12 DIY School Supplies HACKS Everyone Should Try For Back To School!
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12 DIY School Supplies HACKS Everyone Should Try For Back To School!

Hey! Whats up guys welcome back to my channel or welcome if you’re new!! and if you guys haven’t received a hug, here you go! here’s your welcome hug! Nice and tight. Here’s another back to school video, and we did one last week, Which was 50 back to school hacks. Today will be 12 DIY school supply hacks, which means DIY’s which I actually can do because I suck at DIY’s, as well as hacks, which means things that make things super easy… DIY’s and hacks together? It’s amazing! *record Scratch* Hold up! If you guys aren’t part of the family here already, I encourage you guys to join There’s a subscribe button here If you guys are part of the family, you will actually be eligible to enter my Macbook Air giveaway We also have bonus prizes for 2 million subscribers Draw on August 21st!! So, if you want to see what they are, just follow my Instagram, Twitter, and vlog channel and you’ll win the following prizes, it is all down below. I get really excited to give you guys prizes. Today we have another thumbs up challenge. Let’s do 80!!! thousand thumbs up because we reached 50 thousand! pretty quickly last time. so lets try 80, you know, we can do it! So without further adue, let’s jump straight to the video! Let’s go! Why use everyday boring highlighters, when in just a few seconds, you can turn your highlighter into a rainbow or a super pretty ombre watercolor. To make the rainbow highlighter take a blue and yellow and pink highlighter. Take the pink and color one corner, then take the blue and color the other corner, leaving a bit of yellow in the middle Blue will run into the yellow, create green The pink will run into the yellow, and create orange and it will just blend and yeah! It will make a pretty rainbow! And to make the ombre version, I’m taking the pink and blue highlighter, using the blue to color the pink highlighter. The trick is to always color the lighter highlighter color. At this point you may just get like a two-toned highlighter. And then all you need to do is, either dip your highlighter into some water very quickly, or run it through the tap very quickly, and then dab the water off with a tissue And this will make it look like a watercolor and much lighter than it normally is. Or you can just draw vertically up and down, until the colors mix together You can also use this water trick to make any of your highlighters that are too dark, a little bit lighter as well as more pastel looking, Now you have a beautiful ombre watercolor highlighter that is soooo pretty!! It’ll make you want to study for exams just so you can highlight your notes. And this DIY literally took me 5 seconds, so you guys should definitely give this one a go! *upbeat music* You can personalize your pencils and pens super easily, so that no one will steal them from you For the pencils, grab some washi tape and then line it up with the top, pull it all the way down to the bottom and cut it to length and then just give it a bit of a roll to stick it down along your pencil You might have to do this one on the side if the washi tape doesn’t reach all the way around pencil this works the best
with completely round pencils that’s pretty much it and these actually
sharpen out really well and you’ll never mistake your pencils for
other people’s pencils again *upbeat music* you can always buy colorful pens but if
you have some old boring ballpoint pens at home and you want to jazz them up a
bit you can use this DIY to do that and save yourself some money first of all
put two tablespoons of water in a bowl and then a 1 tablespoon of glue. You can use PVA glue or Elmer’s glue for this. Simply stir it up until you get this milky
white formula. Now you want to dismantle your pen and it’s actually really easy
with these type of pens you simply just pull the nib and it comes right out
and all you need to do is put the liquid glue and then a tip it into your pen
make sure there’s like a bowl underneath because it will come out the other side
but this will make sure you have a nice glue coating in the inside of your pen.
Now grab your glitter and mix it up until you have your perfect color i decided to
mix up everything would look like and then funnel this into the tube before
the glue dries and then it will just stick to the edges of the tube and make
this beautiful glitter pattern Once it’s dry just put the nip back on
carefully make sure not to scratch the edges while you put it in so just drop
it in a super gently and now you are done and now you have these beautiful
glittery pens that any unicorn it would want to steal from you my favorite is
this peak purpley color it’s holographic goodness it is so pretty Have you ever wondered whats its like to write with a quilt you know like the olden days well i’m gonna show you this great DIY
so you can create your very own all you need is some large feathers from the
craft store design and paint your feather and you can totally get
creative with it I got some neon paint and some metallic paint and just went nuts grab your pen and unscrew it and then
just pull out one of those color pen tubes in any color you want, measure
it up and cut off any excess tube now grab scissors and cut off the tip to
reveal the opening tube and all you need to do now is to put it together and push
it into the feather stem, it is actually that easy. i found that most large
feathers actually fit perfectly with the pen tube like a snug sock so i made a
so many of these and got super obsessed with how pretty they were. ♪ I’m like a bird, I wanna fly away ♪ Who needs silver staples in your life because they can be so boring you can make your own color staples in
just a few minutes, just grab your favorite sharpie color and just color
the top of them and yeah that’s pretty much it you can make so many different
colors super quickly and it’s just way more fun to staple things with .. with
colored staples for some reason. now I’m going to go find something to staple. You can make these super cute USB holders from erasers. If you’re always losing your USBs or mistaking it for other peoples, this is the perfect way because it’s like a
two-in-one and all you need to do is find a cute eraser that will fit the end of your USB in and then use an exacto knife and some small scissors and dig
