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48 thoughts on “13-Year-Old Charged In Murder Of College Student Tessa Majors

  1. This is what TEACHERS are dealing with! Please think of the teachers. These little boys are devils, when society give up on them, parents are kids themselves, and just no one caring for them.

  2. The police have a duty to give a public statement describing the suspects still at large. The public needs a detailed description of who they should be looking out for.
    Since the media refuses to release the RACE of the suspects, the police have an obligation to give full complete descriptions of the suspects. Let us stop protecting the criminals and start giving the public the information they need so they too can be on the look out!

  3. He flipped on his friends they better turn themselves in and face less time or your going to sit in jail for up to life

  4. Shoot and kill those worthless lowlife asshole kids…they wont change they will just get worse…
    Shoot and kill the little bastards…they deserve to lose their worthless lives…our prayers go out to the family…this never should have happened…😥

  5. Forget about patrols, you idiots, because we know it will be temporary. After a week or two, they'll be gone. Put stronger lighting on the walk paths, so that every spot on the walkway is lighted up. Also, move away from these disgusting looking orange halogen lamps. Can't see a damn thing with them.

  6. Man, the interviews of people in the park. The Anti-White ally NYC Councilman Mark Levine goes on to say "We don't want division that affects young people of color." What?? Hey Mark, your head is screwed on backwards buddy. The "Victim" here is Tessa Majors, NOT "Young people of color." Where do these morons come from?

  7. Out in the streets when they all should of had their butts home . And you parents should be ashamed of yourselves . This is how u raise your kids its sad

  8. Watermelon was found at the scene of the crime.

  9. Looking in the comment section i see the racial divide. Didnt see all this energy when Dylan Roof shot up that black church though 👌🏾. I didnt see one comment asking for his parents to be put in jail!

  10. "Protection of the park, sensitive to the community, none divisive and not overly aggressive on young people of color" ?! Good luck.

  11. You know certain people are going to cry racism and blame the police. Netflix will portray the thugs as innocent victims being wrongfully accused by racist white police officers.

  12. If the police have one suspect in custody they must surely have descriptions of the other suspect(s). Why aren’t those descriptions being released by the media? Oh, those suspects must not be white? The media is totally biased towards Black Americans!

  13. Why would anyone be shocked? Morningside Park has been dangerous for over thirty years, in the 90’s drug addicts lived in the park and robbed people and committed all kinds of crimes and young black thugs were assaulting people and robbing people too at that time. A majority of the victims for the last thirty years have been white something the politically correct don’t like to admit. In April and May of 2019 there was a string of robberies and assaults by black youths in and around Morningside Park all of the perpetrators were 12-15 year olds several of the perpetrators were black females as young as 12. A well known AIDS activist Bob Lederer was gang beaten there on April 17th 2019, the beating was so severe he had brain damage from it. PS 180 has a lot of little thug students who commit all kinds of crimes around Morningside Park. PS 180 students steal things from the local mini markets and even threaten the store owners they have committed many assaults, thefts and robberies throughout the years this is nothing new. If a group of white male teens targeted a female black college student for robbery and then murdered her there would be riots in Harlem right now and we would be getting lectures on every news channel about white racism. The way things are political correctness stifles the truth. This has nothing to do with politics under both Democrat and Republican mayors Morningside Park has remained dangerous and I am not a Trump supporter.

  14. Just out of curiosity how come they're nott letting us know the ethnicity of the people who committed the murder?!

  15. Yeap Yeap the struggle is real. You got to do what you got to do to survive. If I needed the money I kill a bitch too. Lol

  16. Isn't it amazing how a white person could possibly view these saturnine homunculi as fellow human beings? It baffles the living crap out of me how they got granted rights in the first place. Just rest your gaze upon them for a second and tell me why they should be allowed to roam free in our civilized societies.

    … that is reason why the race of the person shouldn't matter in this case.
    This one doesn't fit the narrative;
    No spin can be made ;
    No political Angle …

  18. Let me enlighten you to what minority demographic is committing the majority of the crime in NYC. Just browse over to the NYPD's Crime Stoppers' Twitter page (@NYPDTips) and see for yourself. And if you're not depressed, frustrated and incensed afterwards then you're a delusion liberal apologist.

  19. just another example of how dangerous Blacks are. Poor girl. Ironically, she might still be alive if she held "racist" views about how dangerous Blacks are. She would not go near them.

  20. How did this turn into a race issue? 3 black teens murder a white woman, which is pretty typical these days, and you're going to take time to try not to offend blacks? If it was the other way around, would you take time out not to offend whites, latin, asian, ect? Hell no. So why do it for blacks? Double standards at its best.

  21. I'm sure the liberal media will report that the three black teenagers involved we're someday headed to medical school with amazing grades but because of systemic white racism they committed this act, again according to the liberal media it's white people's fault everyday all of the time.

  22. Baggage handler at the New York airport said white people fleeing to Utah in record numbers all of them have one way tickets.

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