50 Back To School Life Hacks Everyone Should Know!!
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50 Back To School Life Hacks Everyone Should Know!!

🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Hey guys, it’s Wengie! Welcome back to my channel, welcome if you’re new, and I’m coming in for a hug, okay, here we go, ah, nice, and tight! 🤚 So you’ve been asking me to do back-to-school videos, every single previous video, and I know it’s a little bit late because I think everyone’s been back-to-school videos, I’m probably the last one, ya, that is, that is me, I had so much fun, putting together fifty back-to-school life hacks, I didn’t even know if fifty existed, but I found so many awesome ones, and perhaps, these hacks will make it so much more fun to go back to school!🏫📹🏫 📹 Wengie: I have not been in school for a long time, ssh, don’t, don’t tell anyone, hold up if you guys aren’t part of my family already, I encourage you guys to join, this morning, I woke up, and I realised we hit two million family members on this channel, can’t even imagine two million people, one, two, nah, every single one, I love you guys, you guys are amazing, uh, so many feels right now, so to thank you guys, every single one, that is subscribed to my channel, are entered in the Mac – Book Air giveaway, of your choice, rose gold, that will be drawn on August 21st! 🏫 👫 ❤️ 💻 Wengie: I thought I’d give back by doing more giveaways, so, for those you guys, that aren’t my Instagram followers, or you go, and follow me right now, I’m gonna be giving you guys $250 to spend in any of your favourite online store, want to follow me on Twitter, or want to follow me now, you guys can win one of the two back-to-school supply packs, that I put together personally, it is so cute, and for those, who follow my vlog channel, I am going to be putting together a $250 make – up pack, for you guys, good luck, if you guys want bonus entries, there is a link down below, so check it out! 💵 🏫 💵⬇️ Wengie: Let’s get this video to fifty thousand thumbs up, because we are doing fifty hacks, fifty thousand seems appropriate, that would be amazing, I appreciate every single thumbs up you guys give me! 5️⃣0️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣👍⬆️ 👍⬆️ Wengie: And without further ado, let’s jump straight to the video, and if you guys stay until the end, like you guys are amazing, let’s go! 👉 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: For a super convenient To – Do list, stick a bunch of Post-It notes onto a board, and that way, when you’re done, you can rip it off, and have a fresh To – Do list every day, the bonus is that they’re all sticky, so you can stick them around to remind you, so you don’t forget to do this! 🏷 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: When you start a new subject, try leaving the first couple of pages blank in your notebook, so that you can go back, and add a table of contents later, for a better note finding when you need to study for your exams! 📓 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: I love writing in black ink, but actually, it’s easier to remember things when it’s written in blue ink, so write your notes you need to study for in blue ink! 🖤🖊 💙🖊 💙🖊 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you have a bunch of notebooks, they seriously look all the same from the top, so you can try colouring the top corner of each notebook, so you always know which subject when you’re looking in your bag! 📕📗📘 🛍 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you’re writing an essay, and you’re done, but you’re like a couple of words away from the word count, and that is like so frustrating, instead of going, in, and like making some sentences longer, you can actually add a few extra words at the end of your paragraphs, and then, highlight them to turn them into white text, that way, the word count is going to be more, but you can’t actually see it, but do this at your own risk, guys, because I don’t think you guys should do this for like large chunks of words, I just thought it was really cool to share though! 📑 📃 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If your essay is too long, you can actually try adding white dashes between your words to lessen the word count as well, and again, use this at your own risk! 📃 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: To make your essay look visibly longer, try getting all the full stops, and changing them to a larger font size, it actually works! 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: When you do like your spell check, and it comes with ‘Revise fragment’, I actually never know that this is, apparently, all you need to do is add a semi – colon, somewhere in the sentence, I don’t know where, but I know it’s a semi – colon! ‘;’📃 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you want a nifty folder organiser, try using a dish – washer rack, there is also space to like put your pencil tins as well at the front, so I think that’s super cool! ✏️ 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Instead of searching information on Google, try using scholar, google.com, for much better educational resources, not just like random blog posts!📃 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you’re stuck on finding references for a certain topic, or anything, try picking one amazing book, go to bibliography, and you can find another books, and sources, you can use as well! 📃 📚 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you have a quote from a book, that you want to use, but you don’t know the page number for your citations, you can actually try searching for it in Google Books, and it will actually tell you what page it’s come from; this is way better than just like flipping through the book, forever, trying to find it! 