out a hole that will fit your USB and just keep it digging this may take a
little while but trust me it’s worth it in the end until you get the exact depth
and width that you need. If it’s a bit bigger than normal and your USB keeps slipping you can use hot glue to glue your USB but otherwise it usually just won’t budge if
it’s the right size and then you just stick it in and you get this super-cute USB eraser and I actually created one with an actual eraser shape and made the top the
lid so that it hid my USB perfectly. People will totally just think it’s an eraser but BAM it’s a USB that’s so cool right If you have one of these sharpeners
that don’t have anything to catch the shavings with you can actually make a
DIY sharpener catcher with an old tic tac container. or even at your very own
cute starbucks one if you want a fun DIY project. The tic tac one is actually
super easy to make just hot glue your sharpener and horizontally into the opening
of the tic tac container and that’s pretty much it you can even open it up and throw out the shaving even have like a little lid to keep the top closed, you can decorate it
if you want as well and it is just so cute for the starbucks sharpener simply
find a small condiments container with a lid and paint the inside with white
acrylic paint or nail polish, let it dry it needs about two coats and then cut a
hole in the lid so that your pencils can fit in you can use your sharpener as a guide and
then cut it out with some scissors molt some air dry clay so that it fills up
the empty space inbetween the sharpener and the bottom of the container and create a pocket shape for the
sharpener to sit in by pushing it down this is so that the sharpener doesn’t
move around, then hot glue the air dry clay to the bottom of the sharpener
container and then the sharpener to the lid. Print the starbucks label from the
printer and just cut it out use some clear tape and tape it over and that’s
it and the cutest thing was when I put my washi tape pencil in it, it actually
looked like a proper straw for the starbucks container and it just looks so cute. Paper clips aren’t anything special, right? Wrong, you can make your normal paper clip 10 times cuter in like 2 seconds all you need to do is take a regular
paper clip blend it upwards towards the open end of the clip and that’s it it looks like a complete mess now but
when you actually clip it on it’s a cute little heart I don’t know why I’ve never done this
before because it’s so easy and i’ll definitely be using these with all
future paper clips because it’s just way more fun I’m always losing small objects like
hair ties, bobby pins, elastic bands, yup and paper clips now I can’t help you with
the first three things with this half but I have one that will save your paper clips from going missing. All you need to do is find any old fridge magnet, a
pencil tin and hot glue.All you want to do is cut the fridge magnet to size and
then hot glue it onto the side of your pencil tin. You now have a magnetic paper clip holder and so there will always be a paper clip for you ready when you need one. Create your own custom pattern folder dividers that are also super practical simply just use washi tape and cut it to size, fold these sides across and then the top over and that’s pretty much it, it is so simple. Just use alternating patterns for all your tabs and it will look so cute. Now you can write whatever you want on it and, this is the amazing part, you want to change what it says simply just
peel the tape off and you have a brand-new set of dividers ready to
go. So say yes to re-using dividers and
saving some money. I love this hack because it turns
your binder into a super organizer. Just get a piece of cardboard the size of
your divider or cut one to size. I chose a black because it really makes the sticky notes pop, mark out and punch holes on the side so it fits perfectly into your
folder now layout your sticky notes until you get a pattern that you like and then
hot glue them onto the cardboard once you put it into your folder, you’ll always have a set of stickies to remind you to do things. This is a life saver for me because I
never actually remember anything so I really gotta write it down and stick it somewhere or I’m just gonna forget and that’s not good when you have things due. So whilst filming this DIY, something so
cute happened I was feeding my kitties treats and they went nuts for it and when Mia gets really excited about food she stands up like a little meerkat and
Mickey just wants to give me high-fives it is adorable I just had to share this
with you guys. This DIY is so cool because it turns your folder into a chalkboard or pretty much anything else into a chalkboard and
all you need is a chalkboard paint and a paint roller, an optional use of a paint
roller is literally to roll your cat because Mia just loved this and she
purred so much so maybe this is like a cat massage device.Tape any section you want to keep clean, get some chalkboard paint onto the roller and then roll away. did you know you can get chalkboard
paint in a bunch of different colors like I had a hard time choosing because there were blues, greens, purples and I ended up choosing this rose pink because I thought it was ust so beautiful. I used about two coats before I got the finish I wanted and once it’s dry you can decorate away. I found these amazing neon liquid chalk pens as well which made it more fun decorating and that means you can change the design on
your folder anytime you like and when you’re sick of it just get a
damp tissue or cloth and wipe it away and also use this as a to-do list as well
but if you don’t want to keep your to do list on the front of your folder you can
even chalkboard paint one of your folder dividers and keep your to-do list there
and that way you can just like wipe it off when you’re done and you’re always reminded about what’s due in the upcoming week, so I hope you guys try it as well. How cool were these hacks guys? If you guys do any just tag me because I want to go and
comment. I will be there stalking you guys and you know what? We’re not going to see
each other for a whole entire week unless you follow my vlog channel or my socials. I’ll miss your beautiful faces. Until next week, bye! Love you!

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