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10 SCHOOL HACKS You Wish You Already Knew

Sherlock Sam’s almost solved the “Case of missing candies”. Only the last hidden candy’s left to find. Hidden by an evil mastermind Suriarty. Most likely the candy’s where I won’t look. Among the vegetables! Tada! Here they are, my precious. Suriarty’s defeated! Suriarty? That’s new. But the candy has been found! How do you do it? You should seriously think about becoming a detective. If it involves searching for candy, I’m ready to do it for free. And fast. Because no matter where the candy is hidden, I’ll find it. Got it, Suriarty? Oooh, that’s a real challenge, Sam. Hi guys! Sue and Sam here! Though, today I’m Suriarty! By the way, I really like books about Sherlock Holmes. But there are also films and TV series. What do you like more? I like TV series with Benedict Curmbe.. Crumber… Cumbre… Aaaaah! [ laughing] Cumberbatch! Right! Guys, if this video gets a lot of thumbs up, I’ll make Sam say Benedict Cumberbatch 10 times in a row. And how will you make me? I’ll give you candy. Yes, I’ll do it! Give us thumbs up and ask your friends to do it too. And I’ll go work on my articulation. Right. Now it’s time to beat Sherlock Sam. And hide all the sweet treats, so he’ll never find them. I knew Sam would find candies in the vegetables in the fridge. He often looks in side. But I have a more interesting trick at hand. I’ll show you how to disguise cookies as a pencil case. Take a new pack of cookies. And make a cut in the middle. Apply some glue along the cut,.with the glue gun. But be careful, it’s hot! Then take a zipper that’s the right size, and glue it to the package. Like this. Almost ready. Now let’s take this pretty piece of fabric. And apply some fabric glue, along the zipper. And wrap the pencil case in the fabric. Then I’ll secure the ends with simple rubber bands. Let’s check the zipper. It opens smoothly. Done! Now , the cookies are well-hidden, but I need to hide so many other things! Sherlock Sam is following the candy trace. What’s on the table? Everything looks normal… Hm… has Sue got a new pencil case?! Ooh, it’s full! Let’s see.. So full…! Am I seeing things?.. Cookies! I’ll eat a few, so Sue wouldn’t notice Ah, well, let her notice! I only stepped away from moment! I shouldn’t have left it out in the open… Alright, Suriarty doesn’t give up so easily! I’ll try again! Nutella… Sam loves it… He’ll be so upset when he doesn’t find it. The package is in a semi-circle shape, so it can be hidden in something round… Like a round pencil holder! Let’s place it in like this, turn it around and that’s it! Nutella is hidden. But I’ll put it away this time… Now, without wasting any more of this precious time, I’ll hide the Kinder chocolates. Take an ordinary pencil box. We won’t need the pencils! But chocolates will go inside instead. They’re hidden! But still visible… So I’ll take this picture. And cover our precious chocolates with it! Done! Suriarty! Aha, Sherlock Sam! Are you ready to give up? No, I need markers to write down a few clues. Oh? Wait, I’ll give you some. Na- Na! No need, I’ve already found them. Waaait! This one’s no good, too bright, this one’s too dark… Oh, and this looks like cookies. Wow! Looks like I’ve unintentionally discovered someone’s stash. It was easy! And delicious! I’ve hidden the “pencils” under the pillow. He won’t go looking in there! I need to stay alert… Sam can enter any moment! I’ll take an empty glue bottle. Make sure that it’s empty and washed really well. I’ll put whipped cream inside and cover it with the cap. Oooh, I’m so tired… Time for a nap. Hm… not very comfortable. There’s something under the pillow…. Pencils?! They look suspicious… I need to check! Chocolates!! Haha! Now I’m going to keep my eyes wiiide open! A small bonus, chips with Angry Birds. Not sweets, but I should also hide them. I’ll wrap the can with this pretty paper. Fix it with the tape… Now I need to take this image of a zipper. And stick it to our improvised pencil case. Now we only need to stick these round pieces to the base and the cap of the can. I think it looks so cool. It looks so tasty, I’ll have one. Mmmm… delicious. I can hear crunching and a cheese smell. Are you eating chips? No! Of course not! You’re just hearing things! You’re seeing food everywhere! And what is this weird pencil case? I haven’t seen it before. It’s a pencil case for really large pencils. Show it to me! I’ve got to see them! I forbid you to open it! It’s a gift for my friend! This friend seems to have really large