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I do not know how to start this video It’s a presentation because I decided to go to to Brighton to study during 2 weeks And it’s with Education First And I think do this trip and film it can be cool So I want to do Weekly Vlog It’s to film everyday And try to talk for the first time in my videos Because I had never do this At the end of these 2 weeks I will make a video to sum up all my trip But the goal is to film every time my life during 2 weeks And show you the life with EF And yes you will can see my horrible english accent haha I hope this video will be great Normally I use my phone to film my videos Because my camera is a Canon 700D And it is really big and not easy to vlog But this time I will try I hope the luminosity is good and the sound too And also tell me in the comment if it is good or no please Because I just take a window for the luminosity And I am in my bed in my host family Yes because during my trip I will be in a host family And my family is great and I am with a bedroom with An other girl from an other country. So I had my first class today So to go to the EF School you need to go by yourself I don’t know for the other country but in Brighton it is like this Because if you are not here For 1 month you cannot have an help for it by EF So you need to pay 5£ everyday To go where you want all the day So if you stay only 1 week or 2 weeks You need to buy a pass it is 21£ It is for one week And it is more easy Also in my case I am not really too far to the Brighton There is lots of things but they explain you all these things You have also activities with EF You are not in every case with your roommate For exemple mine is better in english than me so we don’t have the same courses In the french high school you normally have a level B1-B2 in english It is my level and my roommate has a level C2 You also need to know something about the launch in EF you need to pay the launch by yourself it is not in the price of the experience The price for the launch here is 4,50£ for a hot meal There are lots of things And all the day you need to pay this you can don’t eat in EF if you want too Other subject: I will try to make
interesting videos If you want me to talk about something just tell me please I don’t have battery on my camera! If you have some questions ask me haha And I don’t know how to finish this video So I will just say Sooooo

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2 thoughts on “2 SEMAINES AVEC EF

  1. J’aimerais savoir comment s’inscrire sur EF pour 2 semaine de séjour ?? Et aussi combien d’argent faut-il prévoir sûr soit ? Merci 😅

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