2 in custody after incident near Coral Springs schools
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2 in custody after incident near Coral Springs schools

breaking news in Coral Springs we have an active crime scene there that led to schools being put on lockdown so let’s get right out to local 10 News reporter Christian dela Rosa with the latest for us Christian well I can tell you this police activity is developing and moving as we speak as you said at least three schools initially put on lockdown Coral Springs High School Forest Hills Elementary and Hunt elementary right behind me this police activity developing around just an hour ago take a look at video what we’ve been seeing near 40th and Riverside police focusing their investigation searching at least one vehicle that white vehicle you see into the video and they’re also telling us that they’ve taken at least two people into custody we have video of one of these suspects a man who is cuffed and now being questioned so here’s what we’re also learning just minutes ago moments ago that all of this may have started at a gas station on the 8200 block of wilds roads so what we’ve been hearing is that police may have been responding to reports of possible shots fired somewhere near these schools which is why these three schools were put on lockdown and back out here live again we’ve seen police stop and move again they appear to be searching for possibly maybe more suspects in the area we’re gonna continue to track this developing scene and bring you the very latest stuff for now we’re live in Coral Springs i’m christian de la Rosa local 10 News

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