10 Pranks For Back To School 2017 Using School Supplies!
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10 Pranks For Back To School 2017 Using School Supplies!

Hey guys is wengie. It welcome back to my channel and mickey hug!! So today i’m doing ten back-to-school pranks, Just a word of warning now if you guys decide to do this on your friends you may get in trouble But I am not going to be responsible for that. If y’all just have fun watching wendy and wengie you prank each other and also you guys want to enter the macbook giveaway, all you need to do is be subscribed to this channel and my second channel reacticorns, so good luck and Let’s do a like challenge this week take three seconds and click the thumbs up button right now. Let’s see how many thumbs up we can get for this video 1, 2, 3 Have you cliked it? And while you’re there click the bell button so you don’t miss a single back to school video this yea,r and without further ado let’s Get on with the video there. lets go miss I gotta use the bathroom This prank is pure evil But so simple to do it’s easiest to pull off when the cup isn’t clear or if the drink is opaque like this one all You’ll need a ketchup packet which you can get from McDonald’s and a rubber band, first remove the lid and straw from the drink Then tear a hole in your ketchup packet and pop the straw right into it and secure it with a rubber band if necessary Put everything back in place, and it’ll be like nothing ever happened wengie what’s so funny um nothing I tripped on a egg This prank is perfect for sleeping victims and is one of my favorites of all time Just make sure that properly asleep first or it won’t work then as we dip the fingertips into some stamping highlighters or even makeup product Next buy something to tickle under their nose. I use the feather, but a piece of hair or tissue would also work soon They’ll wake up with an extremely itchy nose What what? the square root of x is blue? Why is everyone laughing? Did I miss a joke um yeah, you missed the joke on you hilarious Hey, Wendy. I got you a coffee. You look – you like latte’ right This prank will get you in so much trouble with your friends But I still think it’s worth it to ,prepare a coffee cup you’ll first need to cut out the bottom Completely with an exacto knife Next take a piece of cling wrap and push it down into the cup and hold it in place with a rubber, band Pour some water inside and then cover this with another layer of cling wrap Finally place your lid over which should seal the cup .cut off the excess cling wrap and remove the rubber band And it’ll look and feel just like a regular coffee cup with coffee inside the top layer of cling wrap prevent your victim from drinking anything So they’ll naturally get curious and open the lid to see what’s inside, and that’s when they’ll get a nasty surprise you also like latte right aww thanks wengie mmmm soy latte what the did you give me a empty cup ah wengie! told you i’d get you back ughhhhh , * sighs * It’s a good morning miss. hey wendy can i borrow a sharpener? You know that person who always asked to borrow your stuff. That’s right this person They won’t bother you again after this prank Just glue the edge of your sharpener, and with hot glue and you’ll temporarily put it out of Action you want to use it for yourself later on just peel off the hot glue and you’ll be like me Seriously you ask for it it every single day get your own sharpener Yeah, yeah, I will whats happening? Wendy! Hey Wendy I have to get something from my locker. Can you make sure no one takes my food? It’s really yummy today. Okay, sure. I’ll take real good care of your food um , k.just watch it Everyone loves oreos including myself. So I know my friends won’t be able to resist taking a bite out of mine if I leave them lying around So I left them with a little surprise .make a small cut on the back of an oreos packet and remove your oreos Replace the white cream filling with a thick layer of elmer’s glue and let it dry It will become hard tough completely unchewable and super gross just replace the oreo biscuit I pop them back into the package carefully use a small dot off super glue on the plastic packaging flap and press down to reseal and you’ll look like new And don’t worry elmer’s glue is completely safe and non-toxic. So actually eating a little won’t harm. You just eat a lot of it ughh Oh, I told you just to watch it Confuse your friends with this pencil eraser pen take the eraser off the top of a regular pencil And then take a bit of tape and stick it around the middle Tube to create a mold for your new eraser melt some crayons into a color that looks just like an eraser which in my experience is usually white or pink Next pour this melted mixture straight into your mold and let it set Then just remove the tape and trim off any excess crayon, and you’re ready. I think it looks pretty convincing. What about you? you ruined my master peice pen stopped working , wengie can I borrow a pen? Yeah sure , just take mine I’m done with it anyways This retracting pen is going to frustrate your friends so much And it’s so easy to make we just need a regular ballpoint pen and a spring-loaded pen Take the spring out of the loaded pin first then take the ink stick out of your ballpoint pen and cut it about one centimeter off the top of the ink stick Then use some hot glue to glue a thin circle of glue about one centimeter from the top and this will stop the spring from Sliding down place it into your pen and then pop the spring on top it all look pretty normal at first glance But we know that no one will be taking any notes with this pen What!? What’s going on? can you write there miss, wendy isn’t doing the questions. shh stop it! I’m going to get you back! This prank is hilarious and so easy to pull off Just wait for a moment when your friend isn’t at their desk open up their textbook to the chapter That’s currently being covered and use some double-sided tape to tape the two pages together So they’ll never be able to get to it Make sure they don’t catch you doing it and then just wait patiently for your trap to work Okay, class. I hope you had a good lunch break now. Let’s turn to page 106 of your textbooks wengie what are you doing? What’s wrong miss? I don’t know what’s happening wengie this isn’t funny. You’re holding up the entire class. I’m going crazy You want to drink? Yeah sure! This prank will totally freak out your friends and give them a mini scare Take a regular bottle of gatorade and pour out half a liquid into a pot and then add one tablespoon of Gelatin Next pour the remaining drink and keep it on the side boil it to dissolve the Gelatin and then pour it back into your bottle and allow it to set in the fridge When it sets while the rest of your drink in and it look like a normal bottle of gatorade to everyone else Give your friend a sip to show them. It’s real and then drink the rest of it yourself when they aren’t watching Then just find the perfect moment to knock it all over their stuff Mmm. This is really good. i know right? I finally finished my masterpiece. What to you think Wengie? ahhhh ! huh want one extra?I have extra. really? You’re the best! Did you guys see it? Yes? That’s right we put up this prank by setting a little mentos booby trap Here’s how you’ll need a mentos some dental floss a sewing needle and of course some coke Sew the Pieces dental floss through your needle and then the needle through the mento This step is actually a little tricky and dangerous so don’t hurt yourself, the end of the needle when you’re trying to push it through is actually super sharp and can actually prick your Fingers so be careful then you’ll have something like this now Place this over the opening of your coke bottle and screw on the lid to secure your dental floss cut off the excess floss So they don’t suspect you’ve done anything to it and notice how the mentos is still on the roof and hasn’t dropped yet That’s right. You will only drop into the coke when the lid is opened. So now the trap is set and your prank is ready refreshing ohhhh oh my God guys How was some of these pranks? Comment down below which one was your favorite prank. And let’s see what happens on reacticorns this week No, then, I’m busy yes, then put yourself out and await patiently , I’m still busy don’t forget to follow me on social media because I hang out there during the week And I’d love to see your faces there , hashtag me at wengiecorns if you do any of these pranks and let me know what’s happened I hope you guys don’t get in in trouble though, but yeah, until still next week I’m going to miss you guys so much so until then bye guys love you

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