10 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Wear!
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10 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Wear!

My dear elegant ladies, welcome back to my YouTube channel! Now this one is for all of you who want to be more elegant because today, I’m talking about those 10 Important Things an Elegant Lady
Never Would Wear. So before I start this video ladies, I want to be a little bit clear on one thing. Number 1 Here we would talk elegance. So I will be speaking about elegant fashion and what is appropriate elegant fashion. And in this video, we’re talking about those things
that you shouldn’t wear. So for that reason, I want to say those who feel easily offended to not watch this video if you feel somehow attacked because maybe you will be wearing one of these things or maybe you do not agree with my opinion. So spare my community your negative energy and move on to another video. But for those of you ladies who are part of my elegant ladies tribe, this video is for you. And I am going to avoid certain clichés that I know are very kind of common that we always speak about whenever we say do not wear this, do not wear this if you want to be classy. And those things are like ugg boots, leggings, clothes with a lot of logos, showing a lot of skin like cleavage and so on. So I’m not going to mention those things because I’m sure you all are tired of hearing them. I’m going to focus on 10 other things that I really want you to pay attention to because, who knows maybe you haven’t thought about that that particular item is actually downgrading your entire elegant appearance when you want to come across as a lady. And for those of you who are new to my channel, My name is Anna and I run an online finishing school called School of Affluence. I teach women elegance and high society skills. So if you want to have this transformation just visit www.SchoolofAffluence.com So the number one thing a lady never would wear and this is actually, a pet peeve of mine because I do not understand this whenever I see it and I see it everywhere. In some countries more than others, I don’t want to mention which ones but I’m sure you probably know, I’m talking about wearing your gym clothes when you’re not doing sports, when you’re not at the gym, when you’re running around in town doing your errands wearing yoga pants or worst of all being in an airplane and travel short haul, long haul, whatever. Being at the airport wearing your yoga pants. Why? Can you please explain the logic? Yes, perhaps they are comfortable but they’re not the most comfortable piece of trousers one could wear. There are many other more comfortable trousers that are actually even more stylish and chic and actually, are meant for whatever occasion it is that you’re in, but you decided to wear these yoga pants instead. Which does not make sense because this is, you know, they’re there for sports. They’re not there for kind of everyday life. People have just become so lazy. They don’t want to make that effort. They don’t want to put on proper clothes and do their hair and look representable. No proper elegant lady would wear sports clothes when she’s not doing sports. Number two and this is a classic one. But it’s worth repeating because even though we are in 2019, soon 2020, I still see the bandage dress in places and I don’t understand why. It is so incredibly, number 1, out of fashion, Number 2, no lady would ever wear a bandage dress because it just goes against the whole principle of what the bandage dress does. It usually shows a lot of cleavage, a lot of legs. It’s very like figure shaping and you just put everything on display. The bandage dress really has a cheap kind of signature to it. So no matter if the woman is affluent or she is not affluent or she is whoever she is, if she’s wearing a bandage dress, she lowers her appearance. She cheapens her appearance and it’s a big no no for anybody who really wants to be a true lady. Number three and I’m not a big fan of juvenile fashion, but the crop top is so juvenile and no matter how old you are, I don’t think you should wear the crop top. They’re not classy ladies. I don’t even think if you’re a teenager, you should wear the crop top. It looks very high street fashion and when I say that, I mean it looks very cheap. Crop tops for me resemble like Forever 21, H&M, Topshop. That’s what I think when I see the crop top. Because I know that usually these high street fashion brands, kind of mass-market shops, they’re the high producers of this crop tops and people like to wear them with like leggings or jeans, nothing very stylish or luxurious or affluent. So that kind of explains why I don’t like it. Plus it tends to show a bit of skin, not necessarily in a flattering place for everybody. So it’s really important to stay away from the crop top if you want to be elegant. However, I do need to tell you that there are exceptions for crop tops because actually there are a few crop tops that are elegant. And those are usually in a combined outfit with a matching skirt
or matching trousers and they’re always high waisted. So it could be maybe over nicer material, it could be more tailored, more luxurious fabrics than the kind of usual cheap crop top, kind of cotton ones. So those are actually OK, but those are an exception so make sure you know the rule. But before I continue ladies, I have a free gift for you. It’s a free cheat sheet that helps you look more expensive on any budget, teaching you key elements that will just
