10 Tech Gadgets Teachers Would HATE Students To Have!
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10 Tech Gadgets Teachers Would HATE Students To Have!

But if you’re sleeping, can’t they see your eyes closed? This is when you study too hard. What’s going on guys Welcome to dope or nope, the channel in which we rate products dope or nope or we give everyone in the room a failing grade. Ya failed! Speaking of failing and passing school Today we’re shooting a video. That’s all about ten products that teachers don’t want you to have. Why don’t they want you to have them because you can cheat you can be a Weirdo, we all know it shouldn’t be happening in a classroom and we’re gonna help you do it Now look at all these nerds over here to all the teachers out there. Unlike Jake Paul’s diss track. We respect you We respect what you’re putting into the hard work We just want you to know this just so in case you see any of these tactics began in your classroom You know how to address exactly. This is for teachers and kids the teachers know. Hey, these things are out these things are out I got to keep an eye out for this in the classroom cuz we have found some wild ones Just like the things people think of the cheat, but if you want to be an idiot And you want to do more work than actually what’s asked of you. Let’s begin. Oh By the way, today we are playing DOPE OR DIE Do you know what dope or die is actually you do because we actually played it on the Magic the Gathering episode in which we reviewed 10 magic products that magicians don’t want you to see basically what happens is each one of us reviews a Product if you get a dope you get to keep going if you get a nope, you lose a life You only have two lives Last Man Standing gets to dictate what the other two tweet exactly precisely I’m the COO max hidden by earphone wireless earpiece headset microphone detection Mocrophone Looks like a fingertip. It’s supposed to be stuffed in your ear. I’m pretty sure looks like a little half a bean Half a bean. Better put that thing in your ear boy. Guys this is a wireless earpiece and supposedly hidden in your ear So on your phone, you could just be rotating through your own voice recording of being like the answer is Thomas Jefferson The answer is twerking. I don’t know. What kind of test you’re taking Add to Cart Wow I’m gonna ask you if you can spot which ear it’s in. Okay. Okay from head on No there I know you don’t have it in that one, but even then it kind of looks like you just have some ear- AAAHHH There goes the kneecap even then. It looks like you kind of just have some earwax it really tickles Yeah I don’t think you’d be able to see this and if they would I think they’d assume that they’re hard of hearing and not like You’re cheating. Yeah, exactly. Hey, you’re cheating. What Oh Oh nevermind Answers to a math test. Okay. Hold on. Let’s see if I can do this guy’s okay This is what happens when You would have failed dude Even with the helmet you would have been a goner I was just focused on jotting down the answer instead of even looking at the number here but maybe I just haven’t been to school in a while, you know, maybe everyone in the Comments would be like, oh I would never make that mistake I’m a smart boy Yeah, I doubt it Why would you be in school? Why would you be watching me? Can we just talk about Liz’s recording? Yeah. Oh NOO yeah, she is whispering Answer is 27 Never knew ASMR could get me good grades. I’m gonna say that’s a dope. I think it’s a dope for sure. Yeah, they said it they can’t take it back. They forgot we were playing Joe could die Next product so we have the invisible watch DHL that stands for You know, this is a good starting Price is $75 shipping is $60, this is how they get you and things like this. Were they like wow, it’s $75 I’m gonna buy it now and then you’re like, oh crap I just committed to buying and it’s actually a hundred and thirty dollars We actually had a call to bank and get them to approve something from Croatia. Yeah this transaction. This is in Croatia. Yeah National baby your information. You should not be cheating on your tests. All right, you guys really need to Specifically Croats, they’re called crows dude. I want to be called a crow. We got a mystery croak form a Choice of invisible watch works is it comes with a set of glasses? The glasses are the only thing unless you see what is on the watch. That’s supposedly how it’s supposed to work All right, let’s buy this thing and just test it out by now Let’s go ahead and start the glasses 24 coupe by 2045 Dude here’s a power play for a teacher buy this and then just look at everyone’s watch So if they have one of these watches it’ll reveal itself. I don’t know how popular these watches are to wear It’s valid for the teacher to buy so every kid in class had one when I was you’re such a liar Yeah, I am turn the watch on by pressing the a button for three seconds. There’s an a button on a watch It’s super super dim everybody