5 MOST USEFUL English expressions that you didn’t learn at school!
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5 MOST USEFUL English expressions that you didn’t learn at school!

You’ve been studying english a long time you know you’re good, but then you visit an english-speaking country, and you’re like I know my english is good. Why don’t I understand you and you I don’t understand you you in the back I don’t understand you. Well. We have a Few English expressions Which you probably didn’t learn in school, but we use all the time So here are five really useful really common English expressions Number one is not fast not bothered. What does it mean you? [want] to go for dinner and your friend says where shall we go for dinner Italian food Thai food What kind of food and you want to say? Everything sounds great. This is good. This is good. This is good. [I] have no preference you could say I’m not fast usually we contract it – not [fast] pronunciation that sounds like it bust bust Not facet no and eat the tea so not fast not fast where do you want to go not fast or Not bothered not bothered not fast. This is a super common way to say I have no preference Whatever you suggest. I’m happy with it and personally [I] am terrible at making [decisions] So I use that expression all the time where do you want to go? I’m not first? What do you want to do today [Ali]? I’m not bothered. You’re really not helpful Hmm. This is basically every conversation I ever have with my friends number two fair enough pronunciation be careful of that end R Remember British English has linking R So that end [R] sound links into the next word fair enough fair enough Say with me fair enough, when do we use it we want to say that’s acceptable. That’s okay I accept that that’s a that’s fine It’s your birthday party, but one friend cannot come why because they’re working. I mean it’s bad, but You’re not going to be angry your friend from working they have to work so your response is going to be That’s that’s fair enough. You have to work. I understand hmM now The whole sentence is that’s fair enough, but most commonly we lose that You have to work fair enough So in [arguments]. This is a great way to stop an argument when you don’t want to continue arguing Maybe you and another person have different opinions on religion politics Whatever you want to stop the argument for example. I’ll learn [trub] very simply you can say You love tripp fair enough fair enough This stops an argument because you’re saying okay your that’s your opinion. This is my opinion You’re not going to change my [mind]. I’m not going to change your mind. Let’s stop done The next one is to say I suppose so commonly we lose the eye [we] just say suppose so but in conversation We speak fast so it sounds like suppose, so yeah suppose, so but what does it mean? One reason is when you agree to do something and you’re saying hmM. I? Don’t see why not why not, okay fine? for example Perhaps a young boy is saying to his mum. Can we get some ice cream and the mum wants to say? Okay, [I] why not sure Yeah, [I] suppose so so maybe she doesn’t completely want to but she’s also saying I don’t see a reason Why not? Remember you agree with something so it could be someone says something Oh, I think he’s a zombie [and] you want to say hmm. Yeah, I think that’s true. I think you’re right you could say Hmm. Yeah, I suppose so looks pretty zombie remember the pronunciation the you we usually drop it sounds more like [Bows] spose Suppose, so next one I’m afraid Blah blah blah remember that I’m afraid means I’m scared yeah But in another context you can use it to say in a polite way, I’m sorry, but Bla Bla So it could be to refuse something it could be to give information. Which is maybe bad news if Someone invites you to something can you come to my party, but you want to say ah I’m so sorry I can’t then you could say this ah I’m afraid I can’t the pronunciation We’ve got the schwa afraid afraid I’m afraid I’m afraid I can’t pronunciation should be very careful ah stay with me ah can’t I’m Afraid I can’t I’m afraid I can’t Remember of course in this context. I’m afraid means. I’m sorry not I’m scared [now] [with] missing a word here. I’m Afraid that I can’t but typically we don’t usually put [to] that We just [say] I’m afraid I can’t I’m afraid he can’t she can’t Or much more simple and more versatile. I’m afraid not. I’m sorry [no] Do you want to come out tonight? I’m afraid not are you feeling Super British now? Well, you should after this fifth expression which is this May as well or might as well this expression is super super common. You definitely need to learn it So what does it mean? How do we use it ah? You arrive at a party and the party is rubbish. There’s like one person you don’t like and the music is rubbish, and you’re thinking oh if I had stayed at home that would have been better than here or at least no different. No more or less level of fun Then you can say this [ah] [I] might as well have stayed at home pronunciation Eat the tea. I might as [well] might as well say with me might as well. I might as well Grammar have stayed we’ve got present perfect that is because it’s a past action to stay at home that will be a past action so have stayed and Remember of course you can say I may as well may as well have stayed at home This also could [be] a response to a suggestion when you want to say well There’s nothing better to do then you can also use this Should we just shall we go home? He can say yeah might as well now. This is the short version. [what’s] the long version? We might as well go home So notice in the previous example. We said I might as well have stayed at home Have stayed because it’s a past action which was better This action is a future action Might as well go home in the future There’s no house might as well go Home and that verb will not change whether it’s he she it doesn’t matter. It’s always in the infinitive Now I did just say use it when there is nothing better to do. I don’t mean wow There is nothing better to do I don’t mean it like that. I mean it like this Well nothing better to do [I] can’t think of anything Like [that] so so be careful. How you use it try [to] use those expressions in the comments and in your real life That’s how you’re going to learn I’ll see you in the next class. See you later you

