2016 Summer Program – Dole Middle School
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2016 Summer Program – Dole Middle School

The Geneius Day Program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa held its very first summer program for Hawaii’s middle
school students. The Geneius Day Program was developed in 2006 by Dr. Ania Wieczorek to provide science education to Hawaii’s children. We strive to provide exciting opportunities for students to engage in hands-onnscience learning and to build children’s excitement and interest in science. Our summer program focused around a forensic science investigation. The second group of students to visit was from the Dole Middle School. What are you investigating today?
Today we were learning about blood typing and which different types of people can have. How does that help with the investigation? It helps with the investigation because the blood evidence found in the crime scene can be checked
to see who the suspects are. How did the shoe impression help with
the investigation? We learned about the show impression which told us what type of shoes they had and we know that only certain people had those shoes which helped us know who was there and which one it might be. We had a great week with the Dole Middle School students! A big Mahalo to our sponsors GEAR UP HAWAII, the University of Hawaii CTAHR, and USDA Agricultural Research Service from making the summer program possible

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