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*Music playing* Wengie: Hey guys, it’s Wengie! Welcome back, and Mia hug! Wengie: Today, we’re doing edible candy slime, I wanted to do this for a long time, eating throughout this whole year! Wengie: Right now, I’m doing a Mac-Book Air giveaway, if you guys haven’t joined the fam or subscribed, don’t forget to click the subscribe button down below, and the only other thing you guys need to do is to find the ReactiCorns channel, and subscribe to that as well, we do daily reactions there, and we have so much fun! Wengie: And I have a super cool announcement, I am the fourth PowerPuff Girl for Australia, and New Zealand! Wengie: I was given a super cool opportunity to voice the fourth PowerPuff Girl Bliss, and the episodes are now linked down below for you guys if you guys want to check out the Cartoon Network Australian YouTube page, to watch all the episodes that I voiced, this was so much fun, and also I have a vlog out if you want to check the scenes, and what actually happened, and how I got this opportunity, that is also linked down below! Wengie: And today, we have another like challenge, let’s do a hundred, and forty-nine thousand likes, so I’m going to give you guys three seconds to go, find that like button, and click it, ready, 3,2,1; have you guys done it yet? Wengie: Without further ado, let’s get on with the video! Let’s go! *Music playing* Wengie: So, in order to make the marshmallow slime, you gonna need marshmallow, obviously, coconut oil, and corn flour! Yep, these three ingredients! Wengie: So, just start ahead, and pour all your marshmallows in the bowl, and I actually used two packs of marshmallows for this! *Music playing* Wengie: Next, put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds until they all melted, and it’ll look something like this! Wengie: Now, give your melted marshmallows a good mix, and slowly start to add your corn-flour; you can add some food colouring if you want at this point, but my marshmallows were a bit pastel, and I kinda liked this cute pink colour! Wengie: Just a word of warning, whenever you melt something in the microwave, don’t touch it with your hands because it’s really hot, so let it cool down a bit before you touch it! Wengie: You want to mix the corn-flour gradually, so you don’t end up with huge heaps of unmixed corn-flour; as you mix it, you can see it kind of already looks like slime with the stringy bits, sticking to the sides of the bowl! *Music playing* Wengie: Next, add in a small amount of coconut oil, and this will make the slime less sticky, and a bit easier to handle! Wengie: Next, you can actually take your slime out of the bowl, and start kneading it like an actual dough! *Music playing* Wengie: Now, you’re done, this slime is actually pretty easy to handle once you get the amount of corn-flour right, it almost feels like a stretchy dough! *Music playing* Wengie: The best thing about this slime is that you can make a poop, and look, it even holds its shape really well! *Music playing* Wengie: And, of course, you can eat it after you’re done playing it! *Music playing* Wengie: Starburst slime is actually super easy to make! Wengie: All you need are some Starburst, and icing sugar! Wengie: The hardest part of this recipe was actually peeling off the wrappers of all the Starburst! (Wengie’s speaking inaudibly) (2,000 years later) *Music playing* Wengie: When you’re finally done with that, just pop them all in a bowl, and melt them in the microwave! *Music playing* Wengie: Mmmm! *Music playing* Wengie: Next, add in your icing sugar, and slowly mix them together! *Music playing* Wengie: When you’re ready, you can take the slime out of the bowl, and start kneading it with additional icing sugar! Wengie: Honestly, this slime felt pretty amazing, and it was super stretchy as well; this slime felt so good – you could even make a poop with it! *Music playing* Wengie: Oh my gosh, it tasted so yummy, I mean ‘Who doesn’t love Starburst?’ anyway, but yeah, definitely try this one if you can! *Music playing* Wengie: The only thing about this slime is that it’s only good when it’s warm; if you leave it out, and it gets cold, it actually becomes pretty solid, and you won’t be able to play with it, but all you need to do is just microwave it again to ten to fifteen seconds, and it softens up again! *Music playing* Wengie: To make Nutella slime, and yes, I only recently realized how I said it; you’ll need some Nutella, some marshmallows, corn-flour, coconut oil, which I didn’t end up using, and you’ll see why, icing sugar, and chocolate syrup! Wengie: The first step is to pour out your marshmallows, and melt them in a microwave! *Music playing* Wengie: I ran out of white ones, so I used these coloured ones, but look, how cool they look melted? Wengie: Give it a mix, and then, add in your Nutella! *Music playing* Wengie: Oh my gosh, guys, at this point, everything smells so good; I just wanted to eat it