2014 Education Week – John Hewson
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2014 Education Week – John Hewson

I had the privilege of going to Kogarah High
School at a very challenging time for students and
for the staff as the school made a transition from a three-year
high school to a five-year high school and it also became co-ed in our last couple of
years. So a lot of opportunity you might say but
very challenging times and I thoroughly enjoyed
it and I think that school experience gave me
a lot of the basic values and incentives, I guess, that
have driven me in whatever career I’ve decided to pursue
since. I’m a great defender of the value of public
schools and public education, it’s been a hallmark of
our country now over many, many years.
I know there’s a lot of debate these days about relative standards and so on, but I
have no doubt about the significance of public education and the role that it has played
in underwriting really the success of our entire education system.

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