11 Back To School Supplies Ideas! Smart DIY School Accessories and School Hacks
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11 Back To School Supplies Ideas! Smart DIY School Accessories and School Hacks

Jessica is looking up some stationery
for the rest of the school year. Not a bad price, huh? Let’s add it to the cart! Quick! Put down your phone, Jess! A few days later we get a bang on the door. I wonder who could that be… Yay! You didn’t order another panda
costume, did you, Jess? *chuckle* Ugh, but it sure seems heavy… Wow… That’s A LOT of pencils, girl! How did this happen? The answer to this mystery must be
somewhere outside of the box. Of course! One pack contains 10,000 pencils! Wait a second! This might just not be the end of the road! You’ll want to grab a handful
of pencils. Let’s just focus on one for now and find a medium-sized piece of felt. Use your trusty glue gun to stick buttons on the top and bottom of the material. Attach smaller pieces of the same material on the lower sides. Now fold them back and glue them to the top. Press a few times to make sure that all
components stay together. It’s time to put those extra pencils to good use! Stick them in horizontal lines side by side like this. Do the same on the other
side and you’re done! Way to go rockin’ that preppy look, Jess! Not only is it
unquestionably original but you can also keep all of your necessities with you! Now Jessica will definitely draw attention with her unique accessory! Who doesn’t like to enjoy a cup of coffee while doing homework? A few sips ever so often can help you stay awake and focused. Let’s get back to
long… …long… …looong hours of studying… Uh… what time is it…? I guess even coffee didn’t
help you stay awake. We should really get back to studying! Where were we? Maybe a sip of coffee will help you focus. Oh Jess, I guess you weren’t paying
attention to where you put your mug after all! No worries, we have an idea! Let’s take that coffee stained piece of paper and add even more circles! Just take a pair of scissors and cut out a rectangular shape. Here you go! Now you have a good looking bookmark to remind you to always stay awake while studying! You are not gonna believe what happened
yesterday! It’s totally mind-blowing! Our well-known troublemaker Jacob thought of an idea to playfully bully our poor storyteller. It’s not funny, guys, give it back! Shoot!
Is this an ink stain? Oh… these never come out… Now you have really done it,
Jacob! Lay down baking paper. Apply duct tape in straight lines from one side to
another like this. Repeat it until you have covered the whole paper. Then take a
black marker, draw a spill like shape and cut it out Adjust it on the backpack and carefully
peel the tape sticker off the paper. Now stick it on the clean part of
your backpack, take a can of silver spray paint and use it on the uncovered part. Finally remove the sticker and rock that splash on the back! Looks like Emma has
really done her homework! Look at that upgrade! It’s time to hit the class! Maybe a little candy jar with a “sorry” note will cheer her up. Thank you, guys!
No hard feelings. Wait, is this the same backpack? Oh yes, it is! Now it looks INK-redible! What a delicious looking croissant… Emily sure could go for something as sweet and tasty as their snack. Sadly it seems these lovebirds are not willing to share… Oooh, right! Excuse us while we eat our phone cases. What is she doing…? I see nothing weird
about it! Delicious! Girl, how’s that even edible?! Oh, we’ll show you the magic behind it! Prepare a flat surface and take a piece
of desired colour fondant. Firstly roll it out to make it look like a worm. Then make a few of them in different colors. Now twist them together like this and
mix it into a solid piece. Make a little ball out of it. Take a rolling pin and
flatten out the sweet dough. You see how all those colors gave it a marble effect? We’re almost done! Now let’s turn it into a phone case! Take a piece of
cellophane and wrap it around your phone. Lay the fondant on it and using a precision knife cut out the edges. Flip it over and make a rectangular hole for
the camera. Put the phone inside and that’s it! See? Nothing weird about it!
Wanna try some? Wish me luck! Adam sure seems to enjoy Emily’s new
phone case! Even Jessica can’t resist trying it out! You see, guys? There sure is
nothing sweeter than sharing a treat with friends! Yes! Another victory in the
pocket! Whoops! Here goes the page… Oh no, let me see… Oh yeah, that’s easy! It’s a good thing
that you were writing on the middle page. Take a ballpen and use it to open both
staples. Now you can easily remove the ruined
page and send it flying! Don’t forget to close them back. Here you go! Now that’s a
way to get out of a “tear-ible” situation! While working on her project Helen needs
to get some information from her flash drive. Isn’t it annoying how it’s always
difficult to see the USB port? I’m sure this happens to most of us! Maybe this time? Nope, still hard to see? If only we could somehow make this easier… Aha! This red sticky tape should do the trick! Put a small rectangular piece on your
USB Drive and stick another one so that both pieces would connect into a straight line. Simple makes it perfect! No more unnecessary frustration! The gift card is almost done. We just need some scotch tape. Where are the scissors
though? Ewww! Don’t bite it! That’s not gonna work… No worries, we’ll help you out! Grab a roll of sticky tape and put it inside an empty container of Tic Tac. Using a
heated needle make a hole in the middle. Do the same for the other side. Insert a toothpick through those holes. Cut off the extra parts and secure it
with a glue gun. Now take the lid, flip it over and using
a stationary knife cut a small part of it as shown. We’re almost done! Finish it by breaking one piece of the blade and attaching it to the lid. Just be careful! It’s pretty sharp. That’s it! No need to have scissors! Your Tic-Tac case container turned into a practical sticky tape case to use it wherever you go! And that blade we used is sharp enough to easily cut through the tape. Now you can finish up your gift card with ease! Madison has been left after
class. Apparently she didn’t press the subscribe button on her phone! Always subscribe to Crafty Panda! Class is finished! I hope you learned
your lesson! The girls are rocking their art class. And as always Jess will focus on fashion as much as she can. Wait! What’s that? It looks like Jessica stained her palm with graphite. This can get messy pretty
fast and removing it can be a struggle. Any ideas, Emily? Not sure if this napkin will be enough, darling… Luckily for us, Emily remembered she has a pack of lip balm close by. Simply apply some lip balm
on your skin. Give it a minute to soak in. And use a cloth or a napkin to brush it
off. Whoa, that’s amazing! Taking it off was almost zero hassle! Hey, Emily, how are you doing? Wait a second, is that a marshmallow Oreo?! Where did you get it from? We didn’t see that
in the buffet! Hmm… Something smells fishy. Did you do something with it, Emily? Apparently it’s not an actual Oreo! It’s just a tasty looking eraser! Wow! Madison, we should make one of our own! We’ll need a bowl of cornstarch and a batch of silicon. Just give it a good squeeze onto the starch powder. And use
plastic gloves to form a ball shape. Clean up the area and flatten it down by
pressing in a single Oreo on top of it. Be generous with the push and let it dry
for a minute. Take out the cookie and fill the stamp with some eraser clay instead. Use your fingers to push the clay around to form an Oreo shape. Now take it out and place another circular frosting piece within the two Oreo pieces and bake it at a 120 degrees for 30 minutes. Go back to school and surprise your friends with a pack of home baked Oreo cookies! *chuckle* Your classmates will have
no clue what’s going on. And will be happy to accept your tasty offer! Alright, this is it! You’re one evil genius, Madison! *evil laughter* Hey, Crafty Pandas! I hope
you enjoyed these school supply ideas! Let us know which of these accessories
you’re going to customize first in the comments down below! If you want to learn more feel free to check out our older videos. Hit the subscribe button and
bring that bell to stay tuned for more!

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