13 Types of Students in Group Projects
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13 Types of Students in Group Projects

[footsteps approaching] [school bell ringing]>>Good morning, students. Welcome back from your holidays. The time has come
for your group assessment. So get into your groups.>>Ren Yi Xiang,
I like your new hair.>>Kevin, do you want to be my group?
>>Really? Of course. Yes!>>Hey Vicki, do you think Ben will want
to be in a same group as me?>>Okay, Class T1T5. As you all know,
aside from excelling as an individual, it’s important for
the school to see how well you work with others. And so your group project
will be 30% of your final grade. So, you better take it seriously. Your task is to build
a paper airplane that can fly the furthest.
Now get into your groups. I’ve done everyone
a huge favour by deciding your groups for you. Get back to your seats! In Group A, we have Abby,
Hamzah, Ben and Debbie. Group B: Juhi, Pei Shi,
Ren Yi Xiang, and Kevin.>>Yes! In Group C: Cherylene, Melissa,
Vincent, Denise and JianHao. Uh, Sorry, not JianHao,
>>Huh? It’s Vicky.
>>Hmm? And in Group D: We have Trev,
JianHao, Sandeep and Vicknesh.>>Who?>>Okay, come, get to
work people. [MUSIC] [Types of Students in
Group Projects] [Students in Group Projects
The Awkward Teammates]>>So, you guys new
or something?>>[I’ve been in your class
since kindergarten.]>>Really? Kindergarten?>>[Remember you wanted to
go to the toilet then you did it in your pants]
>>[Laughs] Okay, okay. We don’t have to talk
about that. Wait, but you don’t
speak English?>>You of all people should know
that I don’t know English, but… Thai, Punjabi, Hindi, French
Korean, Japanese, Somallan and everything else.>>Great, and… Awesome. Trev, finally someone familiar. So I was thinking
for our design.>>Umm, sorry, bro. I’m going to go
over to Ben’s table.>>For what?>>To see if he has any ideas. I’ll be back.>>Great, that’s just great. [Students in Group Projects
The Deserter]>>Hey, what’s up, guys?
How’s it going?>>How’s your group, bro?>>It’s wack, bro. I’m just gonna
chill with you guys, and let them do all the work. I don’t care.>>Are you sure?
It’s 30 percent of our grade.>>I’ll make up for it
during the exams. Hey, you guys want
to play MapleStory M? There’s a new update.>>I think we should get
some work done before we start playing, right? [laughing]
>>What?>>But, I mean she’s right,
we should focus on our project first.>>What?
supposed to do? Do you think we’re allowed
to use calculators? Does anyone need a calculator?>>Uhh, I think this one.
>>I brought glitter glue, Do you think we can use that? Does anyone need blue tac?>>Does anybody have a ruler?
THE DISTRACTION]>>Hey guys, check it out,
in Maplestory M’s new update there’s new character
called Phantom. His main weapon is a cane
and he steals the skills of Explorer class characters
to beat others down.>>Oh my god,
I’ve been playing too. I keep using steal because it
makes the gameplay so fun.>>Yeah, I mean check it out.
[making sound effects]>>Vincent, it’s fine if you
don’t want to contribute, but can you not distract
the rest of the groupmates?>>All right, babe,
I’ll contribute. What topic is this again? What are we doing here? Aren’t we supposed
to build something? Something about boats, right? [STUDENTS IN GROUP PROJECTS
THE OVERACHIEVER]>>I need to show you guys
something. So, somehow Vicky knew about
this project months ago, So the three of us did
some pre-research, and came out different ways
on how we can fold a plane, look.>>Well done, ladies.
>>Thanks. Which designs do you think
we should go for? Well, actually I’ve been
doing some research on aerodynamic
principles on my own and I’ve come up with
these ten different designs. Each of these have
been crafted using very precise flow visualisations
and force measurements. Plus, I’ve taken into account
the lift equations so our plane will be able
to stay in the air for the longest period of time. [clapping] But, actually we
don’t need to use all of these, just this one. This is the best. This one I
can build with a remote control. So technically it will stay in the air
for the longest period of time. [STUDENTS IN GROUP PROJECTS
THE BOSSY GROUP LEADER]>>Okay, so as the
group leader, I want to make sure that
we crush the other groups.>>You do know that
it’s not a competition, right?>>What do you mean
this is not a competition? Of course,
it is a competition. Okay, so here are some of the
rules that I came up with for all of you. So Kevin go and do
some research. And Juhi, go and gather
all the materials that we need to make
the perfect plane. And you, Ren Yi Xiang,
go and get some markers and start on the decoration
so we can have a pretty place.>>What about you,
you’re doing nothing.>>Supervising, delegating,
envisioning.>>I’m PMSing.>>What? It’s not easy
to be a good leader, okay? Okay, so go and complete
all the tasks that I’ve given you. [MapleStory M theme
THE COUPLE]>>Okay we’re done with the designs,
you guys can play your game now.>>Do you want to join us?>>Really? Okay.>>Did you guys know that they
applied the wedding system To MapleStory M
in their new update? Hmmm, characters can now get
married in the game and get an eternal wedding ring
and there are massive rewards for the couples and attendees
of the ceremony, look guys.>>Hey Debbie,
let’s get married.>>Really?