hands. Well, fine! By the way, I forgot to tell you, I wanted to take a nap and found this… But how??? You, taking a nap? It’s not easy being a detective… I’m almost falling over! I’m so sorry, Sue! Don’t worry, I’ll fix it right away! Gluey Sam to the rescue! No, Sam, I’ll do it! It won’t glue anything… And it smells delicious! Sam, stop! It’s glue! Made of whipped cream? Tricky, very tricky, Suriarty. Sherlock Sam may be on the roll today, but I have a few more tricks left! Marshmallow can be easily disguised as an ordinary eraser. I just need to find the right size. Aha, this is what I need! I’ll take the eraser out and put marshmallow inside. All great things are simple! And it looks awesome… With all this I’ve completely forgotten about lunch! I’ll eat one small piece of chips. I can hear that sound again. You’re eating chips! Where are you hiding them? (Sniffs) It smells like cheese… That means chips!! And chips live in a large can, which looks like that giant pencil case. Let’s consider this dumb luck. Ha-Haaa! Luck, uh? It’s skill. Well, at least one of my tricks has to work! For the last hiding place I’ll need Sam’s favorite chewing gum and a pencil with an eraser of the same color. I’ll take the eraser out and throw it away, we won’t need it! And I’ll make a new eraser out of the gum. Even the great and powerful Sherlock Sam won’t be able to tell the difference! Suriarty, are you ready to admit your defeat? Or have you hidden something else? What do you think? Look, here’s the list of all the treats that I’ve found. There’s a mistake here. Oh, let me erase it. Give me that pencil. No, it’s got a bad eraser. Then I’ll take one of these. It won’t erase. And it sticks to the paper! Of course, It’s not an eraser, it’s yummy marshmallow. Sam! This deserves around of applause! Wait, that’s not all. Give me that pencil… Mmmm… my favorite gum! Oh… nobody can rival you in a candy search. Heavenly marshmallow… I want more! Ewww. what’s this? Sam, I’ve only hidden it in one eraser! Now I’ll have to wash my mouth! Guys, if you liked our video, give a thumbs up. Not only will you support me, but also, that will help millions of other kids around the world discover our channel, and fall in love with it. Just as much as you. Now lets get the next craaaft staaarteeed! Come on, come on… Ring! Be a good phone and ring! I got it! A watched phone never boils! Actually why is that? It has to boil sometime. It can’t NEVER boil. Then it’ll be… the wrong phone. I’ll just take a peak… Sam, keep it together! Arriba!!! Ohhhh… Still nothing? Why am I surprised, geniuses are usually recognized after death… Sammy, chin up! What’re you doing? Drawing for a new episode… With paint? Yeah. What else? Sue, my dear baby… Let me tell you how YouTube works. This – is our wonderful channel. Uh-huh… This – is our amazing viewer. Right. And these – are millions of other wonderful channels that are luring our amazing viewer. Question! How to get our amazing viewer to watch OUR wonderful channel? How? Become a purple cow! Huh?! Be different from other cows! Do something unique! Oh! I thought you were my purple cow… He! That’s true, I am the best. But the ideas also need to be unique and then we’ll take over the world! Let’s go, I’ll show you. Cool! Oh, boy! Guys, something is coming! Command, marketing genius, what do you need? Let me see… Thick drawing paper is here… A brush! Here. Water! Here we go. Hmm… And food coloring! I hope he won’t eat a drawing to be unique… What was that? Er… Nothing, it’s all here! Aaaaand a disclaimer before we begin. Dear viewers, I urge you TO DO TRY this at home! Maestro! Cough-cough… Sam, are you sure about this? Shh… Now get some food coloring and drop it little by little. Hahaha! Woo… Sammy, you should do drawing workshops! EXACTLY! How did I not think of it myself? I know so much! I draw so well! And they won’t let me pay for candy with my smile! It’s done! I’m doing an art-workshop! Yay! High five! Cough. Er… Yeah, okay. We’ll work on it. Nobody called and it’s been a whole day! Sammy, look, candy! Candy, Susan? Life is suffering! Dis-recognized, unwanted genius… Are you sure the phone number is right? Of course I’m sure. Well, show me your ad. Here! Huh? Oh! No, that’s not it. This one! Sammy, no offence, but it looks nothing like a purple cow. You lost me. You told me yourself that to be noticed you need to stand out! Yeah… Can you imagine how many people sell drawing lessons? You need… a thing! Something that nobody else does! I can sing during the lessons! I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky! No, a drawing thing. I think, I have an idea… Fast, fast! I can’t wait to start teaching! Do you remember how we made fluffy slime? I’ll say! The best snooze of my life! Puffy slime paint will be YOUR THING! I’m rrready! We’ll need fluffy slime ingredients except borax. White glue, shaving cream, food coloring and a few bowls for the different colors. First, I’ll pour the glue into the bowls… Like this. Guys, I’m wondering. How many times does one need to see a purple cow in order for one to stop wondering? Comment below. Now I’ll add shaving cream to each bowl. I think I better fill it to the top, like this. And the same amount here… And… Ready! Aim! Fireeeeeee! Wohooo! Sam, that’s whipped cream! Sweet Sammy needs sweet paint! Okay, one color less. Hahaha! We’ll see about that… The last step is to add food coloring and stir. The color is so intense! Don’t overdo it, guys! And one, and two… And one, two, threeeeeeeeeeee! Sugar! Yes, please! It could never be too much for me! I’m right here, ’cause I need Little candy and little sympathy! Yeah you show me good loving Make it alright Need a lot of sweetness in my life Sugar! Yes, please! It could never be too much for me! Almost done here, just one more color. It looks pretty cool so far, guys. Look at this texture! Guys, what do you think these paints looks like? Comment below! Oooooh! Is that them? It’s them, Sam. They are so… fluffy! How about we try and improve your ad? Yes, please! Guys, if you liked our idea with puffy paint give a thumbs up! Try to make it yourself, create puffy paintings and send us some photos! And subscribe, subscribe, subscribe! My art-workshops are FREE for my amazing viewers! Guys, if you want to know what happened after the video, leave a comment below. And while you are doing that, we’ll get to our next interesting craft. Let’s go! Hmmmm… umpf… where’s my little candy?… Found it! Cooome h-heere…. ow Sammy? What’s all this noise? And what’s with all these notes? What’s with… My memoirs! There’s no room in the house because of them! Barely found one candy! Hm… what to do?… Maybe you could write in here? In there? My precious memoirs… into that… that…boring thing? No deal! We’ll make it more interesting, then. Hi, guys. Today I’ll be making a pretty notepad for Sam. As pretty as me! Alright, alright. To make this notepad I’ll need any regular notepad. Like this. I’ll also need a clear file like this and a glue gun. But most importantly I’ll need… Me! Well, almost. I’ll need slime. I’ll take two colors. Guys, do you like playing with slime? Give a thumbs up if you do. Right, I’ll fill the file with pink slime. Then a bit of blue. Like this. Cool! The more the merrier, right? More slime! A piece of you? Oh noooo… Now let’s close the zipper like this and hide it. I’ll fold it neatly in and fix it with a glue gun. Slowly now… I’ve been thinking… What? Do great memoir writers get candies? No candies for memoir writers. What?! They get cookies instead. Phew… give it here. Right. Now let’s glue the rest of our cover… Like this… Ready! Now I’ll take this washi tape. Sammy doesn’t like it, of course, but oh well. I’ll need to remove this layer. I have such pretty nails, right? And I’ll neatly stick the tape along the edge! To make it aaall pretty. Like this. Now the other sides, too. The tape shouldn’t overlap the edges. It looks lovely. Sam, you can come out now. I’ve put away the sticky tape! Are you sure? Yes! Look how pretty it came out. Hm… Something’s missing. See? I do. Will fix it right now! To make this notepad more Sam-like, I’ll need to… stick an image on! Hey, that’s me! Are you gonna put tape over again? Not quite! Sit here for now. I’ll take this square piece of tape… Right. Then stick it neatly to the Sammy image. And remove the paper. Now I’ll stick it to the notepad. And close it. All done! And no slime was hurt in the process, Doesn’t it look cool? Not bad, not bad. Hey guys, what do YOU… Hey, Sam, move aside! I won’t show my notepad until they subscribe to the channel. Saam? Fine, take a look… ooops wrong way Well, it came out pretty neat, right? Now Sam has a personalized notepad for memoirs… I have a notepad, what about a pen?
You have a strawberry pen, don’t you? No deal! A new notepad deserves a new pen! Well, let’s see. Here! And I’ll put it here, so you’ll never lose it again! Yahooo! This deserves a dance! Hey, let’s make a liquid notepad? How? I’ll show you. Well, if this video get to two thousand thumbs up we’ll surely make it. Bye for now!

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