elevate your look. Make sure to download this cheat sheet after this video at www.classycheatsheet.com All right so moving on. Number four cartoon Prince or Prince with animals. And I’m not talking animal print now. So what do I mean with cartoon Prince. I mean if you have a bit of juvenile clothing with prince of a Mickey Mouse Snoopy Betty Boop Hello Kitty or maybe you like to print animals on your clothing and maybe have a flamingo or you like to have butterflies. You get my message all of these look very juvenile and they do not make a lady look ladylike. I personally do not find this type of garments attractive whatsoever. But hey people are different and cultures are different too. In some cultures Hello Kitty is a big thing. So I’m not trying to insult anybody. However I do think that even in casual clothing like pajama like your home clothes stay away from all these cartoon Princeton and childish flamingos and lions and bears whatever it is it just embrace being a lady because that’s a lot of fun to number five. So if you’re following me on Instagram and you’re a religious watcher of my stories which is actually where you get to know me on a more personal level you will probably notice that you don’t really see me wear T-shirts very often. And the reason for that is T-shirts are for me and for an elegant wardrobe not appropriate every day where it’s not appropriate to wear a t shirt in the office or when you’re out you know for dinner or socializing or going to some party t shirts are very laid back and very casual garments. I would say maybe as a home garments it would be maybe OK depending on the look of the T-shirt. But you know a lot of them are also not even appropriate for home wear potentially. I would say definitely wear a t shirt if you’re you know moving house if you’re digging in the garden if you’re doing some work where you can easily dirty yourself and you need to be a little bit robust and put on your jeans and t shirt type of thing then yes t shirt is very much appropriate. But if you want to be elegant if you want to dress well and look good get yourself away from the jeans and t shirt mentality because it’s too casual. It’s not chic and it’s not going to elevate you. We also have this trend would like these Gucci t shirts and this bold mane and all kinds of brands. And for me that just looks cheap and tacky and nothing and elegant lady would wear so a trend does not necessarily translate that it’s elegant. Always keep that in mind. Number six ripped jeans. Whoever invented the rip jeans fashion question why. Oh hi. What is beautiful with ripped jeans and especially when there’s many rips. It’s not sophisticated. It looks tacky it looks chief it looks horrible actually. But hey some people like it. So if that’s your style. Fine. But personally if you want to be sophisticated ripped jeans do not belong in this category. As this we’re speaking of ripped jeans. Let’s just speak about number seven which are the jeans shorts. Now Jean shorts are very popular in summer because they’re short they’re light easy to wear. Easy to mix and match and so long but actually the kind of blue denim jean shorts I personally feel can look a little bit too casual and I don’t really recommend wearing them if you want to be sophisticated. I personally like Jean shorts sometimes but I would wear more color like white I think white in jeans always look more sophisticated than the denim blue. So if you cannot let go of your jeans of your obsession to jeans then athletes go white. That will definitely make you look more expensive than when you just wear denim blue and as a side note when it comes to the shape of the jeans shorts. You know there are many different ones. Do not go all hot pants on me here please. Look somehow pull together. There are some nice you know there are some nice I really like high waisted jean shorts a little bit 70s style I don’t like those with the rips and the D’s UK and the hot pants and the ones that show a little bit too much so you know. Keep it keep it nice keep it classy even if you go in the jean shorts direction number eight bags with wear and tear. So we might have our favorite bag and we might have a hard time giving it up whenever it starts to look like rags. Ladies when you bag is losing its shape is fading and color is having threads poking out or you know leather is starting to get rubbed off especially in the corners you know in the bottom of the bag things like that are very common when a bag has aged when the bag has kind of expired and expired bag belongs in the cemetery and it’s time to let it go because you have to understand this a bag for woman is everything is the woman’s status symbol and if you have a bag that looks like rags that is very worn out and looks very shabby no matter if it’s a designer or how much it cost it’s going to downgrade your overall appearance it’s not going to do you any favors even though it’s a designer bag so let it go do not wear bags that look shabby where bags that look brand new or at least well taken care of once they expire. Life goes on to another bag so it’s not all too bad right. Number