1770 T-14 Armata For IA? 6 Barracuda Officially Offered now?
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1770 T-14 Armata For IA? 6 Barracuda Officially Offered now?

Greeting friends my name is amit and welcom to defence decode, and in this video we are gonna talk abt latest development on Infantry procurements according to the internaal sources of Russian defence federation: Russia is planning to pitch a deal of $4.3Bn to india, which more likely is a deal to supply 1770 T-14 Armata ti Indian Army presumable deal is going to pitch during the PM Modi’s visit to Russian Eastern command Vladivostok for the 5th Eastern Economic Forum and the 20th Jubilee Bilateral Summit so yes friend Vladivostok is the same place from where in 1971 USSR sent their Nuclear Arm Flotila to help India from USA, UK backing Pak Navies and helped to create Bangladesh, Since then this place has a higher value in the heart of ppl of India So, modi is going to invest there during his participation in 5th Eastern Economic Forum and the 20th Jubilee Bilateral Summit An estimated $ 4.5 Billion Armata deal is being pitched both as a replacement for the Indian Army’s ageing T-72 Main Battle Tank (MBT) and also a universal chassis system which serves as a platform for a variety of armoured tracked vehicles As you guys know India is one of the largest operators of Russian tanks and armoured vehicles. and in November 2017, the Indian Army has indicated an intention to run a global competition to procure 1,770 Future Ready Combat Vehicles (FRCV) built in India with foreign collaboration under the ‘Make’ category through the Strategic Partnership model. But Russia is pitching for a government-to-government deal The recent visit of an Indian Army delegation – reportedly also including officers of the Mechanised Infantry – to evaluate the Armata in Russia is an indication that India is considering the offer seriously. Something i wanna tel you guys know that The ‘test batch’ of the first 100 serial produced T-14 Armata tanks are scheduled to be delivered to the Russian Army in 2020. this next generation features on these tanks include an unmanned turret, better armour, mobility, weaponry, fire control system and crew facilities like a toilet. Now lets talk about Barracuda class SUB

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72 thoughts on “1770 T-14 Armata For IA? 6 Barracuda Officially Offered now?

  1. T 14 armata should be bought only with technology transfer because these are lightweight…main focus should be on weight reduction of Arjun mark ii.

  2. We need Armata to replace old T-72 ASAP.Also Super sukhois,72+114 Rafales,FA-18 super hornet block 3,Tejas MK1A within 5 years.Its a matter of war.Our Mig-29k is getting junk day by day.No more delay please.Also OFB quality is below average,so make it private or public sector within 2 months

  3. Amit ko kidnap kar lia h kisi ne🤣.. Btw Pehli baar clear voice aari h apke video me.. Bas presentation ko thoda or romanchak kro

  4. We should develop our own next 4th gen tank with South Korea or Israel… Their is no intelligence in buying this
    T 14 armata….

  5. Baaracuda class submarine is the most advanced latest SSN submarine in the world. India should definitely go for it with complete ToT & local manufacturing….

  6. i think i doesnt need to spend to much on tank
    tank warfare is now limited to control of civilian unrest
    like kashmir
    or china uses it against its own civilian
    not practically viable in war where air superiorty is priority now
    i prefer instead of buying new tank india should go for "trophy" tank defence system on 72,90 and arjun
    also india should spend that money saved on upgrading airforce

  7. Guys, there is nothing wrong with my voice(thank U for ur concerns😆)… it's just that to address complaints by some people of "LOW VOICE" in our previous videos, I have done some Audio post processing (increased the Bass a little) and I think it didn't pan out as good as you guys were expecting!

  8. Better not to purchase t-14. Because we r already heavyly dependent Russian tanks. So better not to purchase instead of this go with k2 black panther.

  9. T 14 armata one of the best 4th generation tank …it will give upper hand on china nd pakistan को तो pok हारना होगा 😏😏😏

  10. T 14 armata vs Other tanks par video banao. Which is best tank in world today?? aur pricing sunaa hai Armata ka unfeasible hai, Arjun Flop tank kyon hai??

  11. टैंक के साथ उसे बनाने की साफ तकनीक रूस दे तो ठीक है वरना ना लिया जाए।

  12. Only rassian Armata tank or rassian Yaseen class submarines for Indian army or navy Armata tank worlds first or only one fourth generation tank or Yaseen class rassian submarine world's first fourth generation or black hole submarine American or NATO anti submarine aircraft or submarine destroyer not catch rassian Yaseen or bori class and kilo class black hole submarines

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