I was just being super dim, which I guess is a good thing But you’re gonna have to focus really hard on this while taking the test. Yeah to even like look at it So yeah, here’s a text document saying you suck. Stop cheating tanner I was taking my test and I was just looking at my watch. I don’t think that would work nowadays I think it would you think if a teacher caught someone looking at their watch frequently, they wouldn’t suspect that It was just an Apple watch I can get texts on my Apple watch the point of this you’re missing is that it’s invisible tech the teacher can walk by all he wants but He’s seeing literally nothing. Yeah, but those look like Sun box nothing Don’t these look like castle glasses for some kids, you know, these are casual glasses. These have no filters. Did you hear that? Do you hear what this is nothing like? So the next party guys is they like to buy Those are guys who do not know what I like to buy is pretty much for finding crazy wacky Sometimes super expensive products that we want to know if you guys want to like really buy and unbox these products So let’s say wait. Can we figure out what this is first before we attribute it like goal to it It says this natural herb in this elixir will cause major natural gas explosions every few seconds. Yeah, so pretty much. There you go Natural ingredient you can put like in your friends food to like pull a prank or get revenge Oh my gosh, you’re telling me this is like laxatives Blowing above I’m not gonna try this Who said it had to be any of us three Wrong someone treated you wrongly Liam. Okay, we can’t sneak it Someone has to be a willing participant but if we can find one, do you guys want to see this? we’ll say I like all of Okay 200k and I’ll do it Okay, okay, and I will consume an on-camera Product 1 this will be product 1 if you guys want to see this like to buy make sure you comment down below wrote and make sure you meet that like goal and will buy the product free love iPhone 6 6 6 6 s 6 + 7 7 + smart sport water bottle rapping Yo, I think 6s 6 plus 7 plus 7 plus 7 big Ted Your piece and those tell me the math problems like 6 7 Pretty much what this is it’s a water bottle that you can put your phone in sight of why One of the teachers still be able to see your phone from the backside I mean the water bottles clear not if you’re distracting with your actual backside I Guess you could really stick anything you want and there beside your iPhone if you had you I haven’t more interesting use for this right imagine an underwater time capsule you go to the bottom of a lake you put a bunch of your stuff in it and you bury at the Bottom and it just sits there forever. No one’s gonna find it again 50 years later. You’re an old man You have three breaths left in your lung and you swim down there. You almost died halfway So wait how many breaths you take before you go down just one and then you come back up and die and you come back Up you unlock it. And then you’re like dude my yugioh cards pristine condition and now you can play in that tournament You’ve always wanted so we’re gonna buy this baby. We’re gonna add to cart’ and we’re gonna test it out alright So you twist off the bottom of this guy and you can insert your lift phone in Ziya twist this guy back on Well, yeah, you know you develop two sides of it. Yeah, and you have to drink out of both sides Talk about a useless water bottle and is gonna harden the thing early Wow, it’s actually hard to see in there I mean until you flip it to the backside, you know, you’re supposed to be selling this to me This is great water great. It’s so fresh You the phone’s off, but you just got to turn it back on You gotta get inside it to turn it back on you can’t see this. You’re gonna store all your answers on the screen What if you forget to turn off battery saving mode, you know? You have to make sure your screen savers know you didn’t turn it off All right. So look, this would work. Boom. Just leave it open. You’re taking your test. Hey, Michael, you’re getting a phone call Let me explain why this is good the ability to see the iPhone screen has a very small viewing angle So watch this now, you can’t see it anymore doesn’t look like an iPhone clear. It’s invisible You guys are missing how angles work every side has an equal opposite side We sit down see the front of the phone from behind. No, but you can see the back of the phone from behind Yeah, so it’ll just look like an apple water-buffalo where you’d be taking a test Okay, it is I literally see an apple sign right now. No one would expect a iPhone to be in a water bottle no one would expect you to be looking at a I’m still stuck on the watch. Yeah I wanna say this is a joke. I’ll say do a video Penn power world dictionary USB multilingual dictionary tend to have to translate immediately Spanish to English You have to link it to a computer. How did you cheat on a test with us online classes? But the pen just tapping the pen tip on words