5 Tips for New College Students with Disabilities
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5 Tips for New College Students with Disabilities

Top 5 tips for new college students with disabilities
Brought to you by AHEAD, Association for Higher Education Access & Disability
Tip one – Sign up for support! Make contact with the Disability or Access Officer as soon as or even before you register. These are the
people who organise supports & accommodations like assistive technology, note taking services
or extra time in examinations. They will ask you for medical documentation to verify your
disability, then carry out a needs assessment and put the required supports in place.
Tip 2 – Know your college! Attend your induction week as this is a great way of finding out
about your course & the various student services available to you. Perhaps arrange an orientation
via the Disability Support Service. Colleges can be extremely busy and crowded places so
it’s good to familiarise yourself with routes to library, lecture rooms and canteen before
term starts. Tip 3 – Get involved! Don’t be shy; college
life is not just about academia, it’s also about making new friends. Attend events during
fresher’s week and join clubs and societies – it’s a great way to meet people who
share your interests. Tip 4 – Read the Rules. Understand your college’s
rules & guidelines on writing assignments and what is meant by plagiarism. For help
putting together assignments, why not get ‘Building an Argument’, AHEAD’s easy
step by step guide to writing academic assignments for just €5 from our online shop.
Tip 5 – Ask for Help. If you are having problems adapting to college life, there are a range
of services and information points inside and outside of college which are there to
help, so use them! AHEAD has an information helpline so if you are having problems accessing
disability support, why not contact us. That’s our top 5 tips for new college students
with disabilities. All that’s left to say is “Enjoy it!”

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