13 y/o Autistic Boy Killed by Teacher who Kept Working with Children FOR ALMOST A YEAR AFTER [CC]
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13 y/o Autistic Boy Killed by Teacher who Kept Working with Children FOR ALMOST A YEAR AFTER [CC]

Nearly a year ago Today, A 13 year old Autistic boy named Max was killed by his teachers. who inhumanely restrained him for over two hours. And the injuries that resulted from this restraint were so severe that he had to be sent to the hospital And later died. Amazingly, the teachers responsible for Max’s death. One of them had still been teaching up until very recently! Teacher Charged In Death of Student Still Worked After Incident Male Reporter: Teacher charged in Max’s death was still teaching at another local school until this week. Female Reporter: CBS 13 Investigator Julie Watts is getting answers for us tonight on how that is even possible Julie: You know the State Dept of Education determined nearly a year ago now that the restraints used in Max’s Death violated state law, or prior to Max’s death rather, violated state law but The teacher now charged in his death is still credentialed by a different state agency. and has been legally allowed to continue teaching special education. Now Kimberly Wohlwend’s special ed and elementary teaching credentials don’t expire for more than a year and a half. The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing shows no records of actions against her. The Agency says they can’t automatically revoke a teacher’s credentials without an invesigation unless the teacher has been convicted of certain crimes, is a sex offender, or found to be insane by a court. They say otherwise it’s up to the School Districts to keep credentialed teachers outta the classroom based on behavior that might be under investigation. As of today, Wohlwend is still listed on the School District website and they say she is still an employee of the district, though we’re told she has not has not been in the classroom for a couple of days. Now we asked the superintendent and the school board about their hiring practices How they background check teachers, and they did not respond to our questions. The Teacher Credentialing Commission says they confirm or deny wheter they are investigating this teacher at all, until the investigation is complete. Keep in Mind, The State’s investigation into the school, closing the school, that was nearly a year ago now! But, Kim(Wohlwend)’s name has not been widely known until now. Max, you didn’t do anything to deserve this. Autism is not the problem in this situation. Ignorance is the problem in this situation. and unfortunately, for people who have autism other people’s ignorance can mean the death of autistic people. You were failed by your teachers and your community, the very individuals who were supposed to protect you. I can’t imagine how your mother feels. Sending her precious child to school one day… Not knowing that she would never see you or be able to hug you or be able to tell you that she loved you ever again. I can’t imagine how it would feel to be a parent, and to place your trust in teachers only to have them betray you in the worst way imaginable… Max’s mom shared a beautiful video of her son that she wants you to see. She shared this video in an interview with The Aspergian A famous disability right’s blog. Max’s mom: What are you wearing? Max, enthusiastically: BAD GUY PANTS! [mom laughs joyfully in the background] Max: Bad guy pants! [Mom continues to giggle and laugh] Max: Bad guy pants, bad guy pants! Max: Bad guy pants! [repeats several times] [mom laughs] [two children say “bad guy pants” happily] Max: Bad guy pants [mom laughs heartily] [mom laughing while son is playing and dancing] The Aspergian: The Autistic Community is aware untimely deaths happen too often to our members. What’s more, many autistics who survive into adulthood through trauma, restraint, bullying, and social isolation never get to see their talents and dreams recognized. Often unmotivated by desires of wealth or fame, autistic people are driven to use their passions and unique insights to find a way to contribute to the greater good and make a positive difference in the world they’ve experienced as unwelcoming. Max Benson was inquisitive, bright, curious, thoughtful, funny, and full of life. In his neighborhood, he was known as “The Mayor”. His life was taken from him too early but the autistic community and our allies are not willing to let his light also be taken. We are going to fight to make sure Max’s light continues to shine, that his legacy will live on, to bring positive change to the world. #ShineOnMax -The Aspergian Team The International Coalition Against Restraint And Seclusion(ICARS) and Max Benson’s family will be holding a vigil on Sunday, November 17th 2019. In Remembrance of Max’s life and in honor of his vibrant spirit. A live vigil will be held at 2pm however we are asking all those who are not local where ever you are in the world to light a candle for Max on Sunday. And to post a picture of your candle on Social Media with the #ShineOnMax or you can use one of the candle graphics we will post here[on the Aspergian]. There is no need to post at a specific time. Just take a moment to light a candle and let Max’s family the autistic community, and the world know that you value Max’s light. We hope that on Sunday, November 17th Everyone can light a candle for Max and use #ShineOnMax. If for any reason lighting a candle is not ideal for you, images featuring candles will be available at the bottom of the this post and on ICARS the Aspergian Everyone is welcome to make their own images for #ShineOnMax. If you are an individual wanting to stay in the loop about how to keep children and adults with disabilities safe from dangerous restraints and seclusion or want to get involved please follow ICARS on Facebook or Twitter. Max’s family and mother would really like it if on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other forms of social media you would use #ShineOnMax. I am also participating in the vigil. I’m going to light a candle. For Max [match stick crackling, candle makes a noise as it’s lit] [audible sigh] If you’d like to show solidarity for Max’s family please leave a comment below that is positive and supportive.I’m gonna make that Max’s Mother receives your supportive comments. Thank you.

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22 thoughts on “13 y/o Autistic Boy Killed by Teacher who Kept Working with Children FOR ALMOST A YEAR AFTER [CC]

  1. Okay, so I may have been in this situation at one point. When I was in middle school, I was part of a building that had middle, elementary and high school all in one place for people with mental illnesses. I am bipolar, and on the autism spectrum. The elementary teacher, who was right next door to my room and could be accessed via two doors in between the bathrooms, was a piece of shit. I dunno if she got off on being awful to all of us, or was just an average Karen, but she was just…. bad. And, at one point, she restrained me by pulling as hard as she could on my shirt collar and throwing me into the walled off 'calm down' area. I ended up with a mark on my neck, and, of course, she denied being responsible for it. Last I heard she was still working in the district at the actual elementary school in the area, still being as big of a jerk to the special ed kids as ever. Unfortunately, the reason I heard it was because my mom (who, at the time, was tutoring kids who were far behind in their studies) ran into her during one of the kids' she worked with's IEP meeting, and she hadn't changed. I have zero idea why schools continuously hire people who are either unqualified to work with the mentally ill (my freshman high school teacher had only been hired to be the Special Ed teacher because they actually wanted him to be a coach…), or are not fit emotionally to do the job, but it makes me sick.

  2. Oh, it’s so much sicker than even this. My own son was abused there too, but he survived. Just a few feet away from where Kimberly Wohlwend was suffocating Max, my own child was also being given prone restraints… get this, even AFTER Max died!! But his teacher has not been charged yet. Not even a scratch on her credential. And she’s not the only one. She could show up in your own kid’s classroom tomorrow and you’d NEVER KNOW IT! And as much as I’d like to give you her name, I cannot, for legal reasons.

  3. Supportive comment: Max Benson is a hero who saved hundreds of kids’ lives, including my own son. My family will forever venerate Max. I only saw Max briefly in the office one day, but I never forgot his sweet smile. It’s one of those moments that seems so simple when it happens, and you can’t put your finger on why you remember it so vividly. But I think it was because Max was the only ray of sunshine in that dark place.

  4. #ShineOnMax – My heart broke listening to this story. I am sending my love to Max's family and friends, and neighbors.

  5. I was in a Special Ed school that "restrained" young students that didn't "behave". There was a cement bunker they called a "Quiet Room".

    I do not know how places like this are even allowed to exist.
    Memories of my classroom life are surrounded with the tormented screams of my fellow students.

  6. I would have gone to Jail……… I hate that people are so stupid and mean……. this poor baby……… I feel for teh mother. She must be devastated………but I am sure Max is watching over her now.

  7. If you intend to continue making youtube content, I'd like to contribute by helping you get some better audio equipment. The mic quality is pretty low on these but if you have an amazon wishlist or something where I can buy you a mic please link me. 🙂 I think your experience and stories are ones which should be heard (in better quality.)

  8. This world did not deserve someone so great as Max. RIP

    Something I do want to mention is that point out is how that point on how neuroatypical people are often unmotivated by desires for wealth or fame rather than merely contributing to the greater good is in fact exploited by neurotypicals today who often exploit our passions in lieu of proper compensation. In the video game sphere alone, there's a great video by one Jim Sterling on the subject of "How Game Companies Abuse Passion," and there is one particularly disgusting document found within that describes "the undiscovered Asperger's engineer" as "the holy-grail" simply for having a combination of technical expertise and social deficiency that is primed for exploitation, and I would be kidding myself to think that this sphere is the only one wherein this problem exists.

  9. That teacher needs to be charged with murder but sadly ableism is everywhere and this is far from an isolated occurrence we need to work together and stand together to make sure such horrific abuses never occur again rest in power max neurodivergent power and solidarity!

  10. What your taught as a child: people are good and the world is great, just be happy

    What you learn as an adult (aka what you unlearn from being a child): people are more bad than good, the world is all too often the worst, fight to make the world a happier, better place, because way too many people are trying to do the complete opposite of that

  11. I gotta tell you, this was one hell of a difficult 👍 to give because of the subject matter

  12. Disability rights are human rights. Solidarity to everyone struggling with discrimination and mistreatment for existing peacefully as they are.

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