10 Tips for New Preschool Teachers | NO SMALL MATTER a film on preschool education
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10 Tips for New Preschool Teachers | NO SMALL MATTER a film on preschool education

Congratulations – you got a teaching job! Are you excited? Yeah you are. Are you scared? Probably. Well here are some tips that I
wish i would have had my first year of teaching and i’m going to give them to
you. Hopefully they help. Number 1 – those first two weeks really do matter. So have a plan but be prepared to have it
change. You need to be flexible. You’re kinda going to be on a tightrope for
the first two weeks… You’ll get through it. Number 2 – your rug time is gonna crash and burn – often – and that’s totally fine. You’re going to learn the signs – when
they start getting fidgety do a finger play. Two kids talking? Separate them. And when in doubt just dance. Nothing will make it better than dancing. Number 3 – your patience will be tried. and tried again and again so you have to learn what works for you.
Is it taking a deep breath? Is it tagging an assistant in? Whatever it is, learn it, learn it quickly, and know that
it’s going to be okay. Number 4 – be silly and have a sense of humor! Teaching preschool is really serious – dare I say no small matter? But at the same time
it’s the funnest job possible so be silly be yourself and have a good time
doing it. Number 5 – we can’t all be Miss Honey. We’re going to have bad days you’re going to lose your cool and it’s
okay. It happens to everybody. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again – because even Miss Honey has some bad days. Number 6 – enthusiasm is
contagious! Your kids know if you’re not interested in something so go ahead get
down on the floor with them. Play, explore be invested – it’s gonna make a world of
difference. Number 7 – don’t get attached to anything you own.
Much like the kids, wear nothing you value to school. I don’t think I own a
single article of clothing that doesn’t have paint or a stain or a rip on it, so save
yourself the trouble just don’t wear it. Number 8 – don’t be afraid to borrow. See a lesson plan that was pretty cool? An art exploration you want
to try? It’s okay to borrow it – just make sure you put your own spin on it and
make sure you share your stuff too because you never know who you inspire. Number 9 – when in doubt, whisper. It’s probably one of my favorite tricks. The day I learned that it i just didn’t talk over them but talked
under them my class became a much quieter place so don’t be afraid to whisper. It changes everything. Number 10 – when that kid is driving you
nuts hug em. It’s what you both need. For all my experienced preschool teachers out there go ahead and put your tips and tricks in
the comments below and let’s help out these newbies because
we were all there once before.

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42 thoughts on “10 Tips for New Preschool Teachers | NO SMALL MATTER a film on preschool education

  1. Been teaching English for 2 years and im so happy i get to teach english for pre schoolers :). It's so much fun but challenging!! Patience is a MUST, caring, dedication and PASSION. I enjoy teaching ♡ Your videos are so vivid and awesome kudos!!!You inspired me to be a better teacher overall :). Congrats on your great videos!!!

  2. It my first time teaching preschoolers and I run out of ideas to keep them enjoy the class, and to have a great lesson plan for the kids. They are moody and when they are in a very bad mood, it is a nightmare for me. I totally need tips and trick of how to control kid's behaviour :"

  3. Tip: Teach kids its ok to be mad, sad and cry, and after a bit it will feel better. It actually reminds us on our bad days that it's ok to feel down, it will be ok! We need to hear it as much as the kids do.

  4. You are spot-on about the "hugging" part. I think I always hugged, but with older children (preschool-aged) I'll stop them and ask "Do you need a hug?" or "Mondays are tough, here's a hug."

  5. Hi Rachel! Thanks for making this video! & this channel actually 🙂 Today, I have an interview to be a preschool teacher. I have been an Assistant Teacher in the past, but not yet a teacher. I'm excited…yet I also whole-heartedly embrace tips like the ones you share! So again,  thanks for all of your practical advice! I'm believing God will place me with the age group that will be just right for me. I'm anticipating the challenges, but the fun times too. A couple years ago, my mind was revolutionized about the whole concept of early learning. I had no idea, for example , just How Much 2 year olds could learn! I love how their brains are like sponges! 🙂 I have subscribed and am eager to watch more on your channel & take in the nuggets of wisdom! -Ana

  6. Also have a smile when you enter your classroom, leaving behind all your worries and just enjoy your time with them. It can give you new perspective to life as well. Cheers! 🙂

  7. I recently took over a preschool class all 2's, it's my first time being a lead. In the past 3 months they have had multiple teachers. I am having a real hard time getting all of my 2 year olds to come to group. They have had no consistency and so many are physically aggressive towards teachers and other kids. I had kids climbing inside of shelves I'm not sure what to do. I feel bad because I'm almost always asking for back up. I've tried using a reward system but it's almost as if they forget 5 minutes later and they act up again. Any ideas? Anyone been in a similar situation?

  8. First of all, the teacher must love his work, only in this case he will be able to attract the audience

  9. Hello! My name is Laura!
    As a future preschool teacher, I want to say: "First of all, you need more self-confidence." You write beautifully that you do not want to pursue discipline with aggressive methods. "Truly, screaming is not a method, and respect does not deserve a shout." A large and strong person can cause fear in a child. A frightened child will be submissive for a while – a very quick and easy way to achieve discipline. Unfortunately, its "simplicity" negatively affects children's health, the atmosphere in the group and for themselves and the psychological comfort of the teacher himself. "

  10. Hi!!! My name is Meruert! I am from Kazakhstan and my idea to this video: 1) If children are not interested in the fairy tale you are reading, then you need to dramatize this tale.
    2) If children are noisy then you entertain, dance and sing along with them!))

  11. Hello! I'm Akbope. I am future preschool teacher. Very much obliged for your useful tips. I agree with you. I don't work in the kindergarten, now. But I had educational practice in the kindergarten. I think, preschool teacher must be: patiencly, responsible, positivist. If you love children, then you must be FORBEAR.

  12. Hello!My name is Aigerim. I think the most important thing in the upbringing of children is love, patience and a personal example. Be always in balance, hold back negative emotions. Live easily, simply and joyfully.

  13. Hi, I'm Meruert. I'm a future teacher preschool and I'm thinking that Do not limit your attachments to work, and you will be all right.

  14. Great tips. Dancing? Not such a great idea. Today was my first day teaching preschoolers how to dance and let's just say it didn't go so well

  15. This is so helpful thank you! I just graduated and I'm so scared to have my own classroom! I'm looking forward to referring to your vlog for help!

  16. One time while I was in my first day of preschool this girl I didn't even know ran up to me and said,"hi mommy!" I just played along, that's my tip: play along, make em happy

  17. GREAT tips. Love when you say, "and that's totally fine." (0:34). So important to remember that things will not go as planned, and that's okay. Another tip…save your voice by using musical cues. Have a song you can play (or sing) for circle time, for clean up time, when it's time to make a line, for storytime, for naptime, for snack time, for hello, for goodbye, etc. When kids hear the song, they (after a few days) understand what to do. Music is great for helping kids transition from one activity to another.

  18. In ireland we use Aistear and Siolta. Aiatear is a curriculum plan base. So what we do is plan the first two weeks on what we feel will get to know the children most an example would be " all about me" and "my body" them Aistear come into play, you make note during the week what the children are interested in for example if a child was interested in cars you do a whole week on transport the next week and so on, keep close attention to what the little people are interested in. Siolta is the quality of your Aistear, so the quality of your plan, does your plan have sensory play in the theme of the week,does it have art, does is have cognitive play or fine or gross motor play? This is Ireland's way of doing things,I'm interested in other cultures way of doing things.

  19. YES! please help me I was just so ready to quit the first week, totally got the best of me so if anyone has any more tips I would appreciate it oh so very much!

  20. My favorite classroom management technique ever and one that seriously is so simple: Bath and Body Works handsantizers, AKA Smellies. They sell 5 for $6 there! Student is showing a great example? Smelly. Student is being kind to another student? Smelly. Student is using their words? Smelly. And the best part is you don’t always have to give them. “You don’t ask for Smellies, you earn them” is something my students learned very quickly! But I give mine out a lot. Some days I give out way more than others, but it keeps them on their toes and I have the most well behaved kiddos that I am extremely proud of!

  21. hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about spectrum word study and phonics try Pronto Learner Compendium ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my co-worker got amazing results with it.

  22. Do this work because it matters to everyone in the long term, but most immediately it matters most to the children you are teaching right now!

  23. If I tried to hug "that kid" I would get kicked in the face😂😂😂 I have to wait for the storm to pass before I hug them.

  24. Great tips for teaching. Thanks for sharing the awesome video. For more information visit here: https://www.cakeresume.com/damion-frye

  25. Tips I've learned teaching this year:
    1.) Your kids will all communicate in different ways. Don't push them, challenge your own understanding.
    2.) Don't discount a kid because they come in disadvantaged. They need gentle structure and grace to really flourish.
    3.) Kids all have different ways of showing affection. Ask if they would prefer either a hug or a high-five, that way they can exercise control of their own bodies.
    4.) Cooperate with your other teachers, and build good relationships with them too. A kind word and a healthy respect will do wonders when you need back-up.
    5.) Look to understand a situation before you pass judgement. Call over both kids in an altercation, mediate where you can, and resolve problems asap.
    6.) Always keep snacks on hand. You'll need them too.

  26. Hello, I've taught first grade for over 20 years, now moving to preschool and I'm so excited! I'm watching some videos as I prepare. I think you're adorable, spot-on and your tips are all helpful. Great job! Thanks!

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