📃 📗 📘 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you’re reading a lot on your computer, it can get so tiring, so you can actually use the speech function on your computer, to help you out, and on the Mac, all you need to do is right click ➡️ ‘Speech’ ➡️’ Start speaking,’ you can also do this for essays to check if you have any errors in them, as a way of proof – reading after you finish writing them! 🔉🖥✏️ (Noise) 💬 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Do you need a whiteboard, but don’t have one? Try using a picture frame, you can use a white – board marker, write on that, and it’s perfect, and it could even be prettier! 🖊 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you don’t know how to solve a maths equation, an you want someone to teach you, but you don’t have a tutor, try using wolframalpha.com, and mathway.com, they can pretty much solve, and explain any equation for you, like I was mind – blown at the amount of stuff they had at these sites, so try that! 📃 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: To remember the decimals of Pi, just count the letters in the sentence ‘ May I have a large container of coffee?’, which is actually 3.1415926, which is Pi, I can now remember it, this blew my mind, guys, this is amazing! 👍 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you have smelly shoes after gym class, and let’s be real, we all get smelly shoes, I don’t think it’s an if, try taking two tea – bag, and put them in your shoes before you pack them away, that way, they won’t smell up in your locker, or your bag, you’re welcome! 👟 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you run out of deodorant, try using hand sanitiser, on your armpits instead, the smell is actually caused by bacteria, mixed with sweat, so if you don’t have as much bacteria on your skin, it’s less likely to smell! ♨️ 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: The other thing you can do is rub lime juice until it’s dry, and this also keeps the smell away by increasing the PH level of your skin, to the point where bacteria can’t even breathe there, so, yeah, that’s another hack! 🍹 ♨️ 🎵*Music playing* Wengie: A really great idea is to assemble an emergency kit, and kept in your bag, you can put pads, band – aids, lip balm, comb, hair ties, deodorant, and like anything else you want to keep in your bag, for emergency touch – ups, like I would put eyeliner, and concealer in there, as well, and you’ll be ready for any situations! 🔓 🎵*Music playing* 🎵 If you have deodorant, but need to remove nail polish, you can actually use the deodorant to remove your chipped nail polish, which is really cool! 🔎 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Deodorant is also a great thing to use as an emergency itchy bite soother, if you have a bug bite, or something, because the alcohol content in it can actually disinfect, and soothes the bite, and while I was filming this, this dog kept coming up to me, and dropping his ball, and saying like’ Please throw it, please throw it,’ so yeah, I had to throw it for him, it was so much fun! 🐶 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Also, if you accidentally get Sharpie stains on your hand, like seriously, it is way more common than you think, you can actually remove it with nail polish remover, and a cotton ball! 🎈 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: You know sometimes when you write an essay, and you’re always repeating the same adjective, or verb, you want a bit more writing, you can actually use wordhippo.com to find a similar alternative, or like opposite verbs, and adjectives, so it sounds more interesting! 🔎 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: The word ‘affect’, or ‘effect’ in a sentence, like I always get these confused, try using the word ‘impact’ instead, and you’ll never get it wrong! 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: This is an interesting one, blowing on your thumb apparently makes you feel less nervous when you’re about to give a presentation, like I’ve never tried this before, let me know if this works, maybe it’s a life – saver! 👍 📃 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you need to use palm cards for your presentation, actually try changing the text colour, between every line, this way, it’ll make so much easier to read when you’re standing up there, you’re like super nervous! 📃🕴 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you’re driving home, and you think someone’s following you, take four right turns, so that you go in a circle, and if they’re still behind you, they’re following you, that happens, stop, and then, call someone, that you know, or drive to a super public place, wait there until they leave, or drive to a police station! 🏚 ⭕️ 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: You’ve sealed an envelope, but you forgotten to put something inside, instead of ripping it open, try placing it in the fridge, you can put whatever you put inside, and then, seal it again! ✉️ 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Apparently, you also remember things better when you say it aloud, so maybe, try doing that next time, studying, ‘Unicorns are a horse with a horn, they have wings!’ 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you ever accidentally closed an important tab like for studying, or a YouTube video, try pressing control + shift + T, and it will re – open your last closed tab! 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you have a bunch of things to delete, instead of going like one time at a time at the delete button, and it taking forever, try using control + backspace to delete the whole word at one time, on a Mac, you can actually use control + delete for one word, or command + delete for a whole line! 