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5 Things You Should NEVER Say To Rich People – School Of Affluence

There are 5 things I would advise not to say to rich people. Especially if you want to be on their level without giving aways any of your authority. Some of the things I’m going to mention people
actually say all the time. But if you want to learn blend in with the
rich, you want to feel comfortable around them while at the same time be the likeable woman,
there are a few things you should think about. Number one. Don’t ask rich people: “So, what do you do?” It’s actually against etiquette to ask people
directly what they work with. It’s intrusive and, specially with rich people,
you know that they are doing quite well in life and sometimes when you ask them what
they’re doing you come across as an opportunistic person rather than somebody who is just doing
small talk. I guess it’s because rich people are always
on the watch out for people who are there in order to take advantage of them or have
some hidden agenda. They are a little bit more paranoid than “average
Joes”, which is why you should think about the types of topics you bring out when you
start talking to a rich person. They have their own kind of red flag alert
system whenever certain topics are arising and talking for instance a lot about work,
what somebody does and really getting into the investigation of it that doesn’t send out the right signals. And you don’t want to do that. But if you want to find out what somebody
does for a living, there are just other more elegant ways around it. Number one: BE PATIENT. The more you talk to a person, sooner or later
you are going to find out what the person works with. You can also stimulate the conversation by talking
about your own line of work, by trying to make a person open up more, maybe discuss
some business related topics. If there is an opportunity for it, always
ask for the person’s business card. There you will have a company listed, their
position. If none of them are listed, that is usually
a warning sign! If you really have to ask somebody, then there
is a better way to ask instead of the usual “What do you do?”. Ask them “What industry are you in?”. Because that give them the room, they can
decide how much they want to reveal and you are not being intrusive, not too direct, and
you are simply doing a low-key type of investigation. If you show rich people you are not fishing
for their title, you are not investigating who they are and what they do that is going
to be a big plus for you. Because they will start building trust for
you and with their trust you will reap a lot of benefits in the future. Number two: DON’T TRY TO IMPRESS. Never say things just to impress the rich,
to pretend you’re on the same level. Like I mentioned, because rich people hold
the wealth, the status, or the high position they are used to having people around them
trying very hard to impress them. But did you know that you look extremely insecure
when you are trying too hard! Rich people will know you are nobody when
you are trying very hard to play somebody. So while they are talking to you and if they
are polite and friendly, it doesn’t usually mean anything. Most often they have already placed you in
a category in their head meaning that you are not part of them and perhaps never going
to be on their level. Now I know we all might have interesting things
that have happened in the past, maybe we have a few milestones we wouldn’t mind to showcase
a bit, we have perhaps an interesting life CV that’s great! But it doesn’t mean that the whole world has
to know about it. There isn’t a perfect balance how much you
can reveal about yourself and put yourself in a positive light without coming across
as trying too hard. It’s about finding that perfect balance. I would say as a general rule do not try name
places you’ve been to, or name people you know, or things you have acquired. Make sure that this information riches them