immediately! *Music playing* Wengie: Mix your Nutella, and you’ll resemble a cookie dough! Wengie: Next, add in some chocolate syrup to give it back the dark colour; then, just add roughly equal portions of icing, and corn-flour until you can pick the slime! *Music playing* Wengie: This slime definitely was not as stretchy as regular slime; it was more like a cookie dough, and oh my gosh, there was so much oil, that came out of the Nutella, as I mixed it more, and more – alright, it’s definitely not as slimy as the other slimes, more like a dough, like, like cookie dough,and one thing I noticed, you guys can see is like so oily guys, or you squeeze it, the more oil comes out, it’s kind of disgusting; I don’t even want to eat this, I can’t even make like a poop, hmmm, it smells like Nutella, though that’s literally the only saving grace! Wengie: It’s so really oily, er, yuck, it’s like a bit of oil coming down the back of my hand! *Music playing* Wengie: Honestly, the taste was a bit awkward, at first, and I think the amount of oil kind of put me off because it was so, ah, yuck, definitely not the best kind of slime to play with, but let me know if you guys have a better recipe for this one, check it over the initial like coating of oil! (Wengie’s speaking inaudibly) Wengie: Oh, my gosh, did you see my hand, what is this? What you’re eating guys, this is what’s in Nutella! Oh! (Faint laughing) Wengie: Oh guys, looks literally like a real poop, ah, check this out! Oh my gosh, this is so weird! Wengie: Okay, this is a fail! *Music playing* Wengie: Next up, we’re gonna make some gummy slime with this giant gummy worm; honestly, this thing was very heavy! Wengie: The only other thing you’ll need is corn-flour! Wengie: So, just pop your worm into a bowl, and stick it into microwave until it melts; this one will take about four minutes in total with me, checking on it every minute, also be very careful as the bowl will be super hot when you take it out, so it should look something like this, which was pretty cool, but then I mixed it up, and the colour ended up being this like horrible brown colour almost like Cola, which wasn’t very appetizing! *Music playing* Wengie: Next, mix in your cornflour; now, I’m not gonna lie, this part took so long because I underestimated how much corn-flour I would need, but basically, I ended up using about a whole pack of it, which was crazy, but at least, my arms got a good work-out! *Music playing* Wengie: Also, I didn’t realize, but I bought a sour gummy worm, so this slime was super sour, so as you can see, the slime is still really sticky, and I pretty much ran out of corn-flour to unstick, but that didn’t stop me from playing with it, I know proper slime isn’t meant to stick to your hands like this, but honestly, it was pretty fun, anyways, kind of felt like a slime monster ate my hand! Wengie: Look like I’m cleaning with just like toffee; how much slime there? If you ever decide to melt a gummy worm, buy like three packs of corn-flour! *Music playing* Wengie: Okay, guys, even though it’s not like solid, it’s pretty satsifying to play with, I feel like I’m one of those like creatures, they just come out like the slime! (Noise) Wengie: Monster! *Music playing* Wengie: Alright, guys, here, we go, here, we go, there! (Noise) Wengie: We’re done! Wengie: How disgusting was that, guys? I can’t believe I ate it, but actually, it tastes better than it looks because it’s just really, really, really sweet, I actually did a vlog, tasting this candy, don’t forget to check it out, and also let’s have a look at what happened on ReactiCorns,this week! (Silent movement) Wengie: So, today, we’re looking at pictures of people! One joke! Max: Yeah! Wengie: One job to do! Max: You had one job to do! Wengie: I know, it feels, I’m sorry! Wengie: Okay, guys, that’s it for this week, don’t forget to follow me on my social medias to catch up with me, I pretty much Snapchat every day, so you guys can see what I’m doing there, don’t forget to tell me which one is your favourite candy slime down below, and until next week, I’m gonna miss you guys, so, so, so, so much, and I’ll see you guys soon, bye guys, love you!

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  2. Australia!? Im born in Australia .I live in Lebanon .are u australian wengie!? 😘
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    I tried the marshmallow one and it worked but then I kinda got bored of it and guess what? I ATE IT
    I ate this poor innocent slime😅
    1 like=one live for my slime that got eaten by MEH

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    Last digit of subs
    4:chewing gum
    5:gummy worm
    8:sour patch
    9:laffy taffy
    0: joystick

    Birth of date for colour
    November: white
    December: black

    Age is scent
    1: blueberry
    2: apple
    5: strawberry
    6: raspberry
    7: grape
    8: orange
    9: pineapple
    10+: lemon+lime

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