you can quickly get the definition in example sentences immediately and depart all right, so Let’s be honest, all right, that’s a great way to start a pitch All right. So, let’s be honest to ourselves or let’s cut the crap and talk about how great of a product Let’s talk about How this wasn’t designed to cheat Wiktionary a world dictionary So here’s the deal you ever use a Windows Phone they exist. It’s not a unicorn All right. The idea here is that you have a Windows Phone that you plug this into? You have an e-book you have this feature? Okay, so check this out, I’m not going Japanese to English right now it’s not an issue. Yeah that’s an issue I need to go into English and go into let’s do French. Okay, so let’s do a really weird word. Tobacco Wow, I’m getting good at this too Benson, in fact, I love good thoughts Those are the ones you keep in a journal, which this helps you do except you can’t write Definitely I don’t think it’s gonna help you cheat, but it’s an actually useful device. Just a quick question When would you use this over an actual dictionary or dictionary calm when I’m reading an actual book you stuff use a computer for you? Know like if you can use this without a computer I’d say it’s a totaled. Oh, okay So you’re saying if there’s like a little screen right here, I think if it was on it, yes Yeah, but then it’s not it’s not affordable for the masses I think it is and the kids can’t learn what kind of a cretin are you kids can learn the same way just cheaper It’s called what you already own and it’s called go to dictionary doc. I don’t want to type it out I Say it’s good. It’s a note for me. Yeah, just not quite there yet. It’s a it’s a nope Alright guys, so we have a little tricky issue here as you can see We have a nice calculator in the top left. We got square roots exponents. That’s what I’m talking about But when you get over here to the text the title, which is pack on acid-free heavyweight multi-purpose tag board pack of 100 It’s just talking about tape. What and we found that out by reading here This tape is ideal for holding blueprints and drawings in place while working. That’s not tape I’m looking at and we did not buy a tape And so the way the whole calculator cheating method works is you can get a programmable calculator and you can program text into it I never cared enough to do it when I was in like math classes or yeah that being said I’m gonna show you guys the order to prove that we bought this as a Programmable calculator school smart programmable scientific calculator. That’s what we did we bought that and what I’m gonna do is I’m a bite again Wow Wow, I think I read this in So it’s a school smart programmable scientific calculator you think you can get you can program it I hope so we’ll find out Oh my gosh the snow bro No, stop stop This is a programmable calculator, I don’t know how to program it this one I don’t even know where the program button is, and I’ve been trying to find it if you guys can find it Let me know down in the comments below but I’ve tried about everything so it’s a no. Oh, yeah. It’s an O premiere as a dumb calculator I’m out of the game too bad. She nope stander got to knows tanner has died. I want to thank the Academy By smarter or I’m smarter. I know you’re smarter. I’m sorry. Let me have talk to you guys. This is a Revolutionary blade but to improve your exam and interview results interview results a cheap pen contains a smartly designed Plastic sleeve to hide up to half the page You can hide an a4 is a multiple use you can change your notes and colors of refills. I’m gonna really be optimistic I want you to explain to me how this would benefit me So this pen can help you because this scroll of paper every day keep new things You’re learning or I all of your notes you’re doing you can write this baby down So you’re right now the notes really? What was that? Nobody instead of having to pull out your phone? It’s right there wait, so you can scroll it. That’s wild. This sounds good lets out of the car and see how well it’s made One way to do it wait why? Oh, wow, this is just not executed properly I have to pull it out No, that’s not right. Now. You just showed the whole class here answered. Yeah, how do you stuff it back in? All right, try switching it to one Bob. You just sent it to one Bob What was I missing He’s I gotta do me before I put you on black Michael was trying to turn it right and it wasn’t turning but you’re holding the piece that turns You’re like How you work that now is you throw these puppies in here like this wait confidence is killed good job. No, I’m right That’s how you do it. It’s good bad the idea is that you can keep spinning and it’ll keep rotating and it won’t come out but You have to do it this way and then it’ll come out then your call it Well, it’s just a pen works as a pen. Alright, I’m naturally gonna rate this a dope because it is my product, right? so how about we have both of you take this little quiz here and it