2018 back to school “haul” and supplies 📝
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2018 back to school “haul” and supplies 📝

hi! whew notebooks and paper are a lot more heavier than you think they are. let’s get started with the back to school haul it’s not even a haul at this point. it’s just a lot of paper. and i’m like blocking out all of the mess on my, in my room right now, but i swear, i have plastic binders in this room. somewhere. i just can’t find it aaaaaaaaa i don’t know where my plastic one-inch binders are!!! i bought 6 of them from costco two years ago. i’ve only used…. 2 or 3 where are they? where are they???? i honestly can’t remember if i have more school supplies y’all….. it’s like tuesday this video is supposed to go up tomorrow i have no idea what i’m missing! but i’m missing something! i don’t know, i don’t know, i don’t know, i don’t know

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100 thoughts on “2018 back to school “haul” and supplies 📝

  1. I’m probs going to need a computer for freshman year and I was just wondering, how does that computer work for you? Would you recommend it?

  2. NOT MEANT TO BE RUDE!! girly how'd u not see ur white binder on ur bed behind u or were u talkin bout a different one???

  3. Am I the only one shouted at her through the screen that her white binders were on her bed behind her this whole time?

  4. You 👏 Have 👏 The 👏 Same 👏 Water bottle 👏 As 👏 Me (its a big deal guys I just don’t have the same stickers

  5. Bruhhhh I swear I had the same bedroom set u have like the dresser and bed
    I can tell by the design on the dresserrrrr

  6. I’m kinda bored
    This is my little pumpkin friend 🎃
    He likes to go on walks 🤚————🎃
    He does almost everything 🎃🖊🗒
    But he just cannot talk 🎃🤐
    One day he went off the rails 🚂🎃
    And pumpkin friend he cried🎃😢
    Because when November comes around, pumpkin friend must die 🔪🎃

  7. Tell me why I'm watching this with only 3 days left of school… And I'm being homeschooled next year…

  8. Man its been 2 years since I don't go to school but I still like watching this… what happens with me

  9. So much plastic not good for eearth maybe there should be something that packages something by using all the plastic in the sea and only re use plastic because there is 8.3 million tons of plastic in the sea :((

  10. where are the spiral craft notebooks from? i really want to use craft notebooks next year but i can't find any!

  11. What exactly does everyone do with all of these different colored pens/markers/fineliners? Usually when I'm trying to take notes, I'm so focused on writing, that I don't have time to actually switch colors. 🤔

  12. dang, I rlly want your pencil case because it’s so organized and everything while mine is just jumbled up and I can’t find anything

  13. How do you find notebooks that cheap. In the uk an average notebook is £1 and a pack of 100 flash cards are not 48 cents it’s £2

  14. gosh! I love your pencil case so much but like…I don't actually have enough pens to put inside 😂😂😂

  15. Hi, just wondering if for back to school it’s better to get a notebook for each subject or one big notebook with dividers for each subject?

  16. So, the majority of your muji items and stationery—for example LIHIT lab pencil case and pens— were purchased from amazon?

  17. 2:28 behind u kinda looks like a binder. If it was u probably would have said so while editing bc it’s on ur bed.

    (School starts )
    Me: eh, I’ll do it next year.

  19. I have so many notebooks. I have 10 notebooks. 5 classes require notebooks so I keep an extra notebook for each class so I can right the stuff neater.

    Take a shot everytime I said "Notebook"

  20. did anyone else go like “HEYY” when she said hi at the beginning because they were just too excited for the video 💀💀💗

  21. I love buying supplies for back to school. It's just so exciting because it's the only time of the year in which my parents give me a HUUUGE budget to buy stuff for school and if i get carried away and buy too many, they don't get mad because it's for school. But then…school starts…and…IT SUCKS, MAN! 😂😂😂

  22. I like how you don’t spend too much on BTS (back to school) and still use your old supplies, some YouTubers buy unessential items every year, and it’s so annoying!


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