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Also, there are apps like keepmeout!, you can use on your computer, to stop you from procastinating because it’ll basically block you from websites, that distract you like YouTube, watching videos, FaceBook, you know the drill, this is also if you have absolutely no self – control! 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie:Textbooks are expensive, try renting instead, Zookal is amazing for university textbooks, you can try your luck at the library, but that has never worked for me, because I never found a free textbook in the library! 📘 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Did you know that mints can actually help you reduce headaches, and increase concentration? So, keep some in your suitcase, or your bag, at all times! 🍡 🛍 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Also, eating ten to twelve almonds gives you the same effect, as having a spearmint when it comes for headaches, but almonds taste way better! 🍡🥜 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Also, did you know grape juice is really great at curing migraines? So, try pouring some into your drink bottle, and taking it with you, so in case, you get a migraine, you can drink some, and you’ll feel much better! 🍹 🎵*Music playing* 🎵 Wengie: To save battery, and embarrassment of a surprise while you’re like in the library, or in class, or you get completely distracted uploading snaps, don’t forget to add me on Snapchat, if you haven’t already, probably turn on airplane mode, so you don’t get distracted! ✈️ 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Help your phone last, longer during school, try checking which apps use the most battery, by going to settings, and battery, you can see there’s like any apps, that secretly reducing your battery time, it may surprise you, and then, close them! 🔋 🎵*Music playing* 🎵 Wengie: Another thing you can do to preserve battery, and data, is turn off background refresh, which apparently updates your apps while your phone is on, without even you knowing, this is why your phone may be like is clocking off earlier than you expect, or you may be using more data than you remember using!🔋 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Another thing draining your battery on your phone, are location services, plus, if you have it on while you post on social media, people can literally stalk you, it’s so scary, so, turn them off when you don’t need them! 🔋🗾 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: When you’re sharing earphones with your friends, turns out onto mono audio, so that you guys are both getting the same sound, instead of each of you getting one side of the sound, which sounds really weird when you’re listening to songs! 🔊 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Another awesome hack is to use an empty mint container for an earbud case, to keep from tangling up in your bag, it’s also really, really cute! 🛍 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you wanna use your phone as a video player, while you’re eating lunch, or for a break, try using your sunglasses to stand up your phone, otherwise, you can use two pull clips, and bend one hand back, then, flip the one you’ve bent back over, and then, clip the other one over the big bulky bit, and, that is your custom DIY phone stand, and you can just watch videos while you eat your lunch, perfect! 📎🖇📱 📹🍽 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Make your laptop battery last, turn down your screen brightness, and use power saving mode!💻 🔋 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: You can also use the one tab extension on Chrome, to grey the tabs you’re not using, that will save you more battery, as well! 🔋 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Eat any sandwich while you’re In a rush, try rolling it up before you eat it for some reason, it just makes it so much easier to eat! 🍞 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: To keep apples from going brown during the day, try cutting up them, soak them in two tablespoons of honey, and one cup of water for a couple of minutes, and then, typing them with an elastic band, and that way, when you snack on them during the day, they’re not going to be brown, and, this is what the apples look like after about six hours, the one dipped in honey, is obviously so much whiter, and, the other one has just gone this really, really ugly brown, so, it does work, guys, it is amazing! 🍏🔪2️⃣🥄🚰🍏🍯 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: I love oranges, but, when I try, and take them out to snack on, they actually make a huge mess in my bag because all the juices, and everything, here’s a great way to eat them, just cut the top, and bottom off, and slice down the side, and, that way, when you’re ready to eat them, you just open them up, it’s much less messy, you don’t get it In your face, and there’s not juice everywhere! 🍊 🛍`🔪 🍹 🎵Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you constantly feel tired after you wake up in the morning, even though you’ve had enough sleep, try drinking more water when you wake up, you actually may be dehydrated, instead of sleep – deprived, and I didn’t know this, so I’ve been trying to drink more water in the morning! 🚰 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: If you guys are watching this now, I want to give you guys a big shout – out because you guys are amazing, I can’t wait to see your bright, and beautiful faces next week, and until then, I will see you guys on my vlog, on my socials, or follow me, I’m everywhere, bye, love you!

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