3 Things That Separates Zen Educate From Teaching Agencies
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3 Things That Separates Zen Educate From Teaching Agencies

Here are three things that separate Zen educate
from the rest Higher Pay Traditional agencies require more staff, earning big commissions, to run day-to-day. These
costs come straight out of your pay cheque At Zen Educate, our streamlined online platform
cuts out the middle-man, allowing schools to book teachers directly, meaning you get
paid more. Smarter matching Other agencies often send you a million miles away for a teaching job
But with us, you set your work and travel preferences, and our clever online platform
matches you with roles that fit what you’re looking for Set your own schedule You’re probably sick and tired of being contacted
all hours of the day by agencies even when you’ve told them you’re not around!
At Zen Educate we understand the importance of getting work when you want it, and having
time off when you need it. In our app, you set the days that schools can request to book
you. So what are you waiting for? Join the teaching revolution today

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