2019 College of Education Graduation Highlights
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2019 College of Education Graduation Highlights

We are here today because we were persistent, and we will never gave up. Your professors, your classmates, stretch your thinking around race, education and educational justice. What I see happening here at the College, in partnership with so many educators and community members, shows the promise of what we can do together. May I proudly present you to you the 140th graduating class at the University of Washington College of Education. You have a responsibility to every child, especially those who are most vulnerable. I wish I could tell you we’re done, but I’d be lying because the real work has just begun. It is no secret that a good education has the power to change a life. Remember that you are well-prepared. You’ve successfully completed studies at one of the top five public education schools in the nation. Be proud. Be purposeful. And most importantly, feel. This degree makes us agents of change. The catalyst for a just and thriving society. Being a little scared is good. It’s a good thing when we’re working towards social change. It reminds us that we are spiritual beings. It reminds us to find connections and support each other, especially with people who are coming from different backgrounds. I hope that you continue to fight for a just and equitable society. Graduates, before you spread across the city, the nation and the globe, take a moment to thank each other for being on this journey with you. Make sure that you stay connected. You’ll need each other on the journey ahead. When you see each other ask, “and how are the children?” and be hopeful when you hear, “all the children are well.”

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