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  1. and I am afraid that I am falling in love with this guy.and becoming addicted to his videos in my spare time.

  2. The expression I really don’t get is “JUNTOS E SHALLOW NOW”. Is there any chance you could possibly shed some light on the matter?

  3. Every thing sounds good _ every things seems similar for me_> i'm not fusted ( fast)
    That's fine -> that's far enough
    I suppose so -> ok you can or yes you can – i agree with you ..
    I'm affreid -> i'm sorry ( i'm sorry i can't ( i'm affreid i can't)
    I May as well i stayed at home -> if i had stayed at home that would have been better than here or at least no deffernt

  4. Last week we were to my grand-mather farm we get realy bored that we don't found any thing to do than watching the sunrise and sunsite, i may as well i stayed at home .
    I'm affreid i can't go to the party with you

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  7. I have followed many channels. Most of them are great with their tips and knowledge. You are, however, amazing with your sense of humour strengthen by your drawing skill (really). I have never got bored with watching your videos. Appreciate your great works!

  8. Hello! I think your lessons are very useful and the structures, too. A question, so "suppose to" it is sometimes quite similar to "don't mind"?

  9. Oh, first of all, I am so glad to see you again, and I am not fussed about what video on this channel to watch exactly, nor bothered what kind of topic it will be because of that I suppose so I do not know English at all! So I really appreciate the work of this channel. Oh, and by the way, in my language we have that 'I'm afraid' too. And once I had some funny moment about that when a friend of mine asked me whether I am scared of something as I used exactly that expression too often. I laughed because I was in really stressful circumstances in that period of my life, so that is the truth about all of us – what exactly we prefer to use when choosing our favorite expressions, that is all may show our inner state by that moment if I may say so… And oh, yes, it might be much better I return to learning English and get rid of my laziness. Sorry about so many mistakes – I am afraid I can not get rid of those. And as I said before, I am really grateful for your work. Oh, and of course thanks to Grammarly – you help me constantly!

  10. Yesterday, my friend asked my opinion about where will we spend the evening.. And I told her that I'm not fussed.. So, she picked a restaurant to have dinner, but unfortunately it wasn't good. The view, the food, the service all of it.. I asked her to go home and she said we might as well.. In the way to home she asked me about the place and I told her I'm afraid it wasn't good.

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  12. 1-I’m afraid I can’t help you.
    2- Where shall we go?
    -I’m not fussed/Bothered.
    3- I don’t like him, he broke my heart a lot!
    -Oh fair enough

  13. I suppose they're good expressions to use, I might as well have seen your videos before seeing other useless videos

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    I always thought that "I guess" was right till you said that the correct form was "I suppose so"
    Now I guess that when you say guess you are trying to say figure out instead of "I don't mind"

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  21. Sounds like American English is your second language. I can't remember ever using any of those phrases. I guess they would be great if I were thinking of visiting England.

  22. My British friend has never said that. "Not fussed."
    He DID say I "really have the hump this morning, don't you?" And he said "You really 'came a cropper' there" when I was being sent to the hospital by the medic brigade, which is what he called it but I don't know if everyone calls it that.
    I fell out of the loft trying to pet his cat, Sir Cobalt (a British shorthair 'blue' cat), who was a lot more agile than I am.

  23. I have the most hilarious example for "might as well."
    A friend went out with a guy who took her to a place where music she hates played all night and he talked about the girlfriend he'd just lost. She came home and said "The music was terrible and he was even more boring than the music. I might as well have worn a bra."

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