in a an organic or alternative way. The best way is to have somebody talk about
you in a positive light. That is the best way if you want to impress
somebody and take note of your accomplishments. You don’t want to be the one who walks up
to somebody and do monologue “I’ve done this and this, and I’m so good!”. It pushes people away. This is a general rule but especially with
rich people they are used to have this type of approach when people are desperate and
try too hard to impress them. You don’t want to fall into that group. Take my advice: stay modest and be discreet. And maybe team up with the friends who can
speak highly about you. Number three: DON’T ASK ABOUT THEIR MONEY. Don’t be curious about rich person’s money
or possessions. Obvious one, right! Ladies, let me tell you one thing! Do you know how many times in high society
I’ve come across women, and few men too, when people start asking such direct and awkward
questions like “Do you have a yacht?”, “What car do you drive?” “Are you on the Forbes list?” I’ve heard all kinds of bizzare variations
and I know that some say it as a joke but you know that it’s not. They do want to know that. It’s not okay to be an investigator when you
are snooping around and trying to gather as much information as possible. The point is not to gather information but
to get to know a person naturally and build a relationship. We might be curious and we might want certain
answers but we have to stay patient, put this aside and never show our curiosity. There is another variation I forgot to mention,
this one, it’s so bad “I have a yacht, what about you?” When people want to find out answers in a
kind of “non-direct” way. That doesn’t work either. You see through it immidiately. Number four: DON’T TALK ABOUT YOUR MONEY. Never talk about your own money or possessions
in a negative way. This is an interesting variation because I
wasn’t going to tell you how you shouldn’t brag about about your money or your possessions
because this is obvious. Even talking negatively about your financial
situation is a very taboo topic that should be avoided with people that you don’t know. Rich people have red flags alerts, so if you start bringing up your own money, complaining, they might think that you are
fishing for something. Perhaps you know they are better off than
you are, so you are finishing for some help from them. That doesn’t mean that you can never talk negatively
about your financial situation, no. There is a big exception to this rule but
I talk about it in great detail in my online course the 7-step formula to high society but as a standard rule do not tell a rich person that you are broke, or out of money, or you
can’t afford this, or you complain that things are so expensive and you can’t afford it. It’s uncomfortable. It’s awkward. You are just sending off the wrong impression
and honestly talking about finances to a person you don’t know, it is a general no go rule. Number five: DON’T SAY: “NICE TO MEET YOU”. This might be a bit of a petty remark because this
is used by everyone and everywhere. When you say “nice to meet you” when you get
introduced to someone or you shake hands you come across as a bit submissive, kind of middle
class style. Like you are trying very hard to be polite,
nice, to be liked and that gives away your authority. When you give away your authority, you are
signaling that you are not on the same level as the rich. There is nothing wrong with being nice and
polite and I’m not advising you to stop being that, but there is different variation you
can start using. A variation that is used by old money and
upper class, they don’t say “nice to meet you”. They say “How do you do?” It’s polite, formal, very neutral, and at
the same time it’s confident and you are not giving away your authority by any form of submissive tone in the phrase. This will make you sound refined and educated and that you’re part of a certain level of people. That was it for me, ladies. Don’t forget to watch my next video!

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100 thoughts on “5 Things You Should NEVER Say To Rich People – School Of Affluence

  1. It is worth pointing out that "How do you do" is a statement, not a question. In England, if someone says "How do you do", never ever reply by telling them how you are. You simply reply with "How do you do". Also, avoid pronouncing it with a raised inflection at the end like you would if it had a question mark. There is no question mark with "how do you do" so it is important to lower your inflection. It is easier to do this if you practice a little nod of the head as you say it.

  2. Words like "you are a nobody" and " you probably never gonna be on their level". Very rude. Rich or poor, no one is a nobody.

  3. It’s actually interesting when rich people are just talking like regular people, without implying any superiority out of them being rich. These things — I know they’re to snag wealthy men, but at the same time, do you just please them every time? What about the real you? You can’t keep the act forever. Soon enough, after everything, it’s either he accepts you or leaves you with the paycheck — if that’s what you’re on. To each his own.

  4. Hate thirst people, opportunist and bottom feeders. I resigned from my job and literally over 20 people was asking me direct questions, I never told them where I was going to keep them off base I said another industry. So many nosey and opportunities.

    Great video, I am dealing with alot of sales people and this is everything for them. Thank you for this video

  5. I'm not rich but I feel annoyed if someone ask me question about my life special people's I dont know long time. My answer will be oh well this is lil privacy! Leave the table 👆

  6. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜Love your tips girl! This is so helpful! Thanks for sharing!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  7. To say " how do you do" these days you'd definitely be sounding fake. It's so archaic it sounds as if you've been reading a 1950s etiquette book for the landed gentry!! 😂

  8. Part of having a normal convo with someone to get to know them and possibly be in a relationship with them is asking what it is that they do.I ask and have been asked what I do in all my relationships. It’s normal and not disrespectful in any way. Rich people are people like everybody else so why should we be fake and not ourselves to impress somebody else that probably sees you as a peasant anyways. Even if it’s just meeting this person and making convo asking the question of what do you do is normal. The only people I can think getting mad at this is someone who is either prostituting or doing illegal work lol

  9. I enjoyed your video. I agree etiquette is important and shows good manners. It seems in this day and age, lack of civility is so prevalent so being around kind and joyful people is enjoyable. I’ve been blessed and fortunate to live an extremely comfortable life. I have a wealthy circle of friends and they are not as stiff and stuffy as you portray them. I have found some wealthy people to be rude and crude. Quite frankly ,being around normal, average, unpretentious people ,more fun than being on a Yacht . Kindness and love should be extended to all people regardless of their financial statue.

  10. I'm glad that you covered the question of not asking someone what they do for a living. I get this asked all the time and I'm sick of it. I'm to the point of just ignoring the question.

  11. What she is saying is true. HOWEVER, I am rich, most people know what “I do” before I go into their city, none the less the function I’m attending. She is on point. I use to not have money. When I gained wealth I could sense when people were trying to hard. It would upset me not because I am better, but because I wanted to be treated just like anyone else.

  12. What if after I say “How do you do?” The person starts telling me how their day has been…. that’s just awkward.

  13. People are people. Rich or upper class,middle class or low class,human beings are human beings. Who cares?

  14. Using 'how do you do' would be at the beginning of the conversation as you greet the person.. but in my experience the phrase 'nice to meet you' can often be used at the end of the conversation when you are saying goodbye to someone you have met for the first time… In this instance (as a form of farewell) how would one replace 'was nice meeting you'?

  15. Honestly rich people dont really talk any different they talk however they want. Money doesnt buy class. Example i know a neighborhood billionaire who enjoys 2 star bars and he pays everyone in the room to shut up so he can be the lousest guy. He tells jokes tthat make people uncomfortable. Wherever he goes all eyes are on him in an uncomfortable way. dont think it takes social skills for some people to become wealthy at all

  16. Oh, I would feel so out of place around a room of rich people because I would never think of myself as a lower class person for one. #2 I could care less what the person does or how rich they are. #3 They would come and start a conversation with me, not the other way around. I would be polite, of course, but I'm not lowering my self esteem for nobody ❤

  17. How do you know a person is extremely rich? If you think you know, they are not rich. Truly rich people do not appear rich. Only nouveau rich do.

  18. I would avoid using the word “rich.” It would be preferential to say “affluent” or “wealthy.” Instead, I would title this lesson, “5 Things You Should Never Say to Affluent People.”

  19. I think your points are not only applicable when dealing with the elites. I myself dislike someone questioning my personal life and often walk out away from uncomfortable/awkward situation. Overall, I like your points. It kinda enhance interpersonal skills.

  20. Wow..this video was such an eye-opener..you enlightened me so much!I also want to ask do we also avoid guys who ask first question such as do you do job?

  21. Asking people what they do here in the states happens far more than it should since it should not be! Your advice is spot on especially since (in my experience) the people who often ask this are not usually well educated or educated at all. I prefer the question what industry are you in. Not only does it offer the flexibility in terms of responding, it also weeds out the people who simply cannot answer the question. Thank you 🙏🏾. So happy to have found you and I’ve officially subscribed.

  22. Yikes! I've been guilty of making a fool of myself at least 3x and it's so embarrassing…. I am determined to be low key because I wasn't trying to impress them per say but I was trying to hard to be friendly…. nope. I'm done with that. Thank you for sharing this.

  23. I feel totally naive now because when people ask what I do for a living or when i asked them it was with the intent of genuinely wanting to know what they do to see if we have something in common or similar interests…. )':

  24. Anna is such an inspiration and I am loving this channel. Though, I think it would be nerve-wracking to meet her as it would feel as though she is critiquing your every gesture and word.

  25. I take into account both spectrums of this topic. The spectrum being this “High End Society entity” and what this classy lady is teaching.

    There are as many good rich people as there are bad. Same with the poor, the middle-class, Latino, black, white, blue etc.

    At the end of the day, humans have evolved and here we are, in a world divided into classes everywhere you go. Different groups have different dynamics. This is one of them. This woman lives and breathes this life, she understands, she knows what these people say and how they think. And she’s taking time out to share their perspective. Yes, it’s ridiculous to some of us. I personally treat everyone equally. We are all so unique, with such personal experiences to share and have something to teach everyone and vise versa.

    We don’t have to agree with everything

    I was conflicted last night listening to one of her videos. How it’s not classy to wear gym clothes to the airport. Like what??? What else am I supposed to wear? I’m not flying over 24 hours in anything but tights for some snobs to think I’m classy 😂 and I was butt hurt. I was rethinking my whole outfit. But no, it’s my life. My experience. I take what is right for me from these videos. Maybe I’ll learn a thing or 2. I respect her perspective and won’t allow it to disturb my self respect. Still wearing gym clothes to the airport and Ill look classy doing it 😂


  26. When I lived in Latin America and America I always asked people "what industry are you in?" Because I didn't want to sound nosy. But after I moved to London I'm always being asked this question by complete strangers and it used to make me uncomfortable. But after a while, since everybody here- this is the first thing they ask you, I started seeing it as normal and now I'm the one asking. Then I saw this video and realised I had more manners when I lived in Latin America.
    Next time some random guy asks me what I do, I'll just tell him: "I do what I have to do".

  27. So the rich really are different. I find this extremely pretentious. If a rich person is going to judge me in such a way. I don't want to know them. Most of these things are rude among us poor folks too. Modesty and minding your own business is also big among us lower people.

  28. I have never liked the statement ‘wat do u do?’ Completely throws me off. A gal I met at a formal Jewish event straightforwardly asked me this question, which left me startled. She seemed offended I didn’t want to answer her question but it was off putting to say the least. All great points. We should definitely thrive to stay away from this question altogether. Next is ‘where are you from?’ It comes across quite judgmental. Try what ethnicity are you instead

  29. Omg! Give away your authority!
    This is what is all about… U easily point out how average ppl might be insecure around rich ones and how that "happen just naturally"… Thumbs up👍👍👍

  30. This video feels wrong on so many levels. If I am not rich, I’m a nobody. The presenter sounds sycophantic and obsequious.

  31. What does it say about people if being middle class "polite" and saying "nice to meet you," is perceived as "giving up your authority," and essentially labeling you irrelevant because you "gave up" your authority with a simple phrase. In the American West, they'd say "Howdy" – it's likely a shortened version of "how do you do?"

  32. If rich people don’t like being asked what they do or where they get their money, they need to quit running for office.

  33. The sad and horrible truth is "What do you do?" Is a direct question asked by people to determine how
    Much respect they are going to give you.

  34. High society exists whether you want to acknowledge it or not. You don’t have to ever choose to be friends with rich people that follow a certain etiquette if you don’t want to, but it doesn’t hurt to understand it. Everyone has different jobs and social scenes that require different skills and these videos can be very helpful for some!

  35. It's a red flag of bad manners if someone you just met asks you what do you do. Change the subject to the weather, the event you're at, then excuse yourself. It will get more prying from there.
    There are plenty of things to discuss in casual conversation to size each other up that are nutural.

  36. Funny thing here I’m… let’s just say blessed and I don’t find some of these inappropriate comments but I do think that it doesn’t matter how much money a person has you talk to everyone politely and classy no matter what there “status” is wether they be homeless or wealthy, but I’m not going to lie some of these were very true, anyway enjoyed watching.

  37. Now I understand why shouldn't ask what do you do. Because I am retired from working and I don't feel comfortable when people ask me that question. I don't want to make them think I am showing off.

  38. I always thought it sounded rude when I ask "what do you do" but it never feels rude when others do it to me… And people always ask, so I figured I should start

  39. This just sounds like general common sense. You'd never ask anyone how much they make or dig into their finances its rude. Bottom line treat everyone equally and with respect.

  40. I hate it when people ask right off the bat if I have kids. I loathe that question. If you ask that question of strangers, please stop. It is so uncomfortable to have to say no. Then they always feel awkward and say something stupid in response. One woman offered to give me one of hers. Cringe.

  41. My mother always said you open with someone say , hello ! How are you ? You cannot believe what people tell you . She was the miss manners and pounded them in . 😁

  42. All I'm thinking when I watch this is: Dress like this to attract a very wealthy man who will give you free reign on his CC and home. This is a great tutorial on how to act to find a sugar daddy.

  43. Being rich does not apply only to money or having multiple bussiness
    You can be rich in love beauty happiness being wise smart you name it
    Money is just one of them and I know people who manage a lot of money and they are miserable not educated and umcomtable to deal with not saying all people who manage a lot of money are not great people
    Love yourself and don't think anyone is better than you or that you have to feel walking on eggshells when you talk to someone that manage a lot of money and not talking bad about money it is great tool and everyone should know the we are the real money so feel rich as much as you want and you'll be surprise put your attention in yourself and love yourself be yourself

  44. I'm SO glad I'm not too stuck up to say "Nice to meet You." That nasty air of superiority stinks SOOO Bad(ly)!!! YIKES.. I was always taught 'noblesse oblige'. Be warm and kind to one and all…that's true class…not being stuck up. You're just proving what a waste of oxygen you are. Wealth gives one leisure time…time that can be devoted to volunteer work. Put on your sneakers n' yoga pants, a T-shirt and do something useful, everybody!

  45. The wealthy I've met have generally been much warmer and kinder…..if wealth doesn't absolutely define you…..if it's only a small part of who you are, you won't have to be so offensively cold. Extremely rude.

  46. You are so refreshing. Love it how you could definitely antagonize the masses, but you are just being so calm and compose with your royal bitchiness, which is admirable.

  47. I think what a person says and how he or she behaves really shows education and background. People can tell immediately when these things are part of you because you behave in a right way naturally, rather than learned it somewhere and try to pretend you grew up with these. But I guess it is still useful to learn this course cause these rules aren’t just for women wanting to meet rich men, these are correct social behaviour for anyone anywhere.

  48. Wow! I'm not a rich person, yet. But other and me do "How do you do".
    Just like normal person, no need to be rich or wait until you rich to do so.

  49. "Rich people will know you are a nobody" – honestly rich people would be absolutely nowhere without those "nobodies", it's not like you take care of your own trash or grow your own food. Everyone deserves respect and calling someone a nobody is not "elegant" or appropriate no matter who you are or how much money you have.

  50. When you say rich people what that exactly means? Rhianna, Beyonce, the stripper who lives next to my place is also rich haha they're people out there who are actually very rich and not so "sophisticated" looking just think about your expression. Phillip Plain is a billionaire and he wears mostly jeans and T-shirts so not all rich people are this kind of rich you're talking about.

  51. Seems to be complicated ! I would like to know more about it !
    👏 👏 But excellent explaned and a lot of it is quite logical ! Thanks for sharing your knowledge !

  52. Rich people are the ultimate SNOBS…….money isn't everything and I'd rather have a poor man with a real heart than a cold rich man with an ugly heart.

  53. I am often asked what I do and I've even been asked very directly about how I have so much money and luxury items. Can you please let me know how one can respond to bad mannered questions such as this?

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