has Nothing to do with the product with the putt. Yeah, cuz it’s paired You know, you gotta use this pen at some point for the quiz Whoever wins the quiz also has to give the rating of a dope weight. Whoever wins the quiz So why am I trying I just feel the first question? Just reversed it loses Ready question 1 when did Matt win internet icon? A January 2015 be July 2013 see 11. Don’t cheat. I’m not she dammit She’s some basic ready question 2 what was Tanner’s first Mathias doper? Nope video a 10 hilarious thrift store items B 10 absurd age reduction Products for C cash or trash 10 unique target I noticed all right This is my first one in the main CJ Wilson question 3 according to Tanner’s vlog Who is the most attractive person at hi-5 Studios a Tanner be Sam or C Michael? Tell Amanda’s this one isn’t really even An opinion it’s just objective 4 who is Matthias Mary to be Tanner or Amanda Faye? This is gonna get awkward for Amanda 5. What years were Tanner Michael and Matthias born in a 1995 1993 and 1998 sorry, 1988. Okay. Now you’re just confusing me. So what you’re reborn not telling you. I’ll tell you a year I was born if you tell me what your your boy deal shake on it No Number 1 is B. Yes. I got it right number 2 is a nice. I can’t remember what even them question was I put a but you crossed it out. No. No, that’s yes. This is it Number three according to Tanner’s vlog who’s the most attractive person at high five It is see Mike you just wanted to put that in the video number four who is matthias married to? Hopefully you all put C. You put me not to sit alright and five what years we’re Tanner Michael Oh Matthias born in it is a That’s what I put so Matt loss cuz he got two wrong and you only got one round I passed you passed. That’s a B Alright so my products did dope. All right. I have to rate it a dope Nice product. No, I won’t I Ready to know going back on your word What I radio? No, because I’ve nothing to the probably my product stuff. Sometimes you can’t trust your friends guys Camera glasses did you hero? Hidden camera glasses real full HD 1080p with wide-angle spy glasses for the creeps everywhere. Yeah You’re definitely crude if you call yourself a digi hero Yeah, this guy’s not even wearing those glasses. Good Photoshop. Dude guy needs some chapstick. What’d he do with his hands? He’s making a fart sound with his hands Don’t we all wish we had this guy’s hairline? Oh, yeah. It’s actually not great to be on good I know that my hair like you you’re content with yours. No, I’m not. Well, yeah, I have to be I guess There’s a little spy camera right in there and it’s for all the creeps everywhere at the cars These are UV 400 32 gigs included. That’s pretty cool Oh TG. What’s that mean actually off the grid? Okay. So the idea of these is that you can film the entire session or you can have your friend wear these while he’s Taking the test and then watch the video back to see all the answers he put way more Clunky IRL than they did. What do you mean? You can’t even tell a difference those things are so thick. Thank you it just when you need actual glasses to What the aesthetic you can’t tell these are spy glasses though If you look in the right spot hunter sign you can okay So it’s on what’s cool is I can see the light on means it’s in standby mode. I’m assuming no Now you’re recording I am recording now How does this help you with cheating what I just said Briefly, there’s two different ways, right? You can fall asleep in your class and just record the session and you don’t have to worry about it alternatively How is that beneficial so you can sleep in the morning when you need sleep, but if you’re sleeping can’t they see your eyes closed? Michael and Liz shut up using pong ball in half when you study too hard Okay, so I plugged it in it opens directly up to Vidya we’re gonna do it video sleep Wow I’ve seen sharper didn’t record for a long time. Did you turn it off on purpose? Yeah. No you didn’t Yeah, it turned out before you knew it turned off man. This videos 11 minutes. Yeah, that’s why that’s why I ran. Yeah Look at that. Look how good that is, bro You can see the text from far away and that’s like across the room Let alone in front of you if when you’re taking a test, I will say it I doesn’t expect it I’ll say dope. I will give you the heck Yeah Alright Wi-Fi hidden camera spy mini pet cameras HD 1080p. What a copycat. Am I right? Alright, so what this is pretty much another Wi-Fi camera that you can sneak into your classroom But the difference with this one is you can wear it So it has like a little magnetic clip. That is small You could essentially attach this to your teacher’s desk get a straight angle down to the desk See all the answers or if you have another smart friend You can put it on your friend you get that video file and bada-bing bada-boom. Alright, it works good I only have two issues read the next one Okay, you called a spy camera when everyone can see the cameras much bigger