer of acrylic paints on top. Paint it with space colors. Use a sponge. Turn the entire cover into a galaxy. This notebook is made at the galaxy factory and covered with special star dust! You can write both on the inside
and on the outside! Olivia Cactus creates
her own Milky Way on the cover! Our astronomy assignment
is to make the solar system out of clay! Let’s get started! The teacher gives everyone regular earthly clay! But humanoid S is not satisfied! He wants to make his home only out of space clay that he brought from a different planet! Coat an empty Play Doh container
with acrylic paint the color of space. Attach a printed label. Decorate it with stars. Put in modeling clay of three colors. Pink, blue and purple. Cut a Styrofoam ball in half. Scoop out a hole inside to fit the container. Put in the Play Doh. Close the ball. Cover the cut with light clay. Draw concentric circles on the ball. And color the rings you get with acrylic paints. Coat the borders of the strips with clear glue. Apply some glitter. Cut a wide ring out of thick cardboard. Paint Saturn’s rings. Cover them with glue and sprinkle glitter on top. Insert a few wooden sticks into the ball. Hot glue the ring to them. Humanoid S takes a whole planet
out of his backpack! How did he manage to sneak it into school? But that’s not all yet! He takes a jar of Play Doh out of the planet! It’s cosmic Play Doh of different colors! Christy likes the spectacular way
her neighbor presented his clay! Humanoid S is sure that his clay is the best! It will help create
the most natural looking planets! Humanoid S confesses that he came
from space for a scientific expedition! And his friends, space monsters, came with him! And even the humanoid decides to reveal
his true look to Christy! S mysteriously disappears and a yellow markeroid
appears on the desk instead! Draw an image of a space monster
on a piece of foam rubber sheet. Cut it out. And color the monster with acrylic paints. Define the outlines and details with a marker pen. Hot glue a soft foam sheet loop to the back. Put in a highlighter. Make a few monsters of different colors. Christy is astonished! Where did her neighbor go? Some monster appeared on the desk instead! Wow, it’s also a marker! Thank goodness that humanoid S turned
into something useful! He and his cute monsters must have flown
from a planet of school supplies! Miss Olivia asks the class
to open textbooks to a particular page. Christy doesn’t remember where she put her book! Thank goodness that Humanoid S left his textbook! And he indicated
all the important topics with bookmarks! Draw a galaxy on a piece of paper. Paint it. And cut the paper into identical strips. Trace the planet following a template
on PS food plastic. Cut it out. Make a few space pieces. Bake it for one and a half minute
in an oven at 230 °F. The plastic shrinks evenly
and you get a smaller copy of the planet. Color the planets with acrylic paints. Define the details with a pen marker. Attach the plastic pieces to the bookmarks. Christy solves this space mystery! If you put all the book marks together, then you will get a map of a galaxy. You can use it to easily find
Humanoid S’s home planet! So it means that our cosmic adventures
are to be continued! Did you like our space school supplies? Then write in the comments which galaxy
school supplies you will bring to school next time! And don’t forget to give this video a thumbs-up, subscribe to our channel, and click the bell so that you don’t miss new space ideas on Troom Troom!

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