10 TYPES OF STUDENTS #Funny #Bloopers | Types of kids during exams | Aayu and Pihu Show
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10 TYPES OF STUDENTS #Funny #Bloopers | Types of kids during exams | Aayu and Pihu Show

A P P L E – Apple Aayu please study quietly OK Sister APPLE ORANGE I said quietly !!! OK I have to speak quietly APPLE ORANGE 10 TYPES OF STUDENTS Pihu – Yes Mumma Pihu, take a break – You are studying since 2 hours. Mumma, only 1 chapter is remaining, then I’ll take break. OK Aayu, was your sister an OWL earlier ??? But mumma, what happened? I cannot understand, since last 2 hours….. How are you reading book upside down ???? Sorry Mumma Learn from your younger brother… He is studying properly See….. Quiet What is this ? Battery of your TAB must have drained in last 2 hours… Charge it … Sorry mumma See your son now… ALWAYS EATING STUDENTS CAR ROAD Mumma, I am hungry, please give something. For me also… OK, kids Drink some milk. CAR ROAD Mumma give some thing else … Yes, eat these Laddoos (Indian sweet) Mumma, bring something else. Mumma, why are you bringing only sweets. Bring something salty also… Yes, here is namkeen / snack CAR ROAD Mumma, bring some water, this is very spicy Both of you must sit in kitchen and study !!! Since you are studying, you are giving orders. Mumma, we are studying also. Your focus is only on eating rather than studying. Mumma bring this, mumma bring that !!! You don’t want to study What have you studied till now ??? CAR ROAD OK, what else do you want ??? LAZY STUDENTS Mumma, shall I put this flower inside ? Yes put this inside properly. Aayu Just go and check, is your sister studying? OK Sister get up… Mumma is asking, what are you doing? What should I say? You can tell mumma… That I am studying Mumma Sister is studying properly OK I just ask pihu, what should I make for lunch? Mumma stop, I will ask He is very nice kid Sister get up. Mumma is asking, what do you want to eat? Rajma Chawal Mumma Can I go to garden ? Ask your sister, If her revision is done? Then both of you can go together OK Mumma Sister get up. Have you finished your revision ? Go away You are disturbing again and again Now I will tell her… Mumma, sister is calling you…. Come Why are you taking my pic? So that, I can show to your daddy That you are always sleeping I didn’t say anything !!! MEMORIZING STUDENTS Learning Sanskrit Sister, what are you doing? Please don’t disturb me, I have to memorize it. Go away Mumma, sister is blowing crackers…. I am learning sanskrit BAHANEBAAZ STUDENTS Exams are about to come, study for some time. Aayu, mumma is asking us to study. We can make an excuse But, what excuse? You can say, your foot is aching. I will say My stomach is aching OK You haven’t started studying Mumma, my stomach is aching OK, your stomach is aching? That was my excuse… What about you ? Mumma My stomach is aching in my foot…. What? Come, I will give medicine to your foot ALWAYS STUDYING STUDENTS Pihu you are still not ready. Are you not coming for movie? No mumma, I have to study a lot. Please sister come, I will get bored alone. Come pihu, we will enjoy a lot Ok, I will get ready Mumma, I am ready Kid, we are going for a movie. Not to Tuition. Laughing I can study in movie also. It is very dark in movie theater, How will you study? I have this mumma. KIDS WATCHING TV 6 6 6 Aayu, shift a bit. As mumma comes, we will turn off the TV. Mumma is coming. Aayu, mumma has gone. Aayu Channel 672 Wow, what a scene? You both are studying? TV is ON and you are sitting in front of books. Is this the way to study? TIME TABLE STUDENTS Mumma, give me lunch it is 2 PM Yes, bringing in 2 mins. Mumma, I am late by 2 mins Sorry kid. Mumma it is 2:15, I will study maths now. Mumma, it is 3 PM, I am going to tuition. Mumma it is 5 PM, I am back from tuition Give me milk, I will study english Yes kid, I am bringing Mumma it is 5:02, bring fast. Bringing She is not Pihu, she is TIME TABLE SISTER She does everything according to clock. Sister, when do you play? from 6 to 6:15 Very good sister. After playing 6:15 to 7 Homework After that? 7 to 7:30 tuition homework After that? 7:30 to 8, I will watch TV After that? 8 to 8:15 dinner After that? 8:15 to 9 prepare for test. After that? After that I will go to sleep After that? I will sleep But sister… When will you go to toilet ? LIAR STUDENTS Kid, have you finished your course? Yes mumma How many chapters are going to come? 5 Completed all of them? Yes Good to know that…. First paper preparation is complete ? Yes mumma Then you can prepare for second. Second is also complete. Revision is also complete Very good What subject test is tomorrow ? Which subject test it there…. You said you have prepared, but you don’t know subject. Great FUTURE STUDENTS YESR 2050 Pihu Please come, your 7th STD memory card has arrived. Yes mumma Kid, I am uploading 7th STD course today. OK Congratulations !!! You passed 7th STD. Wow mumma Same way, next year 8th STD. Yes I passed 7th STD, in just 1 day. Yeah What happened? Yeah i passed 7th STD Good Morning Wake up Which class have you passed? Your have not even gave exams. No mumma, you inserted memory card. Which memory card, I haven’t done anything. No one can pass class, by memory card. You must be dreaming !!! Your exams are yet to come. I wish this dream come true. Insert memory card here. Pass exams in just 2 minutes. Your dreams are also like this … That you do not have to study. I am fed up from both of you. Both kids gave so many excuses, for not studying. Now, I have to teach them Why studies are important ? Do not miss our next moral story !!! Which part did you liked the most ? Please comment Come, let us watch bloopers. Start

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