guys show up Are you gonna be able to do this Michael of course I am alright, we’re up and running people So you’re talking about why streaming someone taking a test? Can you come on? Come on, that’s not gonna work. Yeah, look it boom. There. It is. Liz give me a test You’re gonna hold up there test. Like I knew it he was gone for two. Yeah dude this would totally work Hey got it teachers like shut up hit 27 is a this works You can shade up live stream attest to your friends Never had on Yvonne Tanner. Yeah, it’s not very good Alright, so nope. No no no no, no Me and Tanner are done, but it’s not over yet. It’s not a Review product. Oh, yeah, it’s not over yet And we potentially get so rated and note which means you also would lo and leaves alive. All right, Matt Let’s see your products invisible pens come in three ink colors kids party toy markers Disappearing ink pens with UV what is happening over here? What’s this black? Magic secret agent spy pen a spy pen. Look at this kid cheating on his tests faith hope and love now why is hope a heartbeat and why is a little heart I Think we get the picture delivered a Matthias. We all are familiar with how you say invisible messages But are we familiar with how to cheat with them don’t do this kids do this teachers? You have a piece of paper that the teacher tells you to bring in for your class Wait, what I’ve had many tests they’re allowing you to bring notes to this No not notes a piece of scratch paper in math, especially if usually provided yeah No, it’s not and it’s usually that like weird green paper green kind of math classes. Were you guys in more recent introduction? Recently, that’s good Really original So this is my scratch paper check this out, can we just see him Jenna pull this up? On camera, you cannot see it. Here’s my scratch paper that I’m gonna take you into my test. Please teacher inspected. Okay Okay. Don’t expect it too much. There’s my scratch paper I will look at it with only one on this is what teachers do to make sure it’s fair No, no, no teachers looking at it that close. They’re just passing by I see it better from this thing what happens when they asked when they asked you to turn in your scratch paper with your exam? Now another one number one is two number three says Tanner is awesome. Thank you for that By the way, please read those. This is clearly not helping you It’s not feasible to break out a UV light. No you have this. That’s what this is. That’s what this is for I’m not losing it It’s a no we have all currently lost the game That means we got a Rochambeau no, that means Liz gets to pick and we all have to tweet. All right Lizard what am I tweeting? My guilty pleasure is watching Teletubbies while blasting Hannah Montana. Also, I love like for Liz Three two one. All right tweeted. I don’t see mats. Yeah where I see right here If you guys enjoyed this video be sure to click this video right here it is ten products with secrets hidden features You’ll want to check it out. And this video right over here is a video that YouTube recommends just for you Alright, so check them out and we’ll see you there. Nice

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  1. I only liked it cause u was laughing😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 so much hahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Actually the last one is dope (invisible pen), we used it on our arms or any object you could bring with to the tests. Teacher never got us. Solid 5 out of 7 😉

  3. you guys.in the states you have to remove all technology from your person whenever you take a test, otherwise you get a zero. period end of story, if you are caught cheating in any way at all you get a zero. also wouldn't a teacher know which of there students are hard of hearing? i am legally blind, and my teachers word very closely with me. soo, teachers know which of their students have disabilities, it's a legal requirement, while under the age of 18. however once you hit college, you get to choose to tell your teachers or not. my point here is that absolutely none of these products would ever work in an actual test taking environment. not to mention the fact that several teachers are watching you all the time. (unless your in college) so ye, these are all nopes. cuz they don't work.

    in a math class, they issue you calculators, or you have to use specific calculators.

    lol. have you guys ever taken a test? if you say anything referring to the test at all, while taking the test, or after taking the test, you will get a zero and may be expelled. you don't get to bring any notes into the test, they provide scratch pater for you, and you have to turn the paper in with the test, you guys, seriously, did you graduate from high school? c'mon.

  4. Every single test I’ve ever been in I would have to take off any watch that didn’t have hands basically and definitely wouldn’t be able to wear sunglasses 😂

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