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100 thoughts on “10 Psychological Signs a Girl Likes you – How to tell if she’s attracted!

  1. 4:14 "see if you can sneak in touching her hand……. if she does, there's the possibility that she might become nervese and try to leave quickly". what does the sentence "if she DOES" stand for? is it mean if she actually likes you or she feels disgusted? HELP ME GUYS, THANKS.

  2. One time i was talking to my crush and i was about to say im hangry and she said it at the same time as me

  3. My crush likes me because one day she just went to hug me and my friend told me that she said she likes me❤💞👥

  4. I think I'm in love with somebody I shouldn't be, she gives off some of these signs but I can't jump to conclusions. Should leave well alone but….it feels horrible.

  5. Eight words: WHERE. IS. YOUR. INFORMATION. FROM. YOU. BLOODY. IDIOT? (I’m aware pupils can mean something, but more often than not it doesn’t mean shit)

  6. My crush is doing all these things, but then pulls back and plays hard to get? is there anyway I can get her?

  7. Like half the people at my school are akward.
    Like a girl I like is also super akward and antisocial that makes it even harder to talk to her.

  8. The girl I like makes all these signs I asked her out with flowers and everything and she said no now I’m depressed

  9. My crush is my best friends girl and I think she likes me she touches me and follows me around and laughs at all of all of my jokes she even sat down and touched my leg and leaned on me

  10. 2:04 he looks like a creep if he's looking at girls. Wow. Very much how u get a girl lol

  11. This method doesn't work since she is shy and doesn't look anywhere besides her friends and her book.

  12. What if she's looking at you from afar at a party, and when you look at her, she looks the other, kindda clumsy, pretending she was not looking at all?

  13. So i have a girl from my english class and se laughs with me we are friends but i like her i dont know if she likes me

  14. So the one were u said if she comes to see u often cause I have a question: So every time I leave class a girl that is in one of my classes comes over to me and tells me something about what happened or if something funny happened or something random so is that like the thing u said?

  15. I sat next to my crush on a Plane. When she said she was going to sleep she rested her head on her hands to my side instead if her best friends side. Now I might be going crazy because it’s just chance, or maybe I’m onto something. What do y’all think

  16. She hold my in bus I kiss her hand she like or not she hold my for 3 hour while sleeping she like me or not

  17. 10 things a girl finds unattractive about me.

    10) I’m Fat

    9) I’m ugly

    8) I’m not tall enough

    7) I’m shy

    6) I don’t drive

    5) My dick is not big enough

    4) I’m fat

    3) I’m worst then ugly I’m hideous

    2) I’m not rich

    1) I’m all of the above.

  18. so i’m a girl and i’m just checking to see if me liking this boy is obvious
    holy hell its obvious

  19. this is all actually very true for me… except for the touching lips part, I don't think (me, being, a girl).

  20. I’ve been rejected through my school years and I doubt that has changed, so uh, I’m not here to find out if one likes me haha. Im just watching this just to imagine a scenario if it were to happen. B)

  21. Excecution is everything i liked a girl for a year straight and she liked me but i never asked she moved. I havent liked or dated a single girl since

  22. my crush came to me FIRST when asking for directions and followed me
    She also backhanded me laughed And said sorry.
    when I bring it up she laughs

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