>>What?>>Yes, yes, yes, yes
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.>>Uhh, just in the game. So that we can receive bonus,
special bag during gameplay. And also, receive special rewards
when we celebrate our anniversary. So it makes sense for us
to get married, right?>>It better just be
in the game, bro.>>Of course, it’s
just in the game. Let’s go to the wedding
park and propose. Hey guys, let’s attend the ceremony
and get the rewards. [THE “HARDWORKING” GROUP]>>So the paper part of
the plane will be made with the paperboard.
>>We need a paper board, and we need a ruler,
>>Uh, measuring tape?>>Yes, definitely,
a measuring tape. [THE REBELLIOUS TEAMMATES]>>Guys, where are
the materials? Where are the markers? and where did you
guys even go?>>Pei Shi, you did nothing. Okay, so we decided
not to do anything as well.>>Yeah, why must we make
the plane so colorful? Are we even graded on that? Why not just make it pink?>>And who made you
the group leader anyways?>>I’m the leader because
no one volunteered.>>Madam Soot Beng!
Pei Shi is doing nothing and making us do
all the work.>>What the hell is
wrong with you?>>Who would trust you
to be the leader?>>Who would trust you
in general? You make promises
and you don’t show up.>>Cause you are not worth
showing up for. Okay?
[thunder rumbling] And you! Can you be
more specific? What pink? [arguing]>>Stop talking so loudly!
THE CREDIT STEALER] Wow, wow, wow, Group C,
what is this? I’m very impressed. These designs are
more advanced than most scientists
can come up with.>>Yes, we all came up
with this together, but mostly me, mostly me. I do most of the things,
just because I really want to be involved
in making this.>>Is that so?
>>Hmm.>>Madam Soot Beng.
>>I can’t take all the credit myself. It’s a teamwork thing. Everyone did their part,
even though I did more… I did more but everyone
deserves credit.>>Okay. Well, then great
initiative, Vicent, I’m looking forward to seeing
your end product then.>>Just doing my part.
THE SCAPEGOAT]>>Group D! Why does it look like you haven’t
made any progress at all? The rest of your classmates are
already done with their designs.>>Well, Madame Soot Beng.
>>Good afternoon, Madam Soot Beng, We are trying to complete
our work but as the group leader JianHao refuses
to give us any tasks.>>Wow. JianHao Tan,
how selfish of you. Always thinking that
you’re so smart. You’re gonna cause
all your teammates to fail. Wake up!>>So now you speak English? Help me figure
out this equation.>>[What are you saying?
I don’t understand] [THE DESPERATE TEAMMATE]>>Alright, look guys, this is
30 percent of our grade. And I know that I’m not going
to do well in the exams. So I’m really counting
on this group project and I need
everyone’s cooperation to just do whatever
it takes to get this done. All right?
So here’s the plan. I know a guy who we can pay to make
these kind of stuff. So all we have to do is just
pass this to him. Take it. Just take it.>>Tell them we
want it big.>>All right.>>Woah, woah, woah. Are you saying
that you want to cheat?>>Dude, if anybody
else finds out, Or if Madam Soot
Beng finds out… We’re going to
get screwed. And I, for one, do not partake
in these kind of. Hey, you’re waiting for what?
Let’s go!>>All right.
THE CHEATER]>>Oh, hey Denise.
>>Hey, JianHao. How’s your group going?>>My group? It’s great. It’s great. It’s just the best.
>>Really? Well, if you need this,
these are some of my designs. I know we’re not supposed
to share them but these are not used so technically
you won’t be copying.>>Oh, wow. Thanks Denise.>>No worries. You know, I heard that one of the groups
are paying someone outside of school to do
the project for them. And I just think it’s
so unethical as students. How can we be so dishonest
about our work? If it were me, I would be
so embarrassed about myself. If I found out who did it, I would lose
all respect for them.>>I know right?
Me too.>>Is your eye okay?>>My eye? It’s all right. Just just a little twitch.>>Oh, I have some
Eye-Mo in my locker. Let me go and
get it for you.>>No, I mean it’s
just an allergy so you don’t have
to worry about it.>>What about tissue? I can get it from
my locker as well. Uh, how about we just
go back into class? Okay, you can go in first,
and I’ll catch you back inside.>>Are you sure?>>Yeah. I’m sure, I’m certain.>>Okay.
>>I’ll see you inside. Guys, I don’t think we
should cheat anymore. I have these and I think
we can build a plane.>>What did you say bro? I can’t afford to fail,
I can only afford to cheat. So take this man. Okay, just, just, just
take it, just take it, and throw it away,
just throw it away. [STUDENTS IN GROUP PROJECTS
THE GOSSIPERS]>>So I heard that JianHao’s team
is cheating on their project.>>What? No, he would
never do that. Ah, forget about it babe. You know what, we should totally
get married on MapleStory M and think of all the couple
names we can have. There’s Dincent, Venise.
How aboue Dince? You like Dince?
You like Dince?>>Yeah.
>>Yeah. Let’s go. Dince, Dince, Dince
Dince, Dince, Dince. Shall we get married?
>>Sure, Vincent. All right, you guys, you are all
invited for the wedding. You’re gonna get those rewards. Yeah. Guess that means
we’re official now.>>Hey, bro. Have you seen my rocket? Wanna play with it? Ah! My rocket.>>Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this video. There are a lot
of amazing new updates to MapleStory M for
its one year anniversary. So aside from what you
watched in the video, there are lots of special events
to gain massive exps and rewards such as mythic-class equipment,
boss accessory choice box, and special damaged skin
and much more. So if you haven’t downloaded
the game, do it now, and use the code “MapleHao” and as usual subscribe, watch
our latest video, and I’ll see you
in the next one. Bye.

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