2019 Sanford Teacher Award Winner Announcement
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2019 Sanford Teacher Award Winner Announcement

(gentle music) (school bell rings) – Good morning, Reagan Eagles. Reach up and up and up for excellence! We do this once in a while to talk about goals for our whole school and to celebrate when we do
things that are really awesome. – The Sanford Teacher Award
goes to the best teacher in all of the United States. So we’re here today to launch next year’s Teacher of the Year Award. Before we do that, we have to recognize this year’s National Teacher of the Year. So right now, we’re announcing you as the National Teacher of the Year! (students cheering) Because of Mr. Whis’s focus on inspiring you and teaching you and helping
you become courageous. And helping you get along with each other. – If you guys saw Mr. Whis is action, you would be blown away. – I just cannot thank Mr. Whis enough for taking the time to
really get to know my son and really help him be successful
in his academic growth. It’s just a, sorry, he’s just amazing. – Well, hello, Tom. There is some good left in this world and it’s worth fighting for. And you are in the fight. – Tom! Congratulations on winning
the Sanford Teacher Award. And thank you for everything you do to engage and inspire your classroom. – Tom! You are a champion. Congrats on winning the
Sanford Teacher Award. – Thanks, Tom, for all that you do and for being such an exceptional
and inspirational teacher. And for representing Nebraska so well. – It’s very important
that we do all we can do in our society to recognize
outstanding teaching. – After being part of the
experience of reviewing all the applications of
our inspirational teachers across the country, and to find this very special, very special teacher. – He has been a dynamic,
passionate teacher who really wants to build community and do what’s best for his kids. And that’s just who he is. It’s wonderful what you’ve
done with these children and the example that you have set. Thank you, Tom, so very, very, very much. This is wonderful. – I never imagined in my wildest dreams. Just absolutely humbling. Thousands of teachers all
over the United States, and then to be singled out
as the Teacher of the Year is just an unbelievable experience. (gentle music)

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