10 Types of Kids at Back to School!
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10 Types of Kids at Back to School!

Oh my god, who is that? She looks amazing. I think that’s Rachel Levit. No way. Yeah, no, let me– look. Oh my god, she really blowed up. I know. Man, puberty hit
her like a truck. Hey guys, it’s Rachel. So I decided to do the ten
different types of kids at back to school time. Also, I’m currently having
a back to school giveaway where I giveaway a MacBook
Air, and the only rule to enter is that you must be subscribed. And the giveaway
ends on August 12. So if you’re already
subscribed, then you’re already automatically entered. And add me on
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scenes of videos, like I just did right now. See? You didn’t know there was
a person filming, did you? Give this video a thumbs
up if you like it, let’s see if we can get
to 400,000 thumbs up. And also, comment down
below which person you are, or you know. OK, let’s get off the video. Oh my god, did you
hear Sara already got suspended from school,
and she hasn’t even stepped foot on campus. Really? Yeah. I wonder how she did that. Did you know that Sara already
got suspended from school, and she didn’t even
step foot on campus? No way. I know. Where’s room 311? This school makes no sense. Excuse me? Do you know where room 311 is? Excuse me? Do you know where room 311 is? Sorry I’m late, I couldn’t
find the classroom. Yo yo yo, we should
start free-styling. Really? In front of everyone? Yeah, let’s do it. Go, hit the beat, hit the beat. All right. Uh, uh, sitting in class. OK class, what is the
square root of 144? (THINKING) God, I hope
they don’t choose me, but I think the answer is 12. Roland? 12? That is correct. (THINKING) Oh my God, I
should’ve raised my hand, I knew it was 12. Square root of 2000–? (THINKING) The answer is 46. But what if it’s not? No. Rachel? 46? That is incorrect. (THINKING) Oh my god, I
just ruined my entire life, now everyone’s going
to make fun of me. Wow, that was such
a stupid answer, like how could you be that
dumb and just say that answer? Is that your locker? Yeah. Yeah, that’s your locker? Do you like having
a locker next to me? Yeah, this is what it’s going to
be like the rest of the school year buddy. (THINKING) Oh god, I
really hate my nose. Good god, dude, what’s
wrong with your nose? Yeah, man, like, I met this
super hot girl at summer camp, we just really like hit
it off and everything, and like, yeah, so. Do you got any pictures of her? Yeah, no, I wasn’t
able to get any, I don’t have any
pictures of her, no. Oh, that’s all right. And then after that,
we went to the Bahamas, and then in the Bahamas
we just got to like chill. It was just me and
my family, we just got to hang out the whole time. The hotels out there,
man, the hotels. If you’re comfortable
with FOILing. Oh my god, guys, guys,
there’s a 5 Seconds Of Summer music video on the side of the
video we’re watching in class. Oh my god. I have to Tweet about
this, this is going to make the fandom so happy. OK, class, who wants to read? Me! OK, Julia, go ahead. OK. Who picks en- clued rat-i-nal
and ir-rat-i-nal and coomp- lex mmm– So, why did you choose to read? Because I wanted to? Oh, okay. Rachel, what are the
first 10 digits of pi? It’s 3.1415– 64! Incorrect. And she didn’t even call on you. [CRICKETS CHIRPING] So I hope you guys
enjoyed this video, if you didn’t see my
previous two videos, click those down
below and subscribe right over there if you’re
not subscribed already. OK, I love you
guys so much, bye!

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100 thoughts on “10 Types of Kids at Back to School!

  1. Students in my school:
    the Popular kids
    the Teacher's Pet
    the Jocks
    the Cheerleaders
    the Shy kids
    the Softies
    the Class Clowns
    the Emo kids
    the Science nerds
    the Fan girls/Fanboys
    the Tough kids
    the Gossipers

  2. I am in fourth grade yet I know the gossiper. The GOSSIPER is rude to me! 😒 Anyway love you Rachel!

  3. Okay I'm a bit late and by a bit I mean a couple years late but I didn't glow up. I glowed down, I was like the most attractive person in my grade and now my back zits have back zits

  4. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌

  5. Hi did all them thing and follow your sbapchat and liked and subscribe and turn bell on i did all them things

  6. Guys I think I might have made my own type: the type of person that doesn’t give a fuck when they are nervous or shy…

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