5 DIY School Supplies {Easy}! Weird DIY Crafts – Hacks w/ Food! Mini Notebook, Pens…Cool DIYs
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5 DIY School Supplies {Easy}! Weird DIY Crafts – Hacks w/ Food! Mini Notebook, Pens…Cool DIYs

hey guys today I’m going to show you
five DIY school supplies inspired by the movies if you enjoyed this video please
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first two ideas will be miniature popcorn pencils and erasers the first thing that
you will need to do is print out the printable on a piece of cardstock paper
all the links in the printables will be down below once it’s printed out and just cut
it out here is mine once it was cut out now
just start folding on the line once it’s folded glue on the side and
the bottom to secure the box together now to make the pencils – cut a pencil
in half then once you have it you halves cut off just below the eraser I followed
these same steps with three pencils so I was left with six pencil in the end now to make the
the popcorn erasers I’m going to use some of this eraser clay I started by
taking half the piece of yellow and dividing that into six pieces then I
took a little bit of the white and added that to each of the yellow pieces so it
would like butter flavored popcorn when I was done once the clay was mixed
together I stick and put that on top of the pencil and with a screwdriver and
made little indents on the top so it looks like popcorn repeat the same
process with the rest of the pencil remove the eraser clay and bake
according to the package instructions while my eraser call is baking I’m
going to finish off the pencils I printed out another popcorn box
on regular paper and cut that out take the printable and roll it around the
pencil leaving room at the top for the eraser cut it down to size and secure to
the pencil with some glue repeat the same process for the rest of the pencils once my eraser clay was baked and cooled down I applied some hot glue to
the top of the pencils and secured there little pieces of popcorn clay place the pencils in the popcorn box and
that is how you make these popcorn pencils and erasers the third project will be a DIY miniature
nacho notebook to start you will need to print out the paper tray on a piece of
cardstock paper cut out the paper tray and fold on the line once it’s folded glue on the flaps to
secure it together here is mine once it was glued together using a piece of the leftover cardstock
place the tray on top and trace around it next cut it out and it should fit in
the bottom of the tray like this cut out one more just like the first so you have two
gather a bunch of sheets of paper trace around the piece of cardstock onto
the paper and cut out several sheets this will form the notebook when all the
sheets are cut out place one of the pieces of cardstock on the back one on
the front and clip together I placed some glue on one of the sides to
bind the notebook together I set that aside and let it dry on the piece of cardstock I printed out
a bunch of chips I’m going to use some Mod Podge to paint
over the top of the chips once the glue has been applied set those aside and let
them dry here are mine after they had dried now just cut out each chip I
actually didn’t use all of the chips onthis piece of paper I took several of
the chips and bent them so they looked more like real chips once they were set
on the notebook next I applied Mod Podge to the front of the notebook and the
chips that were still flat I started placing those on the bottom and then I
just kept adding more Mod Podge and chips until I had it the way that I
wanted it there is mine once all the chips were on I just set that aside and
let it dry here’s mine after it was dry now I’m going to take some puffy paint
and swirl that over the top so it looks like nacho cheese and here is mine once
everything was dry since my notebooks sat down kind of far
in the tray I took a piece of styrofoam and cut it to size and then I glued that
to the bottom and glued the notebook to the piece of styrofoam and that’s how
you make this easy mini chips and cheese notebook the 4th idea will be a miniature Icee pen for this need one you will need one of these mini red solo cups on
a piece of cardboard to trace around the top and cut it out once it’s cut out it should fit in the
cup like this using a screwdriver I made a hole
in the middle and you just want to make your hole that a pen
will fit through it to make the fake Icee I’m going to use some sand place some sand in a bag and add a few drops of blue food coloring and shake it
around now in a cup I put some of the blue sand
and I’m going to mix it with some clearer Elmer’s glue and stir it
together apply some glue to the cardboard circle then add a little bit
of sand thats still in the bag then take the sand that we’ve mixed with the
glue and start adding that on top so it looks like a fake Icee here’s mine once I was done putting my
sand on it I set that aside and let it dry here’s mine once it was dry to make the pen you can use a mini pen or
a regular pen and the other option is to use a straw if you’re going to use a
regular pen just remove the ink cut the pen down to size
place the ink back in and cut the ink down to size if you want to use the straw method
just cut the straw down to the size that you would like place the ink in there
and cut the ink down to size also to secure the pen to the straw glue
along the bottom glue inside the cup and then glue the
fake Icee to the cup print out the printable and cut it down to size wrap it around the cup cut off any excess then secure with glue and or tape place whichever pen you decided to use
into the cup and that is how you make these easy DIY mini Icee pens the last project will be a Netflix keychain for this one I printed out a phone and then in the middle I added the Netflix
logo I’m going to use a piece of the shrink dink crystal-clear film or
paper place a piece of the shrinky dink over the top of the image and tape it
down I used Sharpies to color in the image once the image is colored in cut it out using the hole punch I punched a hole in
the top place in the oven and bake according to the package instructions once it shrunk down remove it from the
oven and be very careful because it is hot next add a jump ring and a keychain
now mine came out a little bigger than I wanted it so when you print out your
image keep in mind the size you want it to be when it shrinks down so it will be
the perfect size I hope you guys enjoyed all five of these DIY ideas leave me a
comment let me know which one was your favorite as always please remember to
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amazing day

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