nine and this is my listen I was a 90s girl I was a teenager in the 90s and I cannot stand the 90s not because of that but even in the 90s I didn’t dress 90s however there is this horrible grunge trend that is happening and that has been happening actually for food for a few years now in fashion and still it’s there and it’s sticking like glue and so hard to we see it everywhere it’s kind of like the cool thing to wear right now if you’re not wearing 90s you’re not cool. You are an old lady like me here standing here preaching how ugly it is but really I do not like 90s and there is nothing elegance with 90s. Do you think a bomber jacket or these tights cycling. What do you call of cycling pants. Do you think they’re elegant or like all these choker necklaces. We’re actually not seeing them as much anymore or the athletic wear. Oh my gosh the whole track suit trends Please I’m bleeding from my eyes literally here. No but OK I’m not I know a lot of you probably wear it so hey shoot me. But listen this is what I think and I can tell you one thing not even in the 90s the the ladies that were elegant wear them so obviously in 2019 an elegant lady wouldn’t wear any clothes like that because they’re just not elegant they look shabby they look juvenile they look I don’t know they look very high street to me they look cheap sorry but they do. I don’t know. It does not look affluent. It does not belong in high society even though it’s a very hot trend and you will see high society women wearing it but not all high society women just just a tiny group but you will see it’s not my thing but it’s up to you whether you’re going to have a little revival to the 90s. I just hope atheist does not come back because I’m I’m just gonna cry even more. Now lastly I’ve spoken about this in a previous video but I’m going to mention it again. Elegant ladies do not wear clothes that have creases anything wrinkly anything that needs ironing elegant ladies do not step outside their house where increased clothes please do tattoo this on your arm because I still see this happening a lot and I don’t understand why because really it’s such a like it’s such a basic thing but I think people are just being lazy and this is the thing when you want to be sophisticated and elegant you cannot afford being lazier you really have to step up your game you have to walk that little extra mile. So that means investing in something like this and actually use it. And no this is not sponsored. This is just my best friend that I wanted to introduce you in this video. I bought it on Amazon. If you want I can link it below. But I literally travel everywhere with this thing. It’s a hand-held steamer. I also use it at. Home instead of buying the really large big ones you know. But listen ladies this makes me look like a sophisticated decent person and it will definitely make you too. I use it every time. You know I always make sure I see my clothes before wearing it. If there are any like even one tiny little crease I will steam it. It is that important because it does affect your overall look. If you there would drink with clothes is just dumb grades your appearance. A little bonus. What. Because actually we already went through all the 10 pointers that I wanted to give you. But I do have one more and I have spoken about this in a previous video. But it is a friendly reminder ladies please if you want to look elegant and ladylike where tailor made clothes wear clothes that are somehow perfectly suited for your body shape because it can really make it or break it. For instance I wanted to show you in this video this example of mine. So this is a dress that I got from my grandma. Fashion it’s an Estonian brand and I’m actually a big lover for Eastern European small kind of hidden brands. I find that they always do very feminine clothing and you know I’m all about femininity but what I like about this dress is actually it’s very high quality and they are very good material. It’s actually does not crease or anything. OK. This is what I want to say about tailoring. So this dress because this brand they actually offer tailor made the clothes they sell both you know ready sizes to wear but they also sell a lot of clothes which they fit according to your body. And I love it because really it’s just perfect. It’s not too big. It’s not too small. It makes you look more expensive as a result. And yes ladies sometimes it costs more but you know what I really find that it’s a shoe well worth investment because you can see it when somebody walks in the room with an expensive garment and somebody who doesn’t. It’s all about the fabrics. It’s all about the fit. It’s all about the colors and loads of other things that I talk about in my classy cheat sheets how to look expensive. It’s a free guide. And I want you to download it straight now after this video. Go to classes. She should come and get it. It will definitely help you next time when you’re choosing outfits when you’re going shopping and when you’re just styling yourself. Now you have to watch the video that I made previously called fashion mistakes beginning girls do in high society where you will get more tips on what to do and what not to do. So I will see you in that video and make sure you subscribe before leaving my channel.

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