3 Cool DIY Gift Ideas for TEACHER’S DAY .. | #Craft #GiftCard #Anaysa #DIYQueen
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3 Cool DIY Gift Ideas for TEACHER’S DAY .. | #Craft #GiftCard #Anaysa #DIYQueen

do it… I’ll be back till you both don’t talk You both are talking we’ve made it specially for you you couldn’t find like this anywhere as you are our…… Mam what’s that… you are… our..favourite teacher really you made it you only make us fool Mam we’ve learnt it from youtube channel DIY Queen and they just ask for only 70,000 Likes how you’ve made it You too can make Teacher’s Day special card for your teacher to make this you need Draw equal lines on any coloured sheet and fold them in a zig zag pattern paste same colour sheets on either side of it to give it a contrast look take two sheets of another colour paste on either sides of card and paste any printed sheet outward side now to decorate it we need just paste it all around the four corner do the same outward side and then paste stars take three different colour sheets cut them alphabetically cut small sticks with the same colour as we made zig zag earlier and paste them ahead of alphabets like these and then paste glitter stickers at corners and then at last tie like this with the same colour ribbon You got tired…now you can try here My bangle got broken in beating you but no effects on you Mam now no worry about your bangle so now lets gift her diy plastic bangles cut a cold drink bottle in equal circles like this use iron to smoothen its edges now to decorate we need apply a little glue and secure the wool with this method wrap this wool all around the circle now wrap this silk thread all around the bangle giving the design as per your choice now make two tassels using the same silk thread and tie them on bangles do you remember that day who has putted fevicol in my bag how can I forget you two fools yes I accept I did that but I’ve brought for you a gift this beautiful bag is only for you as we ruined our teacher’s bag so we’ve to make new one for her so to make this we need so first cur foam sheet in circular shape and cover it using your favourite fabric this was its base now lets make its main part take two different coloured fabric stitch them with the linings keeping one on another stitch both the fabrics hide that stitching thread with lace slightly fold this blue fabric from upward and then stitch so as to insert a string later now just fix the lace on the upper side to make it look more beautiful now stitch that base with its main part like this as shown in the video but remember one thing you need to do all these process inside-out of the fabric lastly stitch this open portion too now take out its front side now lets make its string to hang it for this we need turn wire from side now insert all the pearls and caps in this fold it from other side too after inserting beads likewise make the one more now stitch it from bag’s inside we use tassel and stones to make it more beautiful now insert the string where we created the gap do tell us in the comments if you like this bag I hope you liked all these diys so hit 70,000 likes to this video and do Subscribe to our channel also press that bell icon

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