360-degree video classroom demo
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360-degree video classroom demo

If you’re going to be in the shot, if you are
source is going to be in the shot try to get one of these cameras pointing
directly at your primary action. It’s hard. We’re going in six
different direction right now but I’ve got this one pointed more or less
at me that usually ensures that there’s not
going to be a seam right across my face that can make it difficult to produce. Here’s what we’ll do. Starting
in this room, Humanities 304, we will shoot a series of panoramas
— I’m shooting one now as you probably have noticed. We’ll shoot a series of panoramas basically taking a virtual tour from this room to 19th and Holloway. We’ll find enough waypoints along the way that each person will get to hold and experience the joy of pushing this red
button. I will take these images, I’ll take these movies and put them onto
each of these three machines and I will send you an email
with detailed instructions. Essentially taking the production process from the beginning all the way through the end. Does that sound like a plan? OK, awesome so, bye bye.

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