10 Pranks For Back To School! Prank Wars!
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10 Pranks For Back To School! Prank Wars!

*Music playing* Wengie: Hey guys, it’s Wengie! Welcome back, and prank hug! Wengie: Just kidding hug! Wengie: So you guys love the back to school pranks so much, we wanted to make some more for you guys, a word of warning, these are pretty savage, so do them at your own risk! Wengie: Right now, I’m running a Mac – Book Air giveaway, so if you guys want to enter, all you need to do is to join this wonderful family here, I love you guys so much, the other thing you guys need to do is to be part of my second ReactiCorns channel, which is a daily reaction channel, we have so much fun there guys, and that’s linked down below, and also don’t forget to click the little bell button to make sure you get notifications, and uploads on new videos! Wengie: And this week, let’s get this video to a hundred, and sixty thousand thumbs up, that would be so amazing, guys! Wengie: So Mia’s going to give you guys 3 seconds to do that, 1,2,3; have you guys done it? I hope you guys did! Wengie: And without further ado, let’s get on with the video! Let’s go! *Music playing* Wengie: Ow! *Music playing* Wengie: (shocked) Uh,what? Wengie: Wendy, what did you do? Uh? Wengie: Huh? Wengie: Arghh! Wengie: Wendy, you’re so dead! *Music playing* Wengie: Looking for these? Wendy: Hey, why do you have my scissors? Wengie: So I can do this! *Music playing* Wendy: What? *Music playing* Wengie: Here, you go! *Music playing* Wendy: What, why did you do that? Now, I can’t even cut this off! Wengie: That’s the point since you fake cut my fake hair! *Music playing* Wengie: Hey, Wendy! I’m sorry about pranking you later! Wendy: Whatever! *Music playing* Wengie: I really am, look, I brought you doughnuts! Wendy: Yeah, right! You probably did something to that! Wengie: No, I swear, I didn’t! Wengie: I have one for you! *Music playing* Wengie: See, it’s fine! *Music playing* Wengie: This prank is so cruel, and it breaks my heart to do this to a doughnut! Wengie: Basically, you gonna turn a regular doughnut into what looks like a cream doughnut, but you and I know better! Wengie: First, take a doughnut, and use a knife to hollow up four holes on the side like this, then take your mayonnaise, and fill each hole, and I bought this mayonnaise in a squeezy bottle, but if you have mayonnaise in a jar, you can still do it with a piping bag! *Music playing* Wengie: Do this to all the doughnuts except one, for the last doughnut, only do this three times, and leave one side clear! Make sure you remember which side of the doughnut is the good side! Wengie: Otherwise, you’ll end up pranking yourself, which I almost did! *Music playing* Wengie: Here, you go! *Music playing* Wendy: FIne, okay! Apology accepted! Wendy: You know, doughnuts are my weakness! *Music playing* Wendy: Mmmm! Wendy: Ugh! Wengie,you’re so dead! *Music playing* Wendy: Ugh! *Music playing* Wendy: So hungry, right now! *Phone ringtone dials* Wendy: Hello, what? Are you kidding me, right now? I’m on my way! *Music playing* Wengie: Warning, this double prank is so savage, it’ll leave your friend in tears, and very fresh breath! Wengie: Take a Twinkie, and hollow out the center away with a straw, try to use a thicker straw if you can, as this will make it easier for the next step! *Music playing* Wengie: Now, take some white toothpaste, and squeeze it in, it looks pretty similar to the cream filling even though it’s in the end, people won’t know notice it, just hot glue the Twinkie packaging closed, and you’re done! Wengie: Actually, we aren’t, there’s a second part to this prank, fill an empty bottle of Sprite with Listerine, the green bottle will completely disguise the color of the mouthwash, but I used clear mouthwash anyways! Wengie: Now, you need to create the perfect set-up for this prank, and watch your friend suffer! Wengie: Mmmmm! So good! *Abrupt music playing* Wengie: Um, um, um! *Wengie spits the Twinkie out* *Music playing* Wengie: Prank your friends with a booby trap soft drink bottle! Wengie: First, by making a hole near the bottom of the bottle, with something sharp, don’t make the hole, too big, something like this, is perfect! Wengie: When you pour the water in, it leaks through out the hole, but when you screw the lid on tightly, the water stream stops; this is officially booby-trapped! Wengie: If you shake it or squeeze it, water will still leak from the hole, but if you carry it carefully, you won’t give away your surprises! *Music playing* Wendy: Huh, who is this? *Music playing* Wendy: It’s mine, now! Mmmm! *Music playing* Wendy: Uh! Ah, Wengie, I knew she did this! Where is she? Wendy: Uh! *Music playing* Wendy: Hey, Wengie; can I have a bite? Wengie: Fine, one! *Music playing* Wendy: Thanks! *Music playing* *Wendy crunches Wengie’s ice cream* Wengie: You’re a monster! *Music playing* Wendy: Mmmmm! This is my favorite part of the ice cream! *Music playing* Wendy: Here, you go! *Music playing* Wendy: Miss, I finished! Miss Wedgie: Okay, Wendy, just leave your paper on the desk! *Music playing* Wendy: Huh? *Music playing* Wengie: If we saw part one of this prank was bad enough, you’d want to look away for the next part, you know your victim gonna need to use the toilet, so prepare a surprise beforehand! Wengie: Just remove the toilet paper roll, and replace it with a lint roller, feel free to leave a little note on it, if you want to make sure, who pranked them, and I don’t need to explain the rest to you guys, let’s just say – there are no good options here, for poor Wendy! *Wendy’s stomach grumbles in agony* *Music playing* *Music playing* Wendy: Wengie, you’re so dead! *Music playing* Wengie: This prank is so simple to do, but so effective, but don’t actually try this at school, because if you get caught, you’ll be in trouble! Wengie: Just take some white-out, and erase the female skirt on the bathroom sign to make it look like a male toilet, and that’s pretty much it! Wengie#: Your trap is now set, all you have to is wait! *Music playing* Wengie: Ahhhhhhh! Man: What the? Wengie: What the heck are you doing here? Man: It’s the men’s bathroom,what are you doing here? Wengie: Get out! *Music playing* Wengie: Hey, Wendy, I heard you forgot your lunch, so, look what I got for you! Wendy: What, are you kidding me, right now? Wengie, you’re the best! Wengie: Here, you go! *Music playing* Wengie: Bring up the expectations of your victim, by offering them a childhood favorite – chicken nuggets, but instead of chicken nuggets, fill up the box with some healthy alternatives, like carrots, capsicum, and celery, with some hummus dip! Wengie: Honestly, this is a pretty good meal, but it ‘s about crushing all those expectations! *Music playing* Wengie: I like to look after my friends, you know! Wendy: You sure do! *Music playing* Wendy: Nuggets, yum! *Music playing* Wendy: What, it’s just vegetables? Wengie: Yeah, I said I look after you! *Music playing* Wengie: It’s healthy! Wendy: Yeah! Wengie: Tastes good, right? Wendy: Thanks! *Music playing* Wengie: This prank is gonna freak out your victim so much because white-out is such a pain to remove! Wengie: First, you gonna take out some Elmer’s glue, and draw a spill on a plastic surface – wait for it to dry, and then peel it off! Wengie: I made this one earlier, so here, it is – it doesn’t look much at the moment because it’s clear, so we’re actually gonna use real white-out to make it white; no, let this dry, and you have the perfect white-out spill effect! *Music playing* Wendy: Oh my gosh, Wengie, I’m so sorry! Wengie: What? Wendy: Tissues! Wengie: What? Wendy: I don’t have any tissues! Wengie: I just got this brand new phone! Wengie: Huh? *Music playing* Wengie: Uh? Wengie; Wendy! Wendy: You should have seen your face! *Music playing* Wengie: How savage were this pranks, guys? Wengie: Let me know your favorite down below, and, which you thought was the most savage, and also let’s have a look at what happened on ReactiCorns, this week! Max: It’s frue! *Max & Wengie laughing* Max: So, wait, this one! Wengie: It’s so trippy! Wengie: Because you’re just like, you can like argue! Max: Is this like true or false? Wengie: Alright, guys, we’ve come to the end of the video, don’t forget to follow me on social media, for the all behind the scenes, until next week, I’ll gonna miss guys, and I’ll see you guys, then, bye guys, love you!

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