5 Things Every Law Student Should Buy in Law School (Under $50)
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5 Things Every Law Student Should Buy in Law School (Under $50)

– Today we’re going to talk
about the best buys under $50 to make your life in law school
just a little bit better. This is a companion video to
the expensive, nice to have, but not necessarily necessary
purchases in law school. This are the things that
really punch above their weight you can get pennies on the dollar. So stick around and learn how you can make your life in law school
just a little bit better. (fun theme music) Okay, so the first cheap
product that I would recommend is this humble bookstand. It weighs only about an ounce. It folds up. You can put it in your backpack. You can carry it around. You can travel with it almost anywhere. And the reason is because you can’t avoid reading your case book. Even if you use our methods
and limit the amount of case book reading you’re going to do, you still going to have to
read out of your case book every once in awhile and that’s okay. But because you’re going
to be spending so much time reading out of a huge, heavy case book, this little foldable
bookstand is invaluable. The way that it works
is you just unfold it. You take your case book. You slide it in. And then you extend it out a little bit, which is hard to do while I’m
actually carrying the thing. But you sort of get the idea that you can put it on your desk. Read out of the book while working on a laptop or iPad or taking notes. Then you don’t have to crane your neck while looking at the
book while it’s vertical. It’s at a 45 degree angle
and you can take it anywhere. You can take it to the library. You can take it into a friend’s apartment when you’re studying together. You can do just about anything. And for $15 on Amazon,
I wouldn’t go anywhere in law school without this thing. You’ll use it for hours. It’s really cheap. I’ve seen a bunch of
law students on YouTube talking about this thing. I used it when I went to law school. And I recommend anyone who
is either going to law school or in law school get one of
these things and save your back. By the way, you can find
links to all of these products in the description below. So I recommend getting
one of these bookstands. It will help save your neck. It will help save your back. And it will just make
reading your case book just a little bit more pleasant, which when you’re reading these cases, anything you can do to make your life a little bit more pleasant
is probably worthwhile. So the next thing I recommend is getting either a white
board and dry erase markers or some butcher paper. You need something to help
diagram the law itself. The law is complicated. And when you get to issues
spotting hypothetical, it sort of flows like a decision tree. You have the causes of action. The elements under the causes of action. The definition of the
elements, sub-elements. And you need to see how
that all flows together. And diagraming, usually
on a wall with markers, really helps to understand
how things fit together. I think everyone is familiar
with a dry erase board or you can even use a chalk board. But I prefer butcher paper. Butcher paper is great
because you can use any marker and save on expensive white
board dry erase markers. The best part though is
you can save it for later. One roll can last your entire semester. You can also just buy a
bunch of dry erase markers and write on the window,
a beautiful nine style. As long as you’re willing to
look like an insane person while you are writing on the
window with dry erase markers. Of course, I’ve done crazier things to save money in law school. So I wouldn’t blame you. Okay, the next thing I
recommend in law school are some ear plugs. Now I think everyone’s familiar with these little form things
that you put in your ear. But ear plugs have a couple of advantages in law school in particular that might not be obvious on first glance. In law school a big problem
that almost everyone has is getting enough sleep. Ear plugs can really
help when your neighbor decides to hold an impromptu
band rehearsal at midnight. (folk music) Or if your roommates have a very different sleep pattern than you, Or if you just live on a busy street. Ear plugs, if you use them consistently, can help you create a
consistent sleep pattern. It isn’t interrupted
if there happens to be stuff going on that particular night. It takes some time to get used to them. So I would recommend using them even when there aren’t
loud noises going on and times of emergency. I would just get in the
habit of using them. You can get good sleep every night. Also, ear plugs can help
you create consistency in your practice test. Now, we have a number
of videos to talk about how practice tests are one
of the most important things you can do to increase your chances of getting a better grade in law school. And just see the link below. But one of the problem of
doing practice tests at home is that it’s very different
from taking an exam in class. When you take a law school exam
in class during the finals, the sound of clacking keyboards
is absolutely deafing. And then there are other
people that will be coughing. They’ll be rustling bags. They’ll be getting in their backpacks. All of these noises and
sounds will not be present when you’re taking your practice test. You’ll probably be
taking your practice test at home under ideal conditions. Which is fine, but you
don’t want to get used to taking practice tests under
absolutely ideal conditions. If you go into the final
with ear plugs though, you reduce some of that
sound and is more similar to the way you practice tests at home. And as sort of plamonian response, you can associate ear plugs
with going into test mode. The second that you put
ear plugs into your ears, your mind will think,
okay, this is test time. Now it’s time to pull out all the stops. And you’ll be in the
mental state necessary to crush the exam. The next cheap thing that I
would recommend in law school is a physical calendar. Not a digital calendar
like in Outlook or Gmail, but an actual paper, physical calendar. These things are invaluable. There is not enough time in your semester as it first appears. What starts out as eight to 10 weeks, it seems like an eternity, but that will go by so fast. And you need to be able to
see where you are in time. How much time is left so you can make sure you finish your outline. You can make sure you
start doing practice tests as early as possible. And that you are ready by the
time that finals come around. And a physical calendar helps you see in a glance where you are. Are you falling behind
and chances are, yes. And the sooner you realize
that you simply don’t have time to do these insane, multi-page, rainbow style of case briefs the better. You need to genesis
that as soon as possible because there just isn’t
enough time in a semester to do all of that unnecessary work. And a physical calendar will show you where you are in time and
help you plan everything out. Better to do it sooner rather than later. Getting a physical calendar
will save so much time and anguish and really help
you plan out your semester. Okay, so, the last relatively
inexpensive product that I would recommend for
law school is an alarm. I know that sounds crazy,
but get a separate alarm. Do not use your phone. Do not let your cellphone
reside anywhere near your bed. Now, I keep my cellphone
outside my bedroom. It used to be that I would get work emails all throughout the night. And in a plamonian response,
I would pick up the cellphone, interrupt my sleep and look at the email. But the truth is whether
you’re in law practice or if you’re in law school, the emails that come in at
two o’clock in the morning, are just not that important. They can wait until the next day. So what I recommend and
this is a little bit on the pricey side but you
can get cheaper options, is a sunrise alarm. These things are great. Unlike a traditional alarm that just has a blaring
sound to wake you up, this displays light gradually coming on like a dimmer, a reverse
dimmer to convince your body that it’s sunrise and that
you should get up gradually as the sun rises. And this works even when
it’s pitch black outside. There’s sounds that go along with it. This is a much less jarring
way to wake yourself up. And I am so much more
rested when I wake up with a sunrise alarm as
compared to a blaring sound. And I got a better night sleep because I separated my cellphone
from the alarm function. There is a great video
on YouTube of Simon Sinek where he talks about the dumbest thing that the millennial generations
does, myself included. It used to be was using
their cellphones as an alarm and being too cheap to buy
a separate physical alarm. I whole heartily agree with him. Just get some other clock radio if you want to go the cheap route, or if you want to spent
a little bit more money, you can get any number of
$30 to $100 sunrise alarms. They all seem to work pretty well. A separate alarm will allow
you to get more sleep. It will wake you up more gradually. You’ll be in a better mood. You’ll be more alert for
your law school classes throughout the day. Studies show that a lack of
sleep prevents the ability to memorize, internalize
information and remember. So just an hour of sleep
more per night alone could put you above your
classmates in law school. So law school is all about
creating a competitive advantage as compared to your classmates. These little things, whether
it’s a foldable bookstand so you save your neck from neck pain, and allow yourself to
study a little bit longer every day in the library or
a separate physical alarm to get more sleep at night
and to wake up more alert. These things may not be huge
advantages in of themselves, but they compound over
time and allow you to study a little bit longer, be more alert and just be a better
law student all around. And when you’re graded on a curve, as you are in law school, these little things add up and allow you to get an
advantage over your classmates. And that’s what Legal Eagle is all about. If you like this video, please
click like and subscribe. You can download our full
guide to law school down below. Stick around until next time
when we give you even more tips on how to crush law school
here at Legal Eagle. (fun theme music) The next, email get an actual, you know, I should. You can even put it down on a desk to, to put, no, screw that, alright. It helps you create a consistent, on a busy sleep. Or the.

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96 thoughts on “5 Things Every Law Student Should Buy in Law School (Under $50)

  1. I love the book Stand so I will definitely want to get it and I might use the earplugs in the library but I like to here what’s going on around me because it’s very hard to not listen to what is going on around you and it freaks me out. 🤩🤗🤗🤗🤗🤩🤩🤗🤗🤗😊😊😊😂😂😂😊🤗🤗🤗🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩☺️☺️☺️☺️😃😃😀😁😁😄😄😁😀😅

  2. When I took the LSAT this past February, the young lady next to me used earplugs. Then I thought, Genius! And it really is. I will buy some before the semester starts. Thanks!

  3. Honestly, I just keep my phone set on “do not disturb” between 11pm and 7am. Only emergency calls from my favorites list will get through.

    Also, I chose a really calm alarm tone so I don’t get shocked awake.

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  10. Good stuff. The ear plugs? Often your brain just dials up to listen (I've got gun range level ear muffs. I can follow a conversation through them.) Try earbuds, if they don't work then I would suggest earbuds, but instead of your favorite music, have a some Mozart, Bach, Chopin tracks. If these classical composers are your favorites? Still okay. Don't get ersatz classical music or Muzak, Elevator music– that's just insipid and you end up being distracted trying to 'name that tune' being melted. YouTube has some 3 hours of Bach, etc. study videos that are good too.
    Part of any discipline is a regular sleep pattern. I always get up at 5, even on those days I then go back to bed to sleep in. To consistently fall asleep when you want, I think white noise is much better than earplugs. , but watch out for the bad, noticeably repetitious stuff. The apps I checked about 5 years ago were all like this, maybe they're better now. EcoTones machine I've had for ten years. Also good for falling asleep is an audiobook, something you've read, something good. Eventually I've found I begin to focus in on it, enjoying it even more; but it's no longer good for falling asleep. Whiteboard, butcher paper. A good whiteboard 2×3' is the missing component of your computer. I'm good with graphics programs, database, spreadsheet, word processing; they just don't do what a white board can do. I make too many 'skipped step' errors to be able to use butcher paper, meaning I'm listings the first four things so I can get to the next 4 I need to work on. I forget a step…Another good thing to do is once you've sorted out your whiteboard diagram, take a photo of it, but maybe make a neat copy on butcher paper. If you're in a study group and your handwriting sucks, get a digital projector. After you've whiteboarded, type out the sections on your word processor. Use a font like Chalkboard, then project the text onto the butcher paper and trace it. Sounds like a lot of work, but you quickly get really fast. If you have blocks of text arranged in a circle on your whiteboard, then just move the paper around instead of trying to lay it out on the computer. (I find that a lot of this additional work helps me remember, makes it easy for others to read it, but all this might not work for you. Also I did a lot of this as a school teacher, so it might not be relevant to law school.
    The earplug behavior mod? That's a good tip. Are their any recordings of final exam room noise?

  11. These advises apply not only to law school, but to any other academic field either. I am an engineering student, but we face very similar problems as you described. Also as a side note, as a true engineer, I never trust a single piece of technology to wake me up, I always put on alarms on two separate devices.

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    That being said, I also have a sunrise alarm and it's actually magic. Never feel shitty waking up, even after just 4 to 6 hours of sleep.

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    That sunrise alarm could be problematic for those who sleep on their stomach or for those who may nuzzle their face in the blankets as a reaction to it.

  19. He's wrong about the reason not to use your phone as an alarm. The actual reason is that a phone isn't going to have enough volume to wake someone up without an external speaker and that means they will be late for school.

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  24. You just gave me an idea. People have told me that test centers can get loud and distracting. Can I wear ear plugs while I take the LSAT?

  25. I set a daily "do not disturb" function on my phone so I don't have to deal with notifications over night. I like to use my phone as an alarm because since it doesn't bother my wife as much when it's in vibrate mode.

  26. About the alarm, I do use my phone but I disable wifi and data. I also put it face down just in case. During the day my phone is on quiet but buzz mode, after 6pm I put it in quiet no buzz mode.

  27. I have a separate alarm (it is a radio at the same time, so the radio turns on and wakes me up) for more than 10 years. Used it through high school, college, and now that I work as a teacher!

  28. can't just not say it.. what abt i put on ears plugs for a good sleep and miss out on class next morning cz the alarm couldn't get through the ear plugs. 🙂

  29. I have that exact book stand and sunrise alarm clock. I also use ear plugs and calendars all the time.
    These tips are extremely good!

  30. I bought the first one my freshman year of university from a video from a law student's recomendation, and it has probably been my best buy, I've been usining it for about 3 years now and im extremly glad I bought it then, especially for how cheap it is.

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    Loving the channel and your earnest approach to helping people out.

    Happy Holidays,


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  36. i'm not a law student and have no plans to go back to school any time soon, but all of these items are useful in so many other fields. i'm a payroll accountant, and i swear by my paper calendars. and i like that sunrise alarm; it could help with seasonal affective disorder. (and book stands are useful with cookbooks.)

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  43. I started with one alarm clock. I used to turn it off while still half asleep, and fell back into bed. So I bought a second alarm clock and put it on the opposite side of my room. I eventually bought a third alarm clock for the same reason.

  44. Side note… Wearing ear plugs every night dramatically increases your risk of ear infection, compacted earwax and other issues. Use with caution or get over the ear active noise cancelling headphones.

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