6 TEACHER & STUDENT Life Hacks | #Fashion #Beauty #Fun #Anaysa
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6 TEACHER & STUDENT Life Hacks | #Fashion #Beauty #Fun #Anaysa

I’ll show you how it works you can tie this pillow like this and you can sit comfortably on your chair a video on DIY queen coming soon how to make this pillow feeling so comfortable how did you make it?? once upon a time surely I’ll fail I study nothing me too… I’ve an hack through which paper will get cancelled When I’ll cough up in the classroom then you all will move your chair vigorously so what happen then?? Teacher will feel it as an earthquack….and will ask to run We will hold the paper…… and Run And paper cancel Inform everyone in the morning Yes! So as it is exam ….So, please Don’t do cheating Got it! Want to revise……Can do….But it’s useless…oky It’s earthquack…. Sir… it’s earth quack Hey you come here Oho! New ear rings During earth quack even teacher’s table shake Understood or not? Go and sit there Sir, I have taught my hacks even to my girls Okay Children…..Show him No more styles in classroom from tomorrow No pony tail, No open hair, No Hair gel and spikes Only two braids and center partition is compulsory If won’t listen will take action against it Hey You Principal! Now fine Song…..Tumhe jo mane dekha….Tumhe jo mane jana…. Jo hosh tha…. Wo to gaya….. Oh! play the original track…… This one doesn’t suits on my hairs Oh Ma’am original song means challenging copyrighted Wow Ma’am what a soft and silky hairs you have got Ma’am ours are getting damaged and even they have announced that two braids is cumpulsion If you would have as manageable as your’s we won’t have problem then I know what she do After bath She apply parachute aloe vera Yes Exactly! Coconut and aloe Vera is very beneficial for hairs So you all must try My sister even do the same She also have soft and silky hair At least soft and silky hair…… One Minute……What did you said? I told….something is going between Srivastava sir and Aapte Ma’am Please leave….Someone will see You held my saree…..oh! I felt so lovely That means you too….. Oh! Aapte Ma’am I heard some kind of noise It got stuck and damaged I will teach you how to fix saree with the safety pin And your saree will never get damaged again Let me show you the demo Take your pin Now fix two beads before inserting the pin hold the saree and blouse together And then fix two more beads at the closing end It will keep your saree secured One more thing ma’am…. Motwani ma’am’s saree use to stuck to Srivastava sir number of times Sir my phone got wet No problem… You haven’t on it Right? Yes sir…..please check it Do you have rice at home? Go and get it fast never put your phone in on mode if gets dipped in water Then remove out it’s battery, sim ,memory card and all the accessories Then dip the phone inside dry rice and leave for up to eight hours So that rice absorbs the moisture Let’s check the battery leakage But why curry taste coming from it? Oh! Sir actually the phone get into the shit Oh! sir you even too did shit….. My blouse Ma’am please protect me ma’am look he split ink on my blouse I have my performance…..Now from where i will get the blouse? You move….I am coming Hey you did this right? But why? It’s My style ma’am And this is My style You are Lucky that I have crop top But what is the use of it? You just go and change Wow ma’am so nice hack This one is much more comfortable then blouse Now I feel I will only win the competetion See Crop top replaced the blouse If don’t have crop top then can use any white off-shoulder shirt Or even can make knot will look very pretty Have to get ready very nicely….as it is Teacher’s Day tomorrow But has to wear heels too But how to manage it whole day? What about you? Same here Even I have to do all the arrangements Will have to stand the whole day But will have to wear heels too So, children Happy Teachers Day Yes Ma’am Same to you Ma’am are you comfortable in heels? Oh! It’s like Miracle Mummy it was Miracle…..to stand comfortably entire day on heels I will tell you…you got pain due to heel But her pain was in heart Whole night she massaged you legs Then used foam as a flap in your heels Today I realized That Mother is similar to theTeacher Happy Teachers Day Mom Not Only one who teaches us is a teacher Every one who share even the smallest thing is also a teacher Do share in comments that who is your favorite Teacher And one of their small weird talk

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  3. Yes you are right mom bhi ek teacher ki tarah hi hoti hai. ALLAH pak hum sab ke ammi ka saaya hamare saaro par qaeem o daeem